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pkal, to random
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"Repaired" my old Thinkpad X41, updated Debian and installed Emacs 29.2 via Backports. It's really slow, but looks great and I really missed the trackpoint.

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using the special sized HDD or a SSD?

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X41 uses a special sized hdd, not the standard ie 1.8in v 2.5in

might have to get a m2/ide adapter

dusthillperson, to programming
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I've released 'Folder Size Analysis', a tool for visualising the size of various items in your filesystem, written in Tcl/Tk,
tested on Linux, Mac OS, and Windows



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very 90s ;)

Semafor, to random
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JUST IN: Tesla reported its biggest year-on-year drop in revenue since 2012, in yet another sign that the once-dominant EV giant is struggling amid intense competition from Chinese automakers.


Posted into Business @business

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@Semafor @business

and musk's antics are making people look elsewhere.

dekkzz76, to random
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not really a vibe sorta guy, i'll look at the cold hard history of how each has developed

CGM, to UKpolitics
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"Sunak rejects offer of youth mobility scheme between EU and UK"
"Labour also turns down European Commissionโ€™s proposal, which would have allowed young Britons to live, study and work in EU" ๐Ÿคฎ
#brexit #tories #labour #ukpolitics

dekkzz76, (edited )
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not surprised for any party who won't consider at least exploring rejoining now, they just see it as handling any young talent we have on plate to the EU economy.

helpmeskeletor, to random
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Being neutral on starvation means people get starved. Being neutral on genocide means people get exterminated.

This is so you know what academics and journalists who are framing their neutrality as the high road are doing.

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unless the drive for peace comes from ordinary Israelis & Palestinians who want to move forward without the failed leaderships all you will get is more death

mms, to random
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Also, why are folks Open and Net get so much more cult following compared to FreeBSD from people?

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OpenBSD is well known for security, netBSD as a premier server platform while FreeBSD is a wannabe Linux maybe?

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@screwtape @mms

May not be true now but when i seriously looked at going to a BSD after getting fed up with Fedora 8 years ago that's what my digging around found.

OpenBSD is probably seen more of a prominent player now while NetBSD is still well thought of since then but FreeBSD is pretty underground with Google throwing up more than one person asking about good blogs or podcasts if you search "FreeBSD"

Still a decent OS

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@screwtape @mms

which is? don't leave me dangling ;)

0x4d6165, to emacs
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is gnus really worth it? I feel like i'm fighting an uphill battle but i hope there's something cool on the other side? idk maybe i'll just use mu4e instead

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it has one or 2 unique features like post scoring & the fact it can be used for mail, rss, newsgroups. But it's overly complex if you just want e-mail as there is mu4e & notmuch.

jbaty, to emacs
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Denote's strict and consistent file naming format is great.

Except I'm realizing that I never actually /use/ it for anything.


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do you use any pkm?

rml, to emacs
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about every two years I ditch my init.el and build back up from scratch, and every time it feels great. I'm finally breaking off from org-roam which, for all the good its done me, has become a thorn in my side due to the centralized store. about to give #hyperbole a try, which I've been interested in for a while now.

learning via @ramin_hal9001's presentation a couple years ago at #emacs conf

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@rml @ramin_hal9001

should be an interesting voyage, could never work out what hyperbole was for apart from the rolodex

mms, to emacs
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Which sites/articles/tutorials/books/talks do you consider essential for #emacs folks? Both, new (dozens of us) and experienced.

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Mastering Emacs & it's own docs

dekkzz76, to lastepoch
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First Character to Lvl 60 - Forge Guard


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Re-specced from a shield throw build to using the manifest armour standard build, the dropped void cleave for forge strike.

could see the minion talent in shield throw but not in void cleave as what causes it to buff the minion.

forge strikee seems OK though.

lobocode, to Software
@lobocode@hachyderm.io avatar

The primary purpose of using org-mode is for documentation, right? Or is it a feature that can also be used for ?

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no its primary use is the agenda, which was based on the out liner capailities.

zyd, to random
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Having boosts hidden (because Phanpy makes them easy to ignore with its carousel) and following the autistic tags+groups makes April Fools on social media much more tolerable. Pleasant surprise. Still had some annoyance though today, like Discord's loot box joke that I thought was real and irritated me. Didn't even feel like a joke considering Discord will soon be rolling out even more ads (Don't fall into the mistaken idea that Discord doesn't have ads, it does. What do you think game promos and collabs are?). I could see them easily adding loot boxes and other nonsense in the future. My paranoia made me wonder if this "joke" of theirs was a test to warm the waters, so to speak.

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not allowing quoted replies was a design choice based on abuse on twitter.

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@screwtape @zyd

more boosting to toot rather than the toot-er

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@zyd @lispi314
quotes from one smaller social group put into other conversations of another larger violently opposed group who would dogpile the first group destroying any chance the first social group have of using twitter

think trans people or gays against right wing evangelical groups on twitter

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@lispi314 @zyd

AFAIK from toots by some of the people who formed the Activity Pub SIG @ the W3C it was personal experience.

At the time misuse of quotes was the most common harrasement vector

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@lispi314 @zyd

i dont miss it, i'm sure if its brought into mastodon then some servers will unpatch it

ovid, to random
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Having trouble keeping you house warm during the winter? Consider fine-tuning an LLM.

I'm not used to my Apple Silicon Mac ever getting warm, or the fans coming on.

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most with that problem are just low paid not loaded with apple hw

luap, to random

Well. I don't want to buy Diablo IV, because it's like 70 bucks minimum and if I wait two months it'll be 20. BUT, i have been watching people play it, and it looks like so much fun.
Guess I'm reinstalling Diablo III and pretending.

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still sold on 20 bucks for D4?

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always path of exile or lost epoch, neither built to maximise corporate kpi indexes by keeping you grinding for minimal reward.

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