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ये दुनिया है या आलम-ए-बदहवासी? ہم دیکھیں گ
je ne sais rien, non sono qui.
Victoria Concordia Crescit
He/him, etc
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liztai, to books
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So i made the mistake of reading an article about war crimes before going to bed last night. The details was....graphic and kinda traumatizing to me, eventho i consider myself someone with a high tolerance. But human suffering - oof. Not so much.
My question - what books would you recommend I read before going to bed? Something calming and soothing?

#Books #Fiction #bookstodon

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@liztai Wodehouse, especially the Blandings series.

youronlyone, to television
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I think it's safe to say that 2024 is the official beginning of 12-episode #Kdrama .

From the 90s to 2024:

  1. 150+ episodes
  2. 100 episodes
  3. 52 episodes.
  4. 24-27 episodes.
  5. 18
  6. 16 (longest trend)
  7. 12 (current trend)
  8. 6-8 episodes (they're experimenting on this for a few years now)
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@youronlyone Dailies are still ~120, of course. I really hope 12 does become the new norm, but there are still plenty of 16s being made, sadly. It was great to see a 12 episode Drama, Knight Flower, set viewing records for its network slot. It might help accelerate the trend.

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@youronlyone In case you haven't seen any of these, here are the 4 short KDramas I've scored at least 9/10

s1m0n4, to television
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#kdrama #DoctorSlump ep 9-10

I know nothing impressive happens right now, but I still love it!
Nevertheless I hope they find a new plot line because there's not enough material to get to episode 16.

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@EllenInEdmonton @notthatkaren @s1m0n4 This discussion has pained me greatly - it's led me to the discovery that nearly THREE YEARS have passed since I wrote an article on MDL about this very question 😂

ronsboy67, to physics
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REALLY enjoying Walter Isaacson's "Einstein: His Life and Universe" but the I'm reading must be the US edition - I simply HATE it when books about science t use Imperial measurements.

SI or die!

The problem is that no I've read on science ever states whether it uses SI or not, and samples don't go far enough to show it either. @bookstodon

ronsboy67, to bookstodon
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4/5 @thestorygraph for "The Monk", book 5 in the DS Cross series by Tim Sullivan. My 50th read of 2024, and the least enojyable of the Cross series for me so far. On the plus side, I'm now 22 books and 10875 pages ahead of schedule for my reading goals for the year #AmReading #ebooks #Mystery @bookstodon

ronsboy67, to bookstodon
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TFW you're reading a mystery set in the UK written by a UK resident author and your keen detective abilities make you think "hmmmm, US edition?"🤔
#AmReading #mystery @bookstodon #ebooks #Kobo

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@benetnasch @Rob_l @bookstodon I did wonder about that possibility actually, whether it was being used as a term of art. Te subsequent use elsewhere of "club class" reinforced my view, though. That to my (non-UK) ears also sounded very North American - here in Aotearoa, we'd say "business class"

ronsboy67, to television
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I started SecretRomanticGuesthouse #KDrama for the excellent Ahn Nae Sang, and for 2 actors I like but haven't seen in ages - Han Chae Ah and Lee Mi Do. Sadly, after 1 epsiode, I doubt even the three of them together will be able to get me though this one. #KDramas

ronsboy67, to Korean
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When I first heard Romagnol, I thought it sounded a bit French. Reading "San Marino la storia in miniatura", with its snippets of Romagnol songs & poems led me to a YT recording of someone speaking Romagnol. Many commenters who spoke Catalan said they could understand it easily, so I tested Google Translate out with "detect language" on the following. It said "Corsican" and offered a translation for almost every word. Interesting! @bookstodon

leapingwoman, to books
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@bookstodon Please recommend a good basic privacy-respecting non-social reading list tracker for iOS/macOS. My reading list is a mix of print, audio, and library books. Once read, I like to note how well I liked it, if I didn't finish (and why), and make a few optional comments. What works for you and why? Thanks for your boosts and help! #bookstodon #books #ReadingList #reading #TBR

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@leapingwoman @bookstodon you may want to check out @thestorygraph
ALL its social features are strictly opt-in it can be used entirely privately, and the 3.5 years I've been using it, it has suited my reclusive reading habits well.

