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Greybeard but revolutionary. 80-char lines are good for museums.

My tech writing (hire me): https://dorotac.eu/
Open bike computer: https://jazda.org
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chrishuck, (edited ) to cycling
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While finishing up my ride this evening, I watched a driver in front of me drive right through a blatantly red light. Not changing from yellow to red as they went under it, solid red as they entered the intersection. I’m probably hyper aware as a cyclist, but even while driving it seems like I see more people running red lights everywhere. Does anyone else?

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@chrishuck Before they installed the traffic lights on my commute, I barely ever saw any. Now it happens a lot more often!

While this week I've seen it happen fewer times than last week, it's always the same person so I guess it's the same.

I even do it myself when I'm the only pedestrian waiting late at night.

dcz, to random
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Anyone going to this year? I can't make up my mind for the next . Maybe or ... Or . Can't make up my mind.

pheras, to random
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TikTok will be banned if it is not owned by a US company. What for?

IT US companies:

MSFT takes frequent screenshots of your desktop and stores OCR in SQLite, easily retrievable from other accounts in the machine (https://arstechnica.com/ai/2024/06/windows-recall-demands-an-extraordinary-level-of-trust-that-microsoft-hasnt-earned/)

MSFT spies your LLMs chat sessions (https://www.schneier.com/blog/archives/2024/02/microsoft-is-spying-on-users-of-its-ai-tools.html)

New Adobe license in Photoshop forces creators to allow Adobe appropriate their works (https://nichegamer.com/photoshop-terms-of-service-grants-adobe-access-to-user-projects-for-content-moderation/)

Google processes every single bit ever existed about you (https://www.404media.co/google-leak-reveals-thousands-of-privacy-incidents/)

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@pheras What's the difference between US ownership and not US ownership?

Obviously, it's the USA's ability to apply pressure on the owners.

Am I paranoid to say that US wants to have (better) access to all that sweet user data? Alternatively make it ever-so-slightly more difficult for other states' to access it.

dcz, to random
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My #GPN22 talk about the hopelessness of organizing your files is up: https://media.ccc.de/v/gpn22-410-my-files-are-a-mess-why-the-past-and-future

dcz, to random
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Don't miss my talk tomorrow about how and why your files are a mess!


Even if you're not at #GPN22, you can still watch it live. I don't know where, but you can!


dcz, to Electronics
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Do any suppliers expose about their stock, so I can query it at home?

I'm looking for the most efficient but still cheap middle-powered warm-white in some form factors.

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@deshipu Close, because I can query it, but the critical part is "at home". In the case of LED


I can filter on luminosity, angle, and current, but I actually want to sort by efficiency: LumAnAn/Vol/Cur.

If I could dump the database, that'd be easy, but I don't see away to do that.

dcz, to rust
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Trying to write a exploration tool. I've been putting it away because GUIs are painful.

Now trying again: looks fine, but not clear how to style tables.

Maybe I'll go back to . The idea of callbacks can be annoying, but at least styling is a breeze. You can even put widgets inside cells!

It turns out that making GUI is hard.

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@slint My other problem with slint table was that the process used like 30% CPU when idle. Debug build or not, no interaction should mean no processing.

I'm not sure if that is intended, should I file a bug?

deshipu, to random
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Remember that automation is not about removing effort, it's all about packaging it in convenient ways so that it can be stored and moved around. Sometimes you get some savings due to bunching up of similar things or economy of scale, but most of the time the perceived savings are simply because the real effort is hidden away or deferred. Whether it's Jacquard looms, language models, github actions, self-driving cars, or robot food delivery, someone is doing (or has done, or will do) the work.

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@deshipu It is about removing effort. In the case of jacquard loom, someone put in the effort to produce the cards, and the next person doesn't have to do it by hand. And the next one. And the next one. The effort of N people is replaced by 1.

I'm not sure if the others are breaking even, but with time I bet they will.

