How is it possible for this track to have so few plays on Spotify? (lemmy.one)

I noticed that the track “Canon (Primo)” by Justice only has 5,815 plays on Spotify, even though every other track on the album has millions of plays. How is this possible? I know it’s just an interlude track that you wouldn’t listen to unless you’re listening to the full album, but still, this play count seems...

Christmas - Asimov's Guide to the Bible (lemmy.one)

I picked up Asimov’s Guide to the Bible recently and have been really enjoying it. I found this bit about Christmas in the chapter on Luke really interesting. It’s not a short read but an insightful and in-depth take. It gets to a few points that have always bugged me about the birth story; such as “Why is Jesus of...

Can someone help me identify this potentiometer from a third party Xbox controller? (lemmy.one)

Trying to repair a Hyperkin Duke Xbox controller where the left trigger doesn’t respond. Found that the resistance of this potentiometer doesn’t change when it’s moved, so I’m looking to replace it. I’m a novice with this stuff though and I’m having trouble identifying it. Any help is appreciated.

The Last Fancy Feast (lemmy.one)

Dall-E-3 ; prompt: A playful tableau mirroring The Last Supper, with a clowder of cats as the apostles, engaged in various antics over a spread of catnip, feathery toys, and elegant saucers, muted tones with a touch of humor, subtle lighting casting serene shadows in a classical composition (prompt was crafted using GPT-4-Turbo)

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