Comms writer in #Montreal working in film and digital media.

Shawn à Montréal sur Wikipédia.

I like to share news content, with interests that include arts and culture, politics and society, climate change -- often with a Canadian/Québec/Montréal angle.

I prefer to boost existing posts rather than duplicate.

Je partage aussi des articles en français.

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shawngoldwater, to random

Federal court allows map to be used for 2024 election despite earlier finding it discriminates against Black voters

The decision is a big win for Republicans, who were aided by the US supreme court’s slow action on the case.

#SCOTUS #racism #GOP #gerrymandering #MAGA

shawngoldwater, to random
shawngoldwater, to Montreal

#TimeOut articles must be churned out by AI. No one who's ever been to #Montreal would write this:

"St-Hubert Plaza is one of the world's coolest streets, Time Out claims"

shawngoldwater, to movies

Oliver Stone Was Linked to Planned Series of Pro-Dictator Docs

Russian producer Igor Lopatonok pitched financiers on multiple pro-autocrat projects, including on the leaders of Belarus, Turkey and Azerbaijan, who would be interviewed by the 'JFK' and 'Platoon' director on camera.

#Hollywood #democracy #propaganda #authoritarianism

shawngoldwater, to Montreal

I see that the forecast high of 15 C in this coming Wednesday would be almost twice the previous record for that date, 8.3, reached in 1955 and 2017.

shawngoldwater, to climate

China’s energy sector carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions increased 5.2% in 2023, meaning a record fall of 4-6% is needed by 2025 to meet the government’s “carbon intensity” target.

dave, to Canada

Could someone please explain why there is an exodus from

I have been encouraging friends to join the server as their introduction to Mastodon... should I stop doing so?


@dave Wait, is there? Where did you see that?

Is it some people giving up on Mastodon, rather than anything specific to this instance?


@stephanie @dave Why did they want to move?

shawngoldwater, to random

Earth to Media: Try to Get It—Nice, Ordinary People Can Be Fascists

It’s not surprising that the people at Trump’s rallies are normal and polite. Their good manners have nothing to do with the toxic ideology they endorse.

shawngoldwater, to random

Political violence in polarized U.S. at its worst since 1970s

In contrast to the 1970s, much of today's political violence is aimed at people instead of property — and most of the recent deadly outbursts tracked by Reuters have come from the right. Case in point: the Trump supporter who shot a neighbor he suspected of being a Democrat.

shawngoldwater, to ai

Pilot project uses to prevent suicide in Metro

Artificial intelligence scans CCTV footage in the Metro to detect certain warning signs.

shawngoldwater, to random

Four important bolts were missing from a 737 Max 9 that lost a passenger door plug during flight

shawngoldwater, to Aviation

That's the Spirit

to delay more 737 Max deliveries due to incorrectly drilled holes by supplier Spirit AeroSystems

shawngoldwater, to random

@heliomass hi. I'm in the Metro now. I can never make out the announcement - I am hearing impaired - but I think that it just announced a slowdown on the Orange line. But I am on it and I don't notice much difference?


@heliomass maybe it was the RESUMPTION of normal service? Because it seems fine.

heliomass, to Montreal

Guess the building!

#Montreal #brutalism #BrutalismFriday


@heliomass The Pavillon Thérèse-Casgrain student residence at Université de Montréal, I'd say.

shawngoldwater, to Montreal

I live close to Mount Royal in and the dichotomy between people struggling to get home during this storm and those carrying skis hurrying up to the mountain would be amusing, if I wasn't part of the first group.

DenisCOVIDinfoguy, to Victoria avatar

Victoria: Hospital cases up as Victoria suffers COVID ‘wave on wave’ - By Aisha Dow

@MaryAnneThomas @VictorianCHO @auscovid19




@DenisCOVIDinfoguy @auscovid19 People I know (including me) getting infected for the 1st time...

shawngoldwater, to twitter
AnnaAnthro, (edited ) to random avatar


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  • shawngoldwater,

    @fifilamoura @AnnaAnthro I've been noticing more Irish cheese in local supermarkets, perhaps that's why.

    heliomass, to Montreal

    Some hyper-local transit news! Rosemont Metro has finally had its bus garage reopened.

    Big quality of life improvement being able to wait in a sheltered area for your bus, instead of by a busy curbside. And no more running for the bus!

    Buses also avoid a turnaround at the Rosemont / Saint-Denis intersection which should slightly improve reliability.

    And removing all those bus stops from Rosemont should improve traffic congestion and give buses a free run when they leave.

    #Montreal #transit


    @heliomass What was being built at Rosemount metro that made the closure of the bus area necessary?

    shawngoldwater, to Montreal
    slcw, to MIguns avatar

    If a black or brown #student got caught planning a mass #shooting at a house of #worship, I guarantee he wouldn't get off with a suspended sentence and a #bookReport. I'm all for restorative #justice, but the double standard this has illuminated is pretty stark.


    @slcw We'll see how soon he gets to buy guns.

    shawngoldwater, to Quebec

    One of three free La Presse articles (in French) on the possible next leader of the Quebec Liberal Party: Antoine Dionne Charest

    #Quebec #cdnpoli #Liberals

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