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Why is memes of all places political, amma head out

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this meme is over a month old, how did you even find it


-Country: Elects socialist leader.

-America: Disrupts country to dispose leader.
-Success: Country no longer Socialist.
-Failure: Strongman comes to power to resist. Resists disruption, becomes dictator. Country no longer Socialist.

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oh no the tankies be tanking


You forgot “I wonder why fuel prices are sky rocketing even though we voted a president that promised to fight fossil fuels for climate bullshit”

Enjoy! I’ll be here laughing.

ThisMachineKillsFascists, (edited )

So you hate Nordic countries?

Sorry, this meme doesn’t make sense, what do you think socialism is?

This is a weak meme lol.

Vuraniute, (edited )
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Scandinavia isn’t fascist. They’re the type of socialism (democratic socialism) that I approve of.

But stalinism and whatever the CCP is doing? Throw. It. Out. The. Funking. Window.

Edit: changed some words cuz I messed them up


Lmao how many people own the means of production in Scandinavia?

It certainly isn’t a democracy, given that they’re a capitalist country where the oligarchy of wealthy companies get more say than the average person.

Again, what do you think socialism is? What do you think fascism is for that matter?


Well, there are quite a lot of government owned by the Scandinavian government: en.wikipedia.org/…/List_of_government_enterprises…

And about the democracy Sweden gets a 100/100 in the democracy index.

So, not only are you wrong about their socialism but also on the democracy. Ergo, you are a disinformation spreader and someone that under communism would 100% be an enemy of the state.


socialism is when people within my borders are happy

the happier they are the more socialistier it is (this analogy probably still doesn’t even make sense if you look at suicide rates lmao)

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As a point of unhelpful pedantry: I feel the need to point out that social democracy, while far preferable to liberal democracy, doesn’t actually qualify as socialism since it doesn’t guarantee workers control over the means of production.

But also, that’s far less important than recognizing that Stalinism is fundamentally awful so you’re doing far better than anyone on Hexbear.

Edit: to Hexbear people, don’t reply. I don’t care about your opinion about anything. If anyone posts a Tankie meme at me I’m reporting you for harassment.


Does the average Chinese or Russian worker control the means of production, or do they not?

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As far as I am aware, they do not.


It was a rhetorical question, of course they don’t.

Hexbear’s preference for China and Russia have nothing to do with communism and everything to do with their alignment with and love for their dictators.



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  • Vuraniute,
    @Vuraniute@thelemmy.club avatar

    I understand that, but some people say “hey Scandinavia kinda socialist though” and you know what? Scandinavia is in general a decent place. Also, as another commenter said, Sweden got a 100/100 on the democracy index and there is a list of government owned enterprises in Sweden.

    Again: my only beef is with those who support Stalin and whatever the ccp is doing (putin supporters too) and I’m personally leaning probably more towards democratic socialism or ancom (not sure though)


    They’re the type of socialism (social democracy) that I approve of.

    Social democracy is not socialism, it is social-fascism, class collaboration leeching off the wealth of the global south like a settler vampire from the hill of the imperialism. Look at how social democratic settlers treat immigrants, or minorities/natives. You fundamentally do not understand what socialism is.


    And no offense, but you have no fucking idea what the the PRC is doing. You know nothing about their government structure, how policy is carried out, or the way the system functions at all. I guarantee you could not name the tiers of government, or even three government officials without looking it up. Your ignorance is shown right away by the fact that you say “CCP” (Chinese Communist Party) when the correct acronym is “CPC” (Communist Party of China). This is such a simple mistake that proves you have not read any media outside of the west regarding China.


    another American who doesn’t understand sociadism


    OP be like: “Yes, I’m a socialist. No, I’ve never read Marx nor Engels, I get my ideas from CNN. Why do you ask?”

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    Calling communists fascists? Lmao please read theory, like any theory. Fucking anything at all would be better than this lib bullshit.


    I dont understand these places they are like authoritarian lefties that are constantly seething about tankies.


    I think they are just as confused as you


    Uhhh the “National Socialist” Party was fascist, right? Entities posing as socialist CAN lie and actually be fascist, correct? Or is this western propaganda too?


    If it’s from a hexbear user it’s propaganda is good general rule of thumb. Of course they can be, and have been, fascist.


