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Gretchen now believes that Jonathan died of a drug overdose. The reported presence of fentanyl in his body makes her wonder if the meth had been laced with it. But she doubts authorities will be able to answer that question. “They can’t even do the job of notifying a dead person’s next of kin,” Gretchen said. “They probably just thought, ‘Another drug addict, gone.’”

All but guaranteed. Cops found a dead man with drugs in his system. Why would they care? They probably got angry they were even called to deal with it.

That photo of the gravesite where he was buried is depressing. I know friends in places like that. I’m going to end up in a place like that. We didn’t, and don’t, have family. This man did. He didn’t deserve this…

Ontario has a rental housing enforcement unit. It investigates a fraction of cases and fines even fewer (

The RHEU, run by the province, is mandated to uphold landlord and tenant rights. It has the power to investigate complaints and fine individual landlords up to $50,000. It works independently from the Landlord and Tenant Board (LTB)....


I’m on disability. It is illegal to discriminate against those with disability. I have had multiple landlords immediately change their mind upon learning I’m on disability. One woman even said sure, come over with the deposit tomorrow. When I showed up she had cops there and said In was trying to trespass. Explained the deal to the cops and they left but the woman said she doesn’t trust people on disability. I’ve had other people actively say in postings that they will not rent to people with disability.

I’ve reported at least 10 people over the past 4-5 years. Slam dunk situations with recorded phone calls admitting bias. Emails doing the same.

Nothing ever happened to any of them.


As am I now. Welcome to the subspace fold <3


Where is this magical place and how much more broke will I be?


Ahti is a character introduced in the video game Control and with appearances elsewhere. He’s a extremely mysterious figure. Very little is known about him beyond the fact that is a janitor for the Oldest House, headquarters of the Federal Bureau of Control.

Highly recommend Control. Truly amazing game with incredible lore, a mindfuck of a story, and some stunningly beautiful/terrifying atmosphere.

Also for those who are considering Alan Wake 2… Play Control first. Trust me. Especially the Control AWE DLC.


Ahti is also a Finnish character. He repeatedly speaks Finnish throughout the game. His janitor carts also all have little radios that play the same song, the ‘Sankarin Tango’. A song performed by the model/voice actor for Ahti, performed entirely in Finnish. Great song actually. You’ll even catch the character singing along to the music occasionally.


Who knows. Maybe he became Eldritch himself? Ahti (at least in Control) is really not explored much. A great character but shrouded in constant shadow and mystery. So it very well might be. Who the fuck knows. When he talks about wanting to go on vacation he does talk about a beach and how he likes the sounds of the sea…


Might want to add a spoiler tag to that, dude.




Proceed to headbang like a motherfucker.


What happens to Ahti and where he might go are pretty damn spoilery given his discussions in Control and things said in the other game in question.

Thought that was kind of obvious.

Stamets, (edited )

Your comparison doesn’t work. Harry Potter movies are all called Harry Potter movies. The game mentioned in question has a completely different name and is not categorically stated to be in the same world on its own. Having the character in both is a spoiler.

You’re just arguing in bad faith. I’m going to block you now and go back to not knowing you exist, a state of being that is far more enjoyable. Goodbye.


I don’t care about retconning as long as its done well. Chibnall proceeded to go to Doctor Who and make a mess and a mockery of everything, turning the Doctor into a joke as well as their past, squandering the only female Doctor we’ve had and giving her endlessly shit material for her to waste her talent on.

Fuck him.


Just gotta rework the lyrics of the song to make it Trek now…


Glad to be of service


I was genuinely worried people might not get it. Glad to see that was pointless.


Okay. So.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This build can work with a Durge build but requires extra steps. They will be listed.

Level 1: Draconic Sorcerer. Take whatever cold option you want but personally I’d recommend White as it gives you Armor of Agathys. You won’t be using many spell slots in the game so it’s worth having. This is sort of a given, but take the Ray of Frost cantrip as a Sorcerer option. You can choose whatever race you want but if you choose Ray of Frost through racial stuff this build will immediately fail as it requires the spell to be scaling off your Charisma and not another ability like Intelligence, which is what your spell will scale off of if you take it as a half-elf as an example.

