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Brad was very excited about it not too long ago and it looked like it was certainly coming, hopefully it’s only been delayed by the writers strike and is still coming.


If only he’d started this 2 years ago. Probably would’ve helped the Voice referendum pass as well.

Oh well I have no faith in Labor anyway, it’ll probably be some lame once off cash payment that helps nobody long term, rather than something meaningful like looking into why wages aren’t growing to match inflation.


This is the final final final final warning, once more and I’ll warn you for good.


There’s nothing wrong with sex workers, don’t use it as an insult.

Closing toilet lid before flushing doesn't keep viral spray inside, study suggests (www.cidrap.umn.edu)

Contrary to previous study findings, closing the toilet lid before flushing doesn’t stop aerosolized viruses from contaminating bathroom surfaces, scientists from the University of Arizona and Reckitt Benckiser LLC, the company that makes the disinfectant used in the study, report in the American Journal of Infection Control....


I try my hardest to find new songs, because I don’t want to be some boomer bastard.

I don’t know what exactly counts as ‘new’, but I’m enjoying these songs a lot lately

AronChupa & Little Sis Nora - Tangaman
Little Sis Nora - MDMA
These two remind me of late 90s eurobeat shit like Aqua.

Shotgun Willy - Bombs Away
bbno$ & Yung Gravy (BABY GRAVY) - Goodness Gracious
I actually just like anything by this bbno$ guy, but I’m loving the beats and flow on these styles of rap.

Pickle - Stompin’
Makes me feel like I’m on drugs in a club back in the day.

I feel like a lot of new music is probably hidden away on shit like TikTok where I’m never going to be exposed to it because I don’t use it. I have noticed Drum ‘n’ Bass seems to be back, but I was never a fan of that but I’m sure it’s someones jam.


It’s more that they’re a genre that I haven’t seen in 20 years, than that they remind me of the past. I love happy, upbeat, energetic bobby shit. Because it felt like a few years ago everything was that slooooow boring rap style by people fucked up on some sort of downers.

But y’know what I’m going to force myself to listen to everything on this page.

Okay so first 10 are done and I’ve enjoyed ‘Miley Cyrus - Flowers’, ‘Troye Sivan - Rush’, and ‘Olivia Rodrigo - Get Him Back!’. The other 7 were pretty slow and boring for my tastes.



Always grow, find and discover new things, and challenge yourself.

The world is full of so much, to retreat back into yourself and only live in nostalgia is not healthy.

Getting old is inevitable, being a boomer is a choice.


My second monitor (CRT) is using a VGA to HDMI adapter.


The bed bugs cannot pass the diatomaceous earth without first counting every grain of it.


Beds were put there by Satin pillowcovers to deceive you.


Eh there’s worse ways to go than turned into a ball during a spice girls dance routine by Neil Patrick Harris.


The Doctor says “they’re dead, I’m so sorry” like 3 seconds after. So I’m gonna assume they’re dead and that’s some sort of replay of their last moments.

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