    The original meme listed communist movements and people, which are what this edited meme is referring to. It’s possible for fascists to pretend to be socialists, but the things and people referenced were not that.


    Uhhh the “National Socialist” Party was fascist, right? Entities posing as socialist CAN lie and actually be fascist, correct? Or is this western propaganda too?

    Wait 'til you learn that urinal cakes aren’t yummy baked treats


    So many hexbear users here lmao

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    We out here


    As they get banned from more instances, the instances they are not banned at start seeing a higher concentration of them.


    Not how federation works.


    Right, it’s not that there is something actively pushing hexbear to them, but because there are fewer places for them to go, it becomes more likely that they will end up in the remaining instances.

    For example - let’s say 2 hexbear users like to look at memes. They were previously using the lemmy world meme community, but now, since they are defederated from there, they will go to different instances’ meme communities. But then, more defererate, and it funnels a higher concentration of them into the remaining instances’ meme communities.


    The point of federation is we don’t have to go to other instances to see there posts. I’m commenting from hexbear all, not the Lemmy meme community.


    This is the lemmy.ml memes community, so unless I am very mistaken about how things work, I don’t think you found your way here from hexbear all.

    If lemmy.ml defederated from hexbear, you would no longer see this community on the “fediverse all” section, just like you cannot see communities from lemmy.world.

    The point being, as available communities become fewer and fewer, hexbear users looking for meme communities will probably concentrate on the few remaining to them, instead of being spread out over the many otherwise available.



    It’s literally the top non-stickied post in our active feed


    I wonder if half the agita about this comes from not understanding how federation works. Federated lemmy instances behave almost like a single website, your posts are our posts and vice versa.


    I guess the thing I don’t get is don’t they see the exact same thing we do if they select Active and All?


    yes, you are very mistaken about how things work.

    This comment was posted from hexbear.net, a site that lemmy.ml is federated with. That’s how federation works.


    Right I get that. Lemmy.ml is visible to you in your federated feed. It sounded like the person I responded to said that this was part of the hexbear feed, which I don’t think it would be, since that only displays hexbear communities.

    All beside the point though - the point is that as more and more instances defederate from hexbear, the pool of meme communities dwindles, funneling more hexbear people into the few remaining to them simply by the lack of other options.


    Libs are subconsciously uncomfortable thinking about real politics. Too many contradictions with their world view. Leftists are not. Hence a lot of us engage with these threads, it gets to the top of our all, and more engage.


    The_Donald of the Left.


    Do you agree with this meme and consider yourself part of “the Left”? Just curious


    That’s irrelevant, also, I’m not interested in discourse with you. Bye.

    @ShimmeringKoi@hexbear.net avatar

    Then you shouldn’t have said anything


    The_Donald is when you believe the opposite of The_Donald


    They’re tankies, aren’t they? i.e. Red-coded fascists that don’t care about things like worker enfranchisement unless it’s a way of expressing American diabolism. That’s not the left.


    Well they claim to be left but they are delusional. They are definitely fascists the support fascist regimes like North Korea. They claim it’s not a fascist country just a communist one, but anyone with a brain understands it’s also EXTREMELY FASCIST.


    Yep - wrong, dumb, fascist - name a more iconic trio.




    Holy shit. Too bad instances can’t defederate HB. They seem to not understand that they’re tankies.


    Nooo not tankies! Don’t they know it’s illegal to be a communist


    they wish it was and will side with Nazis to make it a reality


    Classic Hexbear take that is not remotely based in reality.


    They historically have aligned with or created fascist movements to oppose communists around the globe. Read the Jakarta method, read about the contras.

    @Nakoichi@hexbear.net avatar

    What is a tankie?


    a miserable little pile of secrets?


    No one seems to know

    oatscoop, (edited )

    The term originates from Soviet and aligned regimes sending in tanks to brutally crush protests and rebellions. E.g. The Hungarian Revolution, The Prague Spring Uprising, Tiananmen Square, etc. Some communists were disgusted at their fellows for cheering on said oppression (“Send in the tanks!”) and started calling them Tankies.

    Tankies fellate oppressive regimes and dictators. They’re the smooth-brained “communists” that live in a binary world where anything “their side” does is good and anything the west does is “evil”. They’ll claim any criticism of historically “communist” countries like China and Russia is a CIA talking point … because they’re idiots.