Level 2+: Keep taking Sorcerer. Your metamagic options should be twinned and quickened. Other options are personal choice but Distant works well. When given the option for a Feat, take an ability score increase. Keep doing so until you have a 20 in Charisma. Hag Hair also works. You can take a Bard level very early on (Your second level) if you’re so inclined but it will mess with that ASI. I usually do for extra skill bonuses or performance stuff. I would also heavily recommend taking the Haste spell when you gain access to it. As a spellcaster, you should almost always be concentrating on a spell to begin with and nothing is better for this build than perpetual Haste concentration. Although you could also slap Haste on Gale and just have him hide in the corner, boosting you and protecting himself. A third option is to twin cast Haste (such an amazing option) and slap them on Frontline, have Gale cast Haste on you, and then proceed to fucking destroy everything in a three mile radius. Also would highly recommend taking Create Water on a separate caster to increase damage.

However this build does revolve specifically around effects and items. Here is a list of those effects and items.

DURGE WARNING: One of these items requires that Tiefling bard to be alive in the Second Act of the game. As you may or may not be aware, that bard will die if you’re playing Durge. To prevent her death you must sneak up behind her and knock her out. Make sure to use non-lethal damage. Magic will kill her so stick to physical attacks. Leave her there unconscious and then go meet Kagha. Once you meet Kagha, leave the grove and take a long rest. Normally at this point Alfira the Bard will drop by your camp but she’s knocked out so you get the secondary NPC, Quill Grootslang, who will come to your camp during that Long Rest instead. Guide here.

Status 1 | Wet: Affected entity is immune to burning, Wild Magic: Burning, resistant to fire damage and vulnerable to cold and lightning damage.

Item 1 | Morning Frost: Continue the game as you normally would until it is time to go to either the Mountain Pass or the Underdark. We will be going to both but choose the Underdark first. Once there make it your lifes mission to get the three pieces of Morning Frost and assemble it. The benefit of Morning Frost is that it adds 1 to all cold damage and it also has the chance to apply Chilled to the target. What’s Chilled you ask?

Status 2 | Chilled: Affected entity is Vulnerable to Cold damage and Resistant to Fire damage. Combining this with Wet will replace both conditions and make the target Frozen. (Sidenote but we’ll get to Frozen in a bit.)

Item 2 | Winter’s Clutches: Once you’ve got the staff, you can either continue to fuck up the Underdark or head off to the Mountain Pass and return later. In the Mountain Pass, well before the Creche, is an NPC named Lady Esther. Before you do anything else with her, go to her trading options and buy an item called Winter’s Clutches. They are a set of gloves. Their benefit is that whenever you do cold damage you apply 2 turns of Encrusted with Frost.

Status 3 | Encrusted with Frost: Affected entity has disadvantage on Dexterity saving throws. When there are 7+ turns of Encrusted with Frost applied to an enemy, they must make a DC12 Con Save. On a success they take 1d4 cold damage (effected by your items/abilities). On a failure they become Frozen. The item will say otherwise but the items text is wrong. Or was. Not sure if they fixed that.

Status 4 | Frozen: Affected entity is utterly enameled in ice and is Incapacitated. If it is dealt Bludgeoning, Thunder, or Force damage, the ice shatters, ending the condition. Gains Vulnerability to Bludgeoning, Damage Types Thunder, and Force damage. Gains Resistance to Fire damage. Gains immunity to Burning and Encrusted with Frost until no longer Frozen.

Item 3 | Necklace of Elemental Augmentation: Enter the Creche. Do what you want but once you get to the Inquisitor and vanquish him, the room to the right (if facing the same direction as when you entered) has said necklace. The benefit is that when one of your Cantrips deals Acid, Cold, Fire, Lightning, or Thunder damage, add your Spellcasting Modifier to the damage dealt. By now this should be a +4 or a +5.

Item 4 | Coldbrim Hat: Whenever you’re done with the Mountain Pass and the Underdark, head on to Act 2 through whatever method you prefer. Once in, head directly to Moonrise Towers and act as if you belong. If you follow that Half-Orc lady and talk to her, she’ll give you a key to Balthazar’s room. Take it and head in, close the door, and check one of the corpses for a heart on the floor. Grab it. Then walk up to the bookcase. There are multiple books that act as levers with most being trapped. Find the one talking about organs and pull it. When you do, a pedestal will open. Add the heart. Another room will open. Inside the chest in that room is the Coldbrim Hat. The benefit of the hat is that whenever you apply any condition to an enemy, they also now gain 2 turns of Encrusted with Frost. Because Encrusted of Frost itself is also a condition that is being added from your Clutches, you are now adding 4 turns of Encrusted with Frost on every successful attack.

