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Spinnen, stricken, häkeln, weben - mit Fasern und Garn kreativ werden. Stricken und Häkeln habe ich als Kind gelernt, Spinnen kam ca. 2005 dazu und 2021 dann auch noch weben.

Spinning, knitting, crocheting, weaving - give me fiber or yarn and I'll get creative. I learned to knit and crochet as a child, started spinning about 2005 and 2021 the weaving bug bit me.

#knitting #spinning #crochet #weaving #Handarbeiten #stricken #hakeln #fibercraft #wool #yarn

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Oh, this is very interesting - might have to dive a bit deeper into that channel.

Weaving with impossibly thin linen yarn (or conquering the yarn that nea...

#weaving @weaving @fiberarts #fiberarts #SlowFashion

FanCityKnits, to handarbeiten German
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Wenn das Wetter schön ist, werde ich wohl da sein.

Karlsruhe Worldwide Knit in Public - World Wide Knit in Public Day

#karlsruhe #stricken #handarbeiten #wwkip #kip #KnitInPublicDay @stricken @handarbeiten

FanCityKnits, to handarbeiten German
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Ich hab die Tage ein (für mich) neues Wollfest gefunden


31.08. - 01.09.

Da ich die beiden Veranstalterinnen kenne ("Alte Künste" - pflanzengefärbte Strickgarne und "Frau Wöllfchen" - Spinnfasern) und deren Produkte sehr liebe, ist das ein Festival, dass in jedem Fall in meinem Kalender landen wird - vor allem weil es auch relativ gut zu erreichen ist für mich.

@stricken @handarbeiten

FanCityKnits, to handarbeiten German
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Dank der Damen vom @wollkanal habe ich gelernt, dass der #CCC nicht nur was für Programmierer und Entwickler ist, aber der Kongress passt zeitlich und lokal so gar nicht in unsere familiären Weihnachtstradtionen ...

Aber es gibt ja direkt hier vor Ort die #GPN22 - also bin ich mit Mitte 50 zum ersten mal auf einer "Hackerveranstaltung".

Ist noch wer aus der @handarbeiten Bubble da?

Mich erkennt man an den lila Haaren mit einer grünen Strähne und (vermutlich) dem Strickzeug.


FanCityKnits, to knitting German
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Memory knitting.

I bought the yarn during my last visit with my mom. I've knit the socks with a set of her DPNs. They are not quite the size I prefer and not the length I prefer. They are also rather well used, so the tips are already a bit blunt.

But it felt good with them.

These are pretty basic sneaker socks, broken seed stitch on top, ribbing on the sole was a (successful) experiment, yarn is nothing special, I found it by chance and liked the colors.

@knitting @fiberarts

FanCityKnits, to knitting German
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Nerding out at it's best.

I think I need to watch this a few more times to really understand it, but I love it, when science and textiles crafts meet and people make a deep dive into this.

Physics of Knitting

@fiberarts @knitting #knitting #science #fiberarts

FanCityKnits, to FiberArts German
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#Weaving an I-cord? Of course that's possible.

But disc weaving sounds interesting, too.

The possibilities, the possibilities.

Durham Weaver: Weaving a tubular cord on an inkle loom and with a weaving disc.

@weaving @fiberarts #fiberarts

FanCityKnits, to knitting
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Ever wanted to see industrial production of a knit sweater?

The process seems very involved so I don't think it's the really cheap, crappy clothes they make there. The details looks careful done.

I thought it rather interesting


#knitting @knitting

FanCityKnits, to FiberArts
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So much to learn about weaving.

I just found this older blog post about a weaving conference in 2016. It was just about braids and bands, but oh my, what a variety of techniques and ideas.

So much to explore.

Backstrap Weaving – Strands | Backstrap Weaving

#weaving @weaving @fiberarts #fiberarts

FanCityKnits, to FiberArts
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I wrote about the yarn I recently got from a crowd funding project.


Here's the shepherdess that did the project. Looks like there is going to be more if her yarn.


#yarn @fiberarts #fiberarts

FanCityKnits, to FiberArts
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Oh, this looks cute.

And doable.

I've tried getting into tablet weaving a few times but so far I only got as far as finding out that backstrap weaving is not for me.

DIY Weaving Loom From IKEA BEKVÄM Spice Rack : 7 Steps (with Pictures) - Instructables

I love the part of the instruction that says "spend a minute staring at the pieces"

Any other little loom hacks out there?

