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Why are you profile stalking like a creep?

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Actually, Iranian courts put a moratorium on stoning to death over 20 years ago, and the practice is still legal in American-allied Saudi Arabia.

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Fairly positive they’re also legal in Saudi Arabia

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The spermicide that doubles as a herbicide! Blow loads all over your garden and watch it stay fallow!

Iranian Video Essay on Orientalism: Desert Level Music vs Actual Middle-Eastern Music (www.youtube.com)

I’m 10 minutes in and its a very excellent presentation on the oriental pig slop that the western media industry feeds our brainworms and an analysis of musical theory that touches on a few Iranian styles, Arabic styles, Turkish styles, and Balkan styles. Also dunks on dipshit orientalist music makers with takes like “Oh you...

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<insert paradox game here> doesn’t require any spreadsheeting if you know the core mechanics you can beat it with a shit build sorry to be annoying

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Birds fly, grass grows, and AFD is a nazi party.

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