Item 5 | Potent Robe: Upon getting the hat, head towards the Prison/Dungeon in the basement of Moonrise. Here there are a number of Tieflings that are held behind bars with some guards patrolling around. Whether through conversation or violence, make sure that you will not be seen and help the Dwarves. I would highly recommend either giving them a hammer or going to get the hammer they require. While you can just open the gate, they’ll head through the front door and things will be way more difficult. When they smash open the wall they’ll save the Tieflings and escape through a secret passage that leads to a boat. You can go with them if you like or just head to Last Light Inn yourself and meet them there. Inside the main chamber of the Inn is Alfira, the bard. She is reunited with someone close to her and celebrating. Talk to her and she will give you the Potent Robe, the best set of robes any Charisma Caster can ask for. Why? The benefit of the Potent Robe is all of your cantrips now do damage equal to your Charisma modifier and at the start of every turn you will gain temp HP equivalent to your Charisma modifier.

But there’s still one more thing to grab.

Item 6 | Snowburst Ring: On the ground floor of the Inn, in the back right (provided you’re facing the direction when you came into the building) is a single room with a Tiefling child in it. Upon passing a perception check you will spot some floorboards that are loose. When you remove them you find the ring. The benefit of the ring is that whenever you apply any cold damage, a patch of ice 4.5m/15ft will appear under the enemy and they must make an immediate dexterity saving throw or fall prone.

At this point your Ray of Frost should be getting +15 to all damage thanks to your subclass and various items, provided your Charisma is 20. When the enemy becomes chilled from your staff (or wet from other stuff) they take double damage for a minimum of 32 points of damage with a maximum of 70. You’re also getting a pretty decent bonus to your attack rolls so the vast majority are going to hit anyway. Even more so If someone has Faerie Fire. Then you have the Encrusted with Frost that has a low save which means most people are succeeding and then taking even more cold damage which somethings will affect. Because that cold damage is coming from you, it also means other things can apply and because of your hat, anytime something applies so does Encrusted with Frost. You just keep stacking up psychotic amounts of cold damage. Now that’s from a single fucking cantrip that outperforms most spells but you’re a sorcerer. You can fire three of those, minimum, per turn. Add in haste? 5 attacks per turn.

Congratulations. You’re now terrifying. Have fun!


Well I’m doing another run with this build atm so I’ll add it in. Thanks for the tips!


I was asked. I deliver.


Completely agree buddy. I can’t wait to test this out.


Then whats the point of your comment, exactly?


That show is why I left Netflix to never return. You wanna take an acclaimed show and cancel it for no fucking reason after setting up a huge cliffhanger? Then eat my entire ass.


No. Your comment is wrong.

They openly are defending a known extreme transphobe who supports TERFS and donates to them. They underplayed the transphobia. They suggested that being bigoted against trans folks is okay because they’re a small subset of the population. They said that others were wrong for saying that she’s a transphobe despite her transphobic behavior. By saying that, they have openly stated their opinion. They didn’t need to say anything more. If you defend a transphobe thats because you are a transphobe.

The only person here who is naive as fuck is you and I am not giving you another second of my time.


Comment sail over your head, hun?


What baffles me is if you were really that confused or curious, you could have at any point googled “Hitler maid pineapple,” and immediately gotten an answer.


Furthermore, where did you find this picture such that it was devoid of any and all context of the joke, not even in comments?

I’m not sure. Probably some “WTF” or shitpost community somewhere where the context was unnecessary.

And why did you save it?

That I can’t answer. I have a lot of really random bizarre nonsense saved on my phone. That’s why I have so much crap to post. In my entire time posting across both accounts, with nearly 2,000 posts, I’ve never had to look up anything specifically for this. It’s just stuff I have saved.

Hope that answered your mysteries @FeatherConstrictor. Sorry. I have so many messages and comments flying through my inbox that some get lost in the shuffle sometimes.

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