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I do not know the context of this AFP photo, but I feel like it needs a bit of to have him holding something. A large pumpkin? A balloon? A giant round head? (Update: to see some great additions, click on "Expand This Post" on the three dots).

tiamat271, avatar
nyquildotorg, avatar
ai6yr, avatar

@nyquildotorg I'm an amateur at this, LOL.

AlliFlowers, avatar

@ai6yr Keep these coming, they’re great! @nyquildotorg

specialcase, avatar
ai6yr, avatar
dragfyre, avatar

@ai6yr am i doing it right

ai6yr, avatar

@dragfyre Ha ha ha ha

autiomaa, avatar

@ai6yr That calls for a fish. Common comparison scale for all photos.

ai6yr, avatar

@autiomaa I'm thinking someone more skilled at photo editing would do a better job, but here you go!

HumToTable, avatar

@ai6yr Can someone better at Photoshop than me have him huffing a huge bong?

MartinShadok, avatar

@ai6yr Whatever he's "holding", we can rule out a meteorite because one that size would be too heavy to lift easily.

ai6yr, avatar


cookiesinheaven, avatar

@ai6yr a 🏈? Can the Giants sign him?

ai6yr, avatar
cookiesinheaven, avatar

@ai6yr 🤣🤣🤣


@ai6yr Cheese roll.

Legit_Spaghetti, avatar

@ai6yr Another, slightly smaller Emmanuel Macron?

dragfyre, avatar

@Legit_Spaghetti @ai6yr "Don't you ever talk to me or my son ever again"

ai6yr, avatar

@Legit_Spaghetti Another, slightly larger Emmanuel fit better.

Legit_Spaghetti, avatar

@ai6yr omfg 🤣

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