#weaving #tabletweaving #diy #ikeahack @weaving @fiberarts

FanCityKnits, to handarbeiten German
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Trendige Handarbeit statt langweiliges Oma-Hobby

Jeden zweiten Dienstag im Monat trifft sich die Gruppe "Freising nadelt" im Gasthaus "Lerner". Von jung bis alt sind hier alle vertreten, stricken Socken, Mützen und Pullis. Auch Männer sind dabei.



FanCityKnits, to knitting German
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Just what I needed - more #yarn.

But this is something special, yarn from a shepherdess from northern Germany, a crowd funding project. I went in for yarn and spinning fiber. The latter arrived some time last year, the yarn a few days ago.

2.000 m of (probably?) worsted weight yarn in natural white the smells wonderfully of sheep and lanolin - I love that.

I already have an idea: one of those 70ies style belted cardigans.

#knitting @knitting @fiberarts #sheep


FanCityKnits, to knitting
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One done, three (out maybe four?) to go.

That's a top down (more or less) raglan construction, about 10 cm below the separation of body and arms.

According to the order confirmation I should have 5 cones of the yarn, though I can't find one of them at the moment. But with 500 m / 100 g I should be fine, even if that cone really doesn't reappear again.

On to the next cone.

#knitting @knitting @fiberarts #fiberarts #slowfashion

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I've been known to do that ... Every once in a while. To keep track of stitch count and yarn used at each step.

FanCityKnits, to FiberArts German
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This is so, so cool - a combination of tablet and rigid heddle weaving.

The "rigid heddle" is made up of a stack of plastic "tablets". How they are combined determines what patterns can be woven. Basically the tablets make up the shafts of a multi shaft loom. Though you can't lift several shafts - or something.

Weben mit dem Weberknecht Webrahmen - Schal in Koeperbindung

@weaving @fiberarts #weaving #rhl #WeavingLoom

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I could only find resources in German, but it's all open source so you can build your own "Weberknecht" with a bit of woodworking and 3D printing.


@weaving #weaving

Weberknecht = Daddy long legs, but the literal translation is weaving servant

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Here's more blog posts about this loom

FanCityKnits, to crochet
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Need a #frog ?

Chubby frog - a #crochet #pattern from #designer Svetlana Hurova from #Ukraine

I think they are soo cute (and I just know someone who absolutele adores frogs and definitely deserves a gift ...


She has also an etsy shop etsy.com/shop/FayniToys

@crochet @fiberarts #fibercraft #StandWithUkraine

FanCityKnits, to knitting
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Call me crazy.

This is the beginning of a long cardigan (about mid thigh), needle size 2.75 mm, gauge 26 sts/10 cm, yarn is 500 m / 100g pure linen.

So all the fun things in one neat package.

And I'm loving it so far.

@knitting @fiberarts

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The funny thing is - those projects really don't take me that long. I'm much more comfortable using small needles. They are so much less strain on hands and wrists than size 4.00 mm and up. With tiny needles I can knit for hours without having to set it aside much to rest my arms.

Looking at the order I have 5 of those cones, so 2.500 m. Though I somehow misplaced one. Hmm. Should be enough anyway.

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It started to be a problem when I was 45 or so. Larger needles require larger movements. Then there's also the additional weight. With such fine yarns I will not have more than 400 g or so on the needles, while worsted or heavier can get to double or more.

The joys of getting old. 👵

FanCityKnits, to knitting
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On #knitting a somewhat more complicated lace pattern - I hadn't realized, how much I missed that.

The current cowl has a pattern repeat of basically 12 sts x 11 rounds (22 rounds, but the even rounds are all knit, so they don't really count).

It's not complicated, no really unusual manoeuvres (save one). It's very logical, what's going on on the actual row can be easily determined by the previous pattern row.

I love that. It's entertaining. It keeps the mind engaged.

@knitting @fiberarts

FanCityKnits, to knitting
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Beautiful cabled sweater by #knitting #designer Natalie Pelykh from #Ukraine

Sweet Cuddles Sweater


That designer has a lot of gorgeous designs, it's hard to decide which one is the one to make first. For this one there's a sale at the moment.

@knitting @fiberarts #StandWithUkraine #fiberarts

FanCityKnits, to handarbeiten German
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