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BBC #journalist, watches opposition in #Russia, FSU, E. Europe, Syria. Not a BBC spox, views my own, some humour 😵‍💫, migrant.

Working on a radio programme, focusing on world news.

Posts in unexpected languages, incl Hun, Ger, Ukr, Rus, Cz, Slo, dabbler in typos.

Sharing #Ukraine war #news of the #BBCWorldService

#TheGlobalJigsaw #podcast here:


Fan of #catsofmastodon

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fulelo, to hungary
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Meanwhile a near political earthquake as 's elex results are coming in - a serious blow to Viktor and his ruling party:
-KDNP dropped from 52 to 44 %

A new party, , launched by Peter , a former Orban ally/loyalist, just a few months ago got 30%

mayoral elex on knife edge - current difference is 300 votes, one of the candidates demands a recount

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fulelo, to Russia
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- 'Spy mania': Why is accusing its own physicists of treason?

fulelo, to random
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#BBCNews - Thousands of #asylum-seeking children in London hotels, data shows

fulelo, to random
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#BBCNews - Narendra #Modi sworn in for third term at grand ceremony in Delhi

fulelo, to random
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- to sit for probation interview on Monday

fulelo, to Europe
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fulelo, to random
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#BBCNews - Have #Milei 's first six months improved the #Argentine economy?

Javier Milei was the subject of an episode of #Theglobaljigsaw before his election if you want to find out more about him:

fulelo, to China
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- A cartoon cat has been vexing ’s censors – now he says they are on his tail

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- Widow of leader reveals details of their life together

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#BBCNews - Who owns the Moon? A new space race means it could be up for grabs

fulelo, to Bulgaria
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#BBCNews - #EU elections live: #Macron calls snap elections as far-right support surges in #European elections

fulelo, to Bulgaria
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#BBCNews - #EU elections live: Far-right parties on course for substantial EU election gains in #Austria and #Germany, exit polls say

fulelo, to random
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V Le Monde:
Moscow court orders French NGO worker Laurent #Vinatier to be held in 'foreign agent' case - in the latest case of a Western citizen being detained in Russia.


fulelo, to Ukraine
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V Guardian your light weekend long read has landed:
‘We’re in 1938 now’: ’s war in and lessons from history

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fulelo, to climate
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#BBCNews - Crossbows and eerie silences – following #Antarctic whales for #climate change clues

fulelo, to random
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- Confident warns Europe is ‘defenceless’
By Steve Rosenberg

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#BBCNews - Katya Adler: What happens if the far right gains in EU elections?

fulelo, to ukrainian
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#BBCNews - I married the love of my life in a #Ukrainian bunker - 2 days later he was killed
#UkraineWar #Ukraine

fulelo, to random
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#BBCNews - Danish PM attacked by man in Copenhagen

fulelo, to random
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V NYTimes:
Clarence Thomas, in Financial Disclosure, Acknowledges 2019 Trips Paid by Harlan Crow https://www.nytimes.com/2024/06/07/us/supreme-court-disclosures-gifts.html?unlocked_article_code=1.x00.y_ix.YU0j1hY_k8gw
#GiftLink #NoPaywall

fulelo, to random
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#BBCNews - UK general election latest: Rishi #Sunak apologises for leaving D-Day events early

fulelo, (edited ) to Russia
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V Human rights centre Memorial:
Today is the video appeal hearing of Nobel prize laureate Oleg #Orlov (70 y.o), #Russia 's preeminent human rights defender, 100 ds after his jailing

On 27 February he was sentenced to 2.5 ys for “repeated discrediting” of the army - he consistently and publicly expressed his protest against the war in #Ukraine

From the court, Oleg Orlov was sent to Moscow pre-trial detention center-7 “Kapotnya”, then transferred to Syzran


18+ fulelo, to random
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#BBCNews - At least 150 villagers feared dead in #Sudan massacre

fulelo, (edited )
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V NYTimes:
A War on the Nile Pushes #Sudan Toward the Abyss https://www.nytimes.com/2024/06/05/world/africa/sudan-khartoum-darfur-war.html?unlocked_article_code=1.yE0.RO9f.oJWguAJx0bRj

The latest report from a ravaged country - with astonishing and shocking photos by Ivor Prickett
#GiftLink ##NoPaywall

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