    TL;DR – they’re the MAGAts of the left.

    Zuzak, (edited )

    Random observation but I find it kind of interesting how the talking points anti-tankies tend to bring up are things that, even if the worst allegations are accepted, are relatively minor compared to some other events you could bring up. I’ve heard so much about Tienanmen Square under Deng, but much less about the Cultural Revolution under Mao. And the Hungarian Revolution and the Prague Spring happened under Khrushchev and Brezhnev respectively, when there’s much worse stuff you could bring up about Stalin.

    I can’t help but think that this conflicts with the supposed definition of tankie of just knee-jerk defending anything someone does if they wave a red flag. If that were actually true, wouldn’t you focus on the most extreme examples by the most extreme leaders? The fact that there’s so much focus on people like Khrushchev and Deng, who were both more moderate than their predecessors, seems more like the point of the word is specifically to attack people who might have a more favorable view of those more moderate figures, while being critical of their predecessors’ actions.

    Which is to say, tankie isn’t actually meant to be directed towards someone who knee-jerk defends anyone with a red flag, but rather, it’s meant to be directed towards someone who defends anything at all about anyone at all with a red flag, by accusing them of being the former. In other words, it’s a word that demands the exact kind of knee-jerk response it’s supposedly criticizing, just in the other direction.

    In fact, it’s particularly interesting that these accusations of ideological rigidity and blind loyalty are in reference to Khrushchev, who did nothing but criticize Stalin, and Deng who controversially said that Mao was “70% good, 30% bad.” I don’t think it’s even possible for someone to defend everything done by both Stalin and Khrushchev


    Tbf the hungarian coup was actually connected to an mi6 operation. And the people involved started killing Jewish people and communists, so… t34

    @BeamBrain@hexbear.net avatar

    And the people involved started killing Jewish people and communists

    On brand for libs




    Oh, so calling people Tankie is just red scare propaganda then. Thanks for the heads up.


    And anyone who dares criticize them or any actual communist is a fascist, of course!

    @BeamBrain@hexbear.net avatar

    “An actual communist is someone who hates any communist movement that has actually managed to successfully overthrow its country’s ruling class and take power,” I say without a hint of irony

    @rubpoll@hexbear.net avatar

    I support crushing fascists with tanks.


    Too bad instances can’t defederate HB.

    Can you please elaborate?

    They seem to not understand that they’re tankies.

    Tankie is a social construct and is used to lazily discredit everyone to the left of bernie. It functions to libs the same way as “woke” functions for chuds. As a term it’s basically meaningless to anyone outside of the internet.


    I love how you guys have decided that your definitions are the only correct ones. It’s your primary weapon here, for obvious reasons.


    Communism is political science, words have meanings and we tend to use the correct ones, yes.


    I love how you guys have decided that your definitions are the only correct ones.

    You’re strawmaning hard here, because I never said it’s a definition or that it’s the only one. It’s just my understanding of the term. What part of it is wrong in your opinion? I want to consider it

    It’s your primary weapon here, for obvious reasons.

    Because it’s obvious that when you’re challenged on your understanding of words you have nothing to say?


    I have only seen it used in reference to people who support dictatorial regimes with socialist aesthetics, mostly MLs. I have yet to see an anarchist be called a tankie. Also you can hear it IRL, not commonly though since most MLs are on twitter and the like and not IRL.

    carl_marks_1312, (edited )

    I have only seen it used in reference to people who support dictatorial regimes with socialist aesthetics, mostly MLs.

    yet to see an anarchist be called a tankie




    There’s more in the_dunk_tank if you’re willing to dig


    Pro Tip: Sort by Top All. Anarchists getting called tankie tends to get a lot of upbears because we have anarchist comrades on our instance. We’re a left unity instance



    No idea what the first link is even about, seems incomprehensible. The second link seems true but I have no idea what was said prior. The third link is about programming. Seems there is one potential example of an anarchist being called a tankie. Seems like the vast majority of times it’s being used in reference to MLs still.

    In all seriousness there are plenty of people who misuse words but tankie seems to have a very clear and easily defined definition, it has even remained the same historically. Comparing it to the crazies using ‘woke’ is dishonest at best.

    @Nakoichi@hexbear.net avatar

    it has even remained the same historically

    lmao no it hasn’t. It originally referred specifically to people that supported the USSR putting down the Hungarian anti-communist protests. By the time “tankie” became a word (that only really ever had relevance in the UK) Stalin was long dead.


