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I like many things. among them are #cybersecurity, #linux (#Termux as well), #python, #chess, #music, and some other shit mortals on this planet do. nothing special.

I might post here about cyber or tech, most likely just about my personal life and why am I not just a piegon.


Hashtags I sometimes post to:

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kopper, to random

there's no I in COMMUNISM


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wait for..
There's no US in Communism.

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While you waste your time reading my shitpost,
I enjoy listening to a great gothic-doom band: The Gathering.
They're new (to me) and I enjoy every second.

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these videos are actually what got me into them.
randomly a video from 14 years ago of their live.
I only entered because Anneke looked cute (and still is)
and now I love the band.

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Hi, sorry if this is a dumb quesiton, but I don't get to work a lot with DBs.

I wanted to know, can I open a DB file (.sql) that is stored locally with the Antares app?

It always gives me the connection over internet and I have no idea what to put. I don't have an SQL server (not even a local one) I just have a file.


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Get rid of all those specific-area improvement books you've got,
and get my all-in-one self improvement book: How To Be Better

Self improvements abour relatiobships, econimics, being rich, cool,
calm, mindfullness, having power and control, diets - for both directions

anything you need!

(you): oh wow! how much is this pleasure gonna cost me?
Only from 99$ a months (and up to yu mama's ass) you can rent my book!

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[POLL] in your culture is it seen as rude to yawn without covering your mouth in a public setting?

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Not really as rude, as it is more just impolite.

Like, people would get angry at me if I burst while they talk - that's rude.
but if I yawn - it's just impolite and might offend them, depend on the person and the settings.

So I'd say Not Rude, but not because it's OK, but because it's just impolite.

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I'm not sure how I'm still functioning on just two hours of sleep

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I'm definitely not gonna make it a habit. tho I did it, doesn't mean it was fun, or easy.

But it is calming to know that I can, if needed.

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I know what happens if I look at Medusa's eyes,
But what happens if I look at her boobs?

kohelet, to firefox
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Did you know FireFox has its own proccess manager?
I just discovered it by accident, trying to open Windows' one with ctrl+shift+esc,
but actually pressed shift+esc and opened firefox's one

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Huh? what's even that question?

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If you open htop in full screen, the RAM bar gets bigger. so it makes your computer have more ram.
thank me later. I always do it. never failed me.
follow for more hacking tech tips they don't want you to know!


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Why can't you "break up" with your sibling?

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There's no such thing as .elf (dot elf) fileeee.
I say that a lot to people who are so used to windows and think linux is just windows with different names.

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Now that was fucking easy!
Youtube blocked my VPS IP after downloading 6GB of music,
I just changed public IP address via the Console (website)

now I'm just waiting for all the errors to jump at me.

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Next: learn how to do it from command line, and write a script to automate it.

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fuck it, I'm writing techniks. not gonna even try to spell this word

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I like how everything I just write to reminal is posted automatically on mastodon. feeling of power.

kohelet, (edited ) to random
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I rolled my eyes back so hard I got an orgasm

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How it started: Short drum solo, groovy beat that moves your body in weird ways.
How it's going: Blast beat all the song through...

#Drumming #music #drums #metal #blastbeat

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Tooting to followers only

plot twist: you have no followers.

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only you and the server admin can read

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I just itched the hell out of my psoriasis flared skin.
I feel the most guilty right now,
but man. I couldn't resist.
it felt so fucking good.
whyyyy. why it feels so gooddddd

I literally moanedddddd


18+ kohelet, to Powershell
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When running powershell (7) on linux, the terminal doesn't function very nicely.
For example, ctrl+left arrow doesn't does its trick. same with the rest of key shortcuts.

Anyone saw this before and came up with a solution?
either a different terminal app or some configuration to make?

Happened on Fedora as well as EndeavourOS.

Any comment or boost (for reach) is welcome.

#Powershell #Linux #LinuxHelp

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Thanks! it works.

Is there somewhere with all the function options I can look at?
I want to add something like Ctrl+Delete to delete a whole word.

I tried the online page of ser-PSREadLineKeyHandler but it wasn't very detailed about all the options preset.

also if I want it to loop through the option when pressing Tab, and not print them all to the screen.

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thanks a lot!

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