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Problems using L4T megascript, please help (lemmy.world)

Hello, I’m new using Ubuntu and I just did a dual boot on my SD card of my switch to have android and linux. I want to install citra on my switch and according to some video tutotial I was watching, I need the Auto updater and the PI Apps, but everytime I try to run the megascript I got hit with this error message. I barely...

Issues with docked mode in Android 11 (lemmy.world)

I’ve used switchroot in the past on Android 10. I recently got a new SD card, formatted and partitioned it and installed Android 11. Almost everything is working great, aside from docked mode. When I go into advanced system settings, it shows my TV as 1080p, 60Hz. It’s clearly running at 720p though. I’m running the...

Is there any way to store extra Roms on an external hard drive for Dolphin on Ubuntu?

I quickly filled my SD card storage up by downloading Roms on Dolphin. Is there any way to connect an external hard drive to my Switch and load the extra Roms on there or would I have to partition a second SD card exclusively for Roms when using Ubuntu/Dolphin? Thanks in advance!

Does Android require to be installed with Atmosphere?

Hi, that’s a question I haven’t found an answer. I tried to install Android in my Erista multiple times, using one of the (many) spare SDs I have here. However, each and every time, after the installation finishes, Android starts to give multiple errors, and I never got to see it actually working. Maybe the reason is that I...

android randomly/constantly kernel panic on switchroot

Today I’ve been having a constant issue where my switch randomly crashes android into a kernel panic, I’ve tried both android 10 and 11 on 2 different sd cards yet it still doesn’t stop crashing it, I did some research on what a kernel panic was and I heard it might have something to do with faulty ram, and I had a...

Switch Lite Joycons are drifting ONLY on Android 11

Hello, I just installed Android 11 today and it works for the most part. However, when I tried to use Steam Link or Moonlight, I noticed that my left stick drifts upwards for all games. So, I downloaded a gamepad checker app and I saw that it is indeed drifting to the top but when I boot to official firmware and do calibrations...

Help With 32Bit (x86) Steam Games (Switchroot Ubuntu [18.04])

Hi. I’m a recent transfer from Reddit, as many are here, and have gotten into exploring Linux on Switch. Honestly, this was actually my first in-depth involvement with Linux, although I have messed with it in the past. Anyway, on to the main topic. After some ups and downs, I was able to get Steam to work via a combo of...

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