    Yea, people that supported a dictatorial regime with socialist aesthetics as in the USSR. What part of that has changed?


    The USSR was literally more democratic than bourgeois democracy.


    It really depends on which bourgeois democracy. I may agree if compared to the US (I’m not too educated on the US so I could be wrong) but few others.

    Though I fail to understand how that has anything to do with the topic of tankie having a consistent definition.

    ThereRisesARedStar, (edited )

    You claim that the USSR was a dictatorship with socialist aesthetics.

    Also, no, no bourgeois democracy is or was as democratic as the USSR. Look up dictatorship of the bourgeoisie vs dictatorship of the proletariat.


    Dictatorship of the proletariat as Marx wrote has never been achieved and arguably(Depending on how naive you believe Lenin was) has never even been worked towards. MLs bastardization of that in the form of a vanguard party is just a different dictatorship of the bourgeoisie as it creates a ruling class.


    MLs bastardization of that in the form of a vanguard party is just a different dictatorship of the bourgeoisie as it creates a ruling class.

    Have you read marxist theory? What have you read? This comes off as grossly misinformed.


    And I assume by “dictatorial regimes” you mean any actually existing socialist country, right?


    No, I do not. I made it clear multiple times that dictatorships with socialist aesthetics aren’t socialist in any other way.

    @ProfessorOwl_PhD@hexbear.net avatar

    Sure, but the evil potato chips are still Cuba, China, Vietnam etc, right?


    Literally every one of our anarchist users have been called tankies, lmao


    Based on your answer, I’ve discovered what tankie means: Tankie = Marxist.

    Successful Marxist movement results in a dictatorship of the proletariat. Dictator = tankie.

    Hence tankie is a term used to describe any Marxist.

    Thanks for contributing to this scientific breakthrough!


    Russia and China were never Marxist.


    Have you read any marx?


    Nah, first premise is false in more than one way. You are conflating the ideology Stalin made with Marxism.

    The second error is that there has never been a dictatorship of the proletariat, every time it has been a political party that seizes power for themselves and not the workers. In doing so they become the ruling class with differing class interests than the workers.

    Marx must be rotating in his grave with the speed to power the whole globe at this point.


    the ideology Stalin made

    I would say Lenin was more instrumental in the creation of Marxism-Leninism, Stalin was just the guy who happened to be in charge when they named it. It’s also a tendency that has evolved a lot from what it was in the 40s.


    You mean the guy in charge after the death of Lenin? Who Lenin warned against?


    I mean the guy who had the support of 99% of the communists, yes.

    MF_COOM, (edited )


    What my society looks like when a party seizes power for themselves and not the workers

    (Source: Thomas Piketty’s World Inequality Report 2022, for fun maybe try poking around and finding a non socialist state with any comparable inversion of income inequality.)


    Do you believe capitalism is good because it helped some people? The whole point of socialism is to put the means of production into the hands of the workers and not a vanguard party. Yea, the USSR did quite a lot of imperialism which it used to reduce income inequality of the Russian people but it was never socialist.


    Do you know what imperialism means


    Yes, the USSR annexing it’s neighbours and then exporting their resources and people was very much imperialism.


    Read this book to stop seeming so silly.


    Also the non Russian SSRs voted to keep the soviet union around at higher rates than the Russians.


    Yeah, clearly the Soviet, Chinese and Cuban workers had completely different interests than being raised out of poverty and squalor. Damn those dastardly political parties and their… diligent work towards eradictaing poverty while promoting actual, decentralized democracy.


    Well, Cubans still live in pretty close proximity to squalor. They can’t even afford to maintain their own buildings, don’t have a functional transportation system, and people live on what, $20 a month? The one saving grace is out there health care system is decent. And by that, I mean much more equitable than in the United States.


    Theyre also a small island nation which has survived 60 years of brutal siege and sabotage by the imperial core 70 miles away.

    @Ram_The_Manparts@hexbear.net avatar

    Do you think that US actions against Cuba such as sanctions and blockades is part of the reason Cuba is a poor country?

    And if yes, to what extent?


    You didn’t do the reading :(. Dictatorship of the proletariat is a concept Marx and Engles adopted. Stalin didn’t create it.