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@deshipu Of course. My bet is that this new effort is typically smaller than the old effort was. Have you tried to sew by hand?
Maybe not automation by your definition, but the sewing machine saves hours and hours of work. If I was serious about sewing, I'd build one just to save my own time.

In another example, using machines for farming made it so that there's less than 90% of the population dedicated to food production.

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@deshipu You're completely right. Entropy ensures that no matter what happens, it happens because of some energy being turned into heat.

But I find this definition useless for considering social situations. Here what matters is the subjective effort expended by agents.

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@deshipu I agree with the above post, but you're also making a very bold claim I disagree with: that there's some "effort preservation" law.

I think that's an extraordinary claim and it requires extraordinary evidence.

As a basic example, we have many different sources of electrical energy available, with different costs and same labor production: coal, solar, nuclear, water. I'm not going to believe so easily that the ultimate effort per unit of benefit of each is the same.

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@deshipu That's why I chose electricity: the unit of electrical benefit can be compared across all of the sources very easily (Joule, Wh). So that's one variable less, it's the "damage" that's still a question, and I'm saying that it varies.

Unless all the sources are net negative (even solar and nuclear), then effort can be saved.

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@deshipu That's true, but I chose the example because given two separate sources and used for the same purpose, you get vastly different ratios of input to output effort. And with solar energy, over long enough time, I don't see how solar fails to save effort if it's used to, say, operate a washing machine.

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@deshipu True, you did write that.

But then it's really easy to say what things are about: the intention of the washing machine is "about" removing the effort of washing, not "about" expending the resources needed to operate it.

I think you're crossing streams between intention and effect here.

dcz, to UX
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One of my talks for got accepted!

I'll talk about how "My files are a mess!", and how it will stay this way unless we achieve a collective enlightenment.


Now I finally have an excuse to do the research on the topic XD

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@publicvoit Reading a bit more of your work (like application-centric systems), I definitely want to have a chat with you. Are you visiting Germany any time soon?

yakkoj, to random
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using "git pull origin main || git pull origin master" to update git repos

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@yakkoj I see you still haven't seen a repo with both branches present.

dantleech, (edited ) to random
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Emotional rollercoaster of starting new projects:

  • This is cool
  • I've spent 18 hours on this
  • This is awful
  • I'm awful
  • The world is awful
  • This is cool (goto 1)
  • ... weeks pass_
  • Wow this is great.
  • Almost done
  • lose interest
  • Project abandonned
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@dantleech Too real...

dcz, to hacking
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Hey Fediversians, is anyone going to https://gulas.ch ? I'm looking for roommates today.

thelinuxcast, to random
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Is this what the Nextcloud app for Linux is supposed to look like?

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@thelinuxcast I hate this, and this keeps happening.

At least I can fix #qtcreator by manually tweaking the style (but why provide "system" if it doesn't work?)

dcz, to opensource
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The feeling when 87.5% of the discussion under your contribution is about : unreliable CI and insignificant .

Congrats, the project has created a barrier to entry for anyone who hasn't been into it for years already.

Hint: give everyone a freaking that satisfies your needs and let us move on to actual work, without having to redo the same stuff 8 times. Sheesh.

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@deshipu You can use a tool that removes things that carry knowledge just fine. Just to make it clear, I don't consider comments or names part of style (except whether you use CamelCase or whatever).

But I still don't see what you see: the knowledge thats not in the semantics or naming or comments.

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@deshipu I agree with you on variable names. But there's a lot more to linting: spacing, indentation, the placement of brackets. Do you think those carry knowledge?

No linters I know touch names in a meaningful way.

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@deshipu If the code has inconsistent indentation, then I let the linter fix it :P

I can see your point: the more sources the author uses, the less likely they are well-integrated, and the more scrutiny they require.

I guess that's a valid point.

In the context of my original complaint, the syntax complaints didn't really lead to more feedback about the content, so I don't think those people were following your observation, really :P Now the question is: what are they trying to achieve.

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