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Irish and resident in west of Ireland. I'm interested in Linux, Android, Science, Science Fiction to name but a few.

"Web Environment Integrity" is an all-out attack on the free Internet — Free Software Foundation — Working together for free software (

Read why "Web Environment Integrity" is terrible, and why we must vocally oppose it now. Google's latest maneuver, if we don't act to stop it, threatens our freedom to explore the Internet with browsers of our choice.

European Parliament’s version of the CRA threatens cybersecurity and open source development (

Recent discussions in the European Parliament can seriously undermine existing cyber security practices and open source development by setting disproportionate obligations and strict requirements for vendors supplying products in Europe. ...

EU votes to mandate removable batteries in smartphones in a landslide; no more glued together junk! (,for%20up%20to%2030%20minutes....

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I stopped being windows many years ago except when I've to fix my mobile phone. In linux we don't have drive letters I just name the partitions instead.

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