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My name is Matt. I enjoy helping people with technology related issues. I also like adorable animals.

Je suis seul car il ne veut pas apprendre Excel

Et je meurs car il ne veut pas apprendre Excel

Comme les marins, qui fument des cigarettes sur le canal, ah.

Mais Excel ne sera pas appris aujourd

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Vanilla - Mooshrooms

The red cow with the bonus of the mushrooms is pretty neat. Plus I just like the red cows.

Modded - Penguins (Twilight Forest, maybe 1.6.2 era?)

Super cute, and I loved building igloos for them. Ice was always an underutilized building block for me and mainly utility.

Winged_Hussar, (edited )
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Curious if that’s really the only thing that was fixed…

That same mission will:

  • spawn the same amount of shriekers regardless of difficulty

  • Fail to complete for the operation even if you succeed

  • Score only 1 star even if both objectives are completed

  • Not allow you to complete one of the objectives unless you:

    • precisely call down the dark matter in the middle
    • Carry that exact dark matter to one of the drills
    • Input the same dark matter without dropping

And, If you drop the dark matter at all, or do not call it down in the middle, it won’t count as complete at the end mission screen.

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I agree, I love the chaos. I would like to score more than 1 star though.

Maybe at level 1-3 tone down the spawns however

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That’s so cute! I know very little of 3D printing - was it all one print, or multiple since it’s different colors?

Also, is it something that will be laminated/put in resin?

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Thanks for the explanation 🩷 The colors are pretty spot on, did you buy them specifically for this print or have them around?

Looking to eventually get a 3D printer someday myself, but have lots to look into

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Awesome - I really appreciate it, I just might!

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Damn, the fossil gray + black accents look nice. Is the button switch metal or a rubber thing over top?

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Oh cool, thanks!

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I’m sorry I decided to take that, the grenade pistol, and the Auto cannon and have permanently rag-dolled you… But I like explosions!

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Super cool, always was a a bit disappointed when I whispered someone and they never pinged back what they had on.

Will probably still whisper first just because I like talking to people about what/why they picked certain things.

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I’m rewatching the series right now and wow - those Kino interviews add almost nothing. After skipping those and half the scenes with Chloe, the episodes are hardly 20 minutes long.

The other issue (in addition to what you put) is that nothing of real consequence happens despite the darker tones. Pretty much every time something ‘bad’ happens, there’s a solution - And usually pretty uninspired. The really bad one imo was when Eli and gang got stuck off world due to the mine collapse.

The only drama in the show I think I actually enjoyed was Rush v Young.

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I had the pleasure of hearing Eileen Collins talk once and it was awesome. Incredible story teller and very funny.

Told a story about how they lost a bag of orange juice on the ISS and couldn’t find it. Wasn’t until they were trying to detatch (module? Something else? Not sure) that they found it by pushing down on a pedal and it exploded. In the moment everyone was terrified, but once they found it, it became a pretty big joke of their mission. Apparently their debrief was pretty much just being yelled at for the orange juice.

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Lol, all of Spectrum’s plans (outside gig) say “Typical Upload: 10Mbs or higher”

Why is it so hard for ISPs to provide a higher upload speed

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