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So, I'm designing a system to produce 1:4 scale keyboards that are as close as possible to the look, feel, and sound of the full scale originals. The first version will be used in miniature VT100 terminals and I hope to reuse much of the work for other designs and scales.
This is the head of a threadlog about my process, goals, mistakes, and progress.


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4.75mm key spacing is spicy! My index finger is 20mm wide so hunt and peck typing won't work unless I implement some of the touch UI tricks like waiting for a cluster of switch events and then filtering out all but the most centrally positioned switch. So, my big finger would mash fghvt but the keyboard would only send g since it's the center switch.
#vt100 #keebs

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Test plate en conditions réelles : la disposition est ultra confortable. Il y a juste un petit bug : les "modifiers" sur le côté sont en 1.5u au lieu de 1.25u. C'était donc une bonne idée de tester.
#keebs #bépo #prototyping

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Drop has a new dark Solarized (my open source colorscheme) keycap set. It looks great & is discounted right now. (No affiliation with this set, they produced it on their own. Not a sponsored post, this is just me proud that my colorscheme continues to be loved by many).

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Nouveau batch arrivé! J'attends les contrôleurs pour le début du mois prochain, et il va bientôt y avoir à la vente :

  • 4 Redox filaires
  • 3 Redox wireless
  • 7 trackballs 4 boutons + scroll ring

Customisation possible mais avec un à deux mois de délai d'attente (les pièces ne se trouvent pas au supermarché du coin)

#keebs #diy #opensource #Redox #trackball

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What split keyboards are for.

For those more into keyboards than cats, that's a gorgeous Corne-ish Zen by

#cats #keyboard #keebs

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Kailh Box Black are waaaaaay too hard!

I can feel my fingers getting more tired each keystroke I make.

I've now ordered some Gateron Milky Yellow Pro for my Planck, which I still need to get used to anyway...

#keebs #keyboard #MechanicalKeyboards

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Oh, and here is how I got everything on my preonic configured.

#mechanicalkeyboard #keyboard #keebs

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I made a slight change… This required more work than I was anticipating 🫠

JLW_the_Jobber, to random avatar

Now the theming is all tied together! Beware of my dessert themed battle stations!

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Thanks @herrzenzes for inviting me and let me speak about @ConfBuddy, dogs and a bit about #keebs, too :D

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