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PrusaSlicer - Need some quick help with prototype printing

Hi everyone - I’m doing some prototyping on a part I’m designing. The final part will take up nearly the entire build plate, but for a test print, I’m using a negative modifier to remove 80% of the part, leaving only a sliver to print. The problem is that once sliced, the part left to be printed is way over on the edge of...

CNC Kitchen’s website (www.cnckitchen.com)

For those who haven’t noticed before, CNC Kitchen (Stefan) puts almost all of his content online in text and picture form, not just YouTube. It’s really awesome for searchability and skimming to quickly find bits you’re interested in. I’ve come across it randomly a couple of times while researching things like foaming...

3D Printed in TPU a replacement gasket for my bath tubs Spring Stopper. Where the only option was a $30 replacement (lemmy.world)

Long and short of it. My bathtub’s spring stopper has deteriorated. Building manager solution was to use a rubber stopper. I looked for a replacement part, couldn’t find one outside of an outright replacement. So I modelled and printed this one in TPU....

STL Post: Insert Remover for Honeycomb Storage Wall (lemmy.world)

I’ve been making a bunch of silly accessories for the highly popular Honeycomb Storage Wall lately, what with using the stuff to turn an architectural oddity in my closet into an EDC gadget storage space. Most of that stuff is too humdrum to bother posting here, but I’m pretty proud of this one....

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