ronsboy67, to television
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Reading about the makjang meltdown in the closing stretch of #MarryMyHusband is a great example of confirmation bias: Crossing it off my PTW list at the same as I thank it for validating my inflexible rule to NEVER watch a #KDrama while it airs

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ronsboy67, to bookstodon
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Reading "San Marino la storia in miniatura" and the passage about people acquiring RSM passports in the mid C19 reminded me of the Customs officer who was stumped by the RSM stamp on my passport as we left Rome (a gimmicky tourist souvenir that cost €5 then) - he looked at at it and asked "did you enter San Marino directly?" D'Oh! 🤦‍♂️ (if it WERE possible, RSM is not a Schengen state, so maybe the 90 days wouldn't start until we left 😀 ) #AmReading #ebooks @bookstodon

ronsboy67, to languagelearning
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Reading " San Marino la storia in miniatura" for a reading challenge @thestorygraph and the vocabulary, with lots of 19th century officialese, is a challenge, but so is the absence of commas in lists. Not just the "oxford comma"; the author will pile adjectives together or lists of objects, with not a comma in sight. Is this standard practice in #Italian ? #AmReading #ebooks #nonfiction #History @bookstodon

ronsboy67, to aotearoa
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Rigorous attention to factual accuracy even in minor details is always a good sign in crime novels😀☕ #Aotearoa #coffee #mystery #AmReading @bookstodon #ebooks #Kobo

ronsboy67, to random
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Just popped in to Bluesky to check the #CDramas and #KDramas feed there and fled quickly, with renewed gratitude for the many here who use spoiler tags liberally. A life saver for me since I don't watch Dramas as they air

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@liztai No one using spoiler t warnings. Lots of discussions about currently airing Dramas I have on my PTW list, had to come back here to avoid the spoilers :)

jodmentum, to television
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This is a #kdrama casting pet peeve but I'm tired of characters that are supposed to be raised in the US or Europe that don't have the correct accents. It's a real annoying sticking point. Your character was raised in Iowa and you can't pronounce corn correctly.

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@s1m0n4 @jodmentum But everyone has one. I remember laughing oput loud when I read the results of a survey in which 75% of those polled (all US) said tey'd be willign to date someone "with an accent" - the others not into dating humans, apparently.

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@Missrdevine @s1m0n4 @jodmentum @EllenInEdmonton The first time I went to San Marino I spent 6 months trying to teach myself Italian and the hardest sound for me was the "r" - not the "rr", trilling is easy, but the single "r" especially before a consonant. I would practice saying "venerdi" until my throat ached. "R"s are veRy haRd for Kiwis, ouR english is extRemely non-Rhotic 😀

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@s1m0n4 @Missrdevine @jodmentum @EllenInEdmonton If it's any consolation, I know that L1 Italophones do a GREAT job with Māori names. When we went to the RSM for work, one of my colleagues was Māori and we were all impressed at how easily Māori words cae to our hosts when we simply spelled them out - most liekly because the vowels are effectively identical, and like Italian, Māori is fond of ending words with vowels

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@s1m0n4 @Missrdevine @jodmentum @EllenInEdmonton

From Wiki:
A first language (L1), native language, native tongue,


I avoid "mother tongue" since I was raised from infancy by a single father 😀

ronsboy67, to india
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@thestorygraph for The Bangalore Detectives Club - sweet, good-natured and devoid of info dumps. A promising start to the series. @bookstodon

ronsboy67, to india
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Reading The Bangalore Detectives Club book 1, and really enjoying it. I hadn't realised was set in the 1920s, when my great-grandmother was living there, so learning more of the place is fun. As is the reference to Lady Molly, I might have to dust off my Orzcy and check her out
#AmReading #ebooks #Kobo #India #mystery @bookstodon

ronsboy67, to Etymology
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I'm no expert at maths in much the same way ostriches are not experts in flying , but something still seems a bit suss about this, from "Word Perfect: Etymological Entertainment For Every Day of the Year" by Susie Dent. Unless, of course, my copy "had the good fortune to fall through a time warp from a hundred years in the future" 😀

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