    I don’t know what you think the proletariat taking control of the state is suppose to look like, but there will always be a communist party involved. The mechanisms of power exist to be ruled by a party.

    Communist parties should be judged by what they do for their poorest citizens. With that in mind, AES countries are doing a decent job. Things get better when they are in power, and get way worse if they are overthrown


    You’re wrong, what Marx talked about was the whole class of workers being in power. Stalin perverted that idea to a vanguard party. Stalin’s system has always resulted in a ruling class composed of a class that was no longer the proletariat (if they even were to begin with). That system is not socialist, it is in fact no better than a capitalist system, as the hierarchies at work are equally unjust.


    State capitalism with an authoritarian regime, if you will.


    Have fun worshipping the machinery of enslavement and death. As it crushes you, I hope it comforts you knowing at least you weren’t a tankie.


    This has made my Lemmy experience considerably better



    How do you do instance-based filtering (other than starting your own instance and defederating)? This is something I’ve been looking for.


    We can smell liberal lies from a mile away


    Why the fuck do both authoritarian sides use “liberal” as an insult?

    It’s because they both think the common man should be submissive or forced to submit to their brand of authoritarianism.


    Seems like all shit opinions come from chuds on lemmygrad

    I wonder why


    I really wonder if they’re CCP sympathizers using VPNs to bypass the Great Firewall, just to bitch about “Western Authoritarianism” lmao.


    No they’re just idiots


    How did i end up in memecirclejerk?


    Alas, poor Vuranitute! I knew him, Horatio (before the tankies bombarded him with their “well, ackchuyually”)


    It really is oppression to get responded to.

    @ElChapoDeChapo@hexbear.net avatar

    If you hate facts so much, no one’s forcing you to read our posts


    Lemmy users: yes socialism is good

    Everyone else points to a country where it failed

    Lemmy users: that wasn’t real socialism


    you’re right ;)


    Yeah, I lived in Venezuela for 30 years, experienced the democratic Republic and the authoritarian regime of Chavez/Maduro


    9/10 times a proper attempt at socialism or communism was made, imperial powers intervened and corrupted it.


    Here’s a tip: Git gud


    Moving the goal post from “it’s not real socialism” to “it was the imperial powers that intervened”

    It’s always something else ;)


    it’s not moving the goal post but okay my man. show me a time when capitalism worked well and wasn’t corrupted.

    it’s all broke so whatever.


    Now changing the subject




    define fascism


    Cheering on the genocide committed against ukraine for example


    Misuse of the term genocide is considered soft-holocaust denial.


    Per Wikipedia:

    Fascism is a far-right, authoritarian, ultranationalist political ideology and movement, characterized by a dictatorial leader, centralized autocracy, militarism, forcible suppression of opposition, belief in a natural social hierarchy, subordination of individual interests for the perceived good of the nation and race, and strong regimentation of society and the economy.

    I don’t know why you went with something that individual internet neckbeards do.


    Literally no such thing. The Holodomor is a fiction created by Nazi propagandists to paint the failures of Soviet agricultural policy in dealing with a famine as a deliberate attempt to exterminate Ukranians.

    Important to note, this was merely the latest in a long series of famines which had historically plagued this part of eastern Europe. It was also the last.


    For more detail, look up the hearst press holodomor controversy


    Much appreciated. I could do with more specificity the next time I have to make this argument lol

    @AOCapitulator@hexbear.net avatar

    war=genocide now

    So the Us did a Genocide in

    Lybia Cambodia Iran Iraq Afghanistan Nazi Germany Japan The United States

    to name a few

    Do you seriously not see how degranged it is to change the definitions of words based on vibes to try to win an argument online?

    Fuck ooooooff

    @ElChapoDeChapo@hexbear.net avatar

    You’re the one doing holocaust denial by crying crocodile tears over nazis



    not a genocide by any reasonable definition of genocide, and calling non-genocide things “genocide” dilutes the term in a way that is beneficial to nazis.

    none of us cheer the invasion, we shit on boris johnson for sabotaging peace talks you dolt.

    @JusticeForPorygon@lemmy.world avatar

    Man this comment section is a treat.


    could use some sort by controversial ability right now

    @JusticeForPorygon@lemmy.world avatar

    Don’t even need it, upvotes aren’t frequent enough here to sort out the good from the bad.

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