Ode to Simple Scan

Simple Scan, how I love you so
I’ve tried the others, and it’s a big fat “NO!”
Your elegant use of PDF
Unlike that hot mess over on MacOS
Separate PNGs, what do I do with those??
On Ubuntu I’d have been done ages ago
And on Windows, please, don’t even begin
100 updates before I can even log in
The login screen should be the start of the journey
On Windows, it groans into view on a gurney
But the scans fly by, one, two and three
Combined PDF - pure simplicity!
Before I was anxious, I have hundreds of pages
Thinking the job was going to take ages
But I play some music, I tidy my room
I can't believe - I’m over halfway through!
I click on “About”, see who the devs are
Mr. Ancell and co., you are each of you stars

(originally by tenleftfingers on Reddit)

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