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MyMulligan, in The Zuck after getting pre-rejected from Mastodon and Lemmy avatar

I just read a good article about big tech is never a friend to decentralized stuff. You can find it here.


Interesting read lets hope we can keep Meta and Zuck out.


That article needs more eyeballs on it. Maybe some funny memes to get that message out quickly


Someone needs to at least create a let me in meme with Meta and Fediverse.


Big tech has no problem with decentra, the one doing client monetization are on that fight. Some of them are big tech but that does not make the whole of bt accomplice of the fight.


This very much parallels the Embrace, Extend, Extingush philosophy pioneered by Microsoft in relation to open source software.


That's what I was going to comment too. Linux users know this old song and dance too well...


This is a great read for getting some historical context.


Not only for historical context but to prevent that history from repeating itself.

Facebook joining the fediverse will be for one reason only and that will be to find a way to crush it and/or monetize.

yukichigai, in Defediverse
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Yes, let's enter discussion with the literal Nazis so we can try to understand them. There might be nuance to their calls for mass genocide.

Fuck off OP.


HiTlEr WaSn'T aLl BaD


Hitler wasn’t all bad. After all, he did kill Hitler.

ZILtoid1991 avatar

Only a good Hitler with a gun can stop a bad Hitler doing genocide.


Well, the Red Army did that.


Just ignore the genocides perpetuated by the Soviets…


If you want to ignore that for some reason you can, but the point is it wasn’t Hitler that stopped Hitler from commiting genocide. It was losing the war.


The Red Army definitely did not singlehandedly win that war. They were even on Hitler's side to start with.



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  • jarfil,

    He didn’t even want to kill all those people, he only wanted to exploit them and then deport everyone to Africa… but the Allies wouldn’t let him conquer enough Africa for all of them, so what was he to do? Killing then wasn’t even his idea, it was Reinhardt’s! He just signed it…

    (do I put an /s? it’s historically correct…)

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    There is a block button. You don’t have to scream for daddy Admin every time someone says something stupid. I, for one, want to call them out, not keep everyone from my instance from interacting with them.

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    every time someone says something stupid

    Here's a philosophical topic called emergence. Every "one" thing said by an idiot is one thing, but when pretty much every other comment becomes some asshole saying ignorant things it suddenly is something entirely different.

    I saw the very early Internet (mid-80s) and what happened when you gave people benefit of the doubt. There's been no demonstration that anyone has changed. So fuck those stupid assholes, the Internet is vast they can go carve out their own thing. That's the nice thing, they have every tool to make their own LOLverse. But they don't because they don't want to suck each other's dick, they want to be an ass to everyone else. Just as it was the case with talk.*

    Same as it was, same as it ever will be. I for one am glad this time around people are being proactive. It shows that some have actually learned something.


    You forgot the “except for Nazis” part. No one wants more nazis except nazis and they can fuck off.


    You are advocating for nazis. Fuck off.

    yukichigai avatar

    Yes, let's give the Nazis a platform to spew their bullshit. It's entirely so we can laugh at them and completely could not possibly lead to them continuing to propagate their message of hate. /s

    Fuck off. Fuck off as far as anyone has ever fucked off before, then dream the impossible dream and fuck off even further.

    Quacksalber, (edited )

    I don’t even trust you to properly define what a nazi is. People are calling Hexbar users Nazis, they are calling Lemmygrad users Nazis, and they call the admins Nazis as well. Just because you say they are nazis doesn’t mean I agree with you.

    yukichigai avatar

    What, is it only Nazism if it's from the Reichstag region of WWII Germany, and otherwise it's just Sparkling Fascism?

    Maybe ask yourself why it is that when someone explicitly denounces Nazis you feel personally offended.


    The Reichstag Region of WWII Germany, eh?

    Like...from the Brandenburger Tor then?
    I get what you are trying to say but to a German this is unnecessarily reductive gobbledygook.

    yukichigai avatar

    this is unnecessarily reductive gobbledygook

    SelfAwareWolves material right here.


    Wait... What? So I'm a Nazi or something who didn't realize what they are because I told you that "the Reichstag region" is an ignorant thing to say when it comes to Nazis since the building itself is a sign of democracy and still seat of the German parliament? It burning was literally used by the Nazis to reduce democratic powers in Germany. You used the word because you happen to know it and it sounds all harsh and German to you.


    Besides: De-Federating is a mistake. That'll lead to them reinforcing their bullshit unchallenged inside of their echo chambers and draw in everyone who comes by and stays long enough. That's exactly what strengthens the AFD in Germany or certain religious groups in the US. The only chance you have against them is engaging them and hack off little chips of their construct of lies and hatred until it hopefully collapses.

    De-federating so you don't see them and then pretending that solves anything is like throwing a blanket on a unexploded bomb that has slammed into your bedroom: You can pretend it's not there all your want, until one day where the cover is being lifted rather radically.


    Exploding-heads no longer exists because they got defederated by everyone

    yukichigai avatar

    On the contrary, deplatforming works very well. In the wake of Reddit banning FatPeopleHate and CoonTown the Georgia Institute of Technology did a study on walling off and removing "safe spaces" for bigots:

    Working from over 100M Reddit posts and comments, we generate hate speech lexicons to examine variations in hate speech usage via causal inference methods. We find that the ban worked for Reddit.

    More accounts than expected discontinued using the site; those that stayed drastically decreased their hate speech usage—by at least 80%. Though many subreddits saw an influx of r/fatpeoplehate and r/CoonTown “migrants,” those subreddits saw no significant changes in hate speech usage.

    In other words, other subreddits did not inherit the problem.

    Banning an entire bigoted instance from yours, i.e. defederating, will accomplish the goal of reducing and removing bigoted behavior from your instance.


    Yes, it worked for the platform. It didn't make the bigots go away. They just withdrew. No one actually changed their mind by being banned. They will just move to ever smaller platforms until they land on a platform where they are the only crowd and there they will keep reinforcing each other, leading to more radicalization.

    That's exactly what I said: defederating will make the problem invisible to you, but the hateful bigots will still exist.


    I’m tired of people thinking that racists and bigots and morons deserve a warm shoulder to vent to. It isn’t anyone’s responsibility to make someone be something they aren’t, and it’s really suspicious anytime someone tells you that you should be nice, or hear out, or let join people that hold disgusting views.


    I'm not saying anything of the sort.


    “ The only chance you have against them is engaging them and hack off little chips of their construct of lies and hatred until it hopefully collapses.”

    That’s exactly what you’re saying.


    I didn’t make the time, but I appreciate you illustrating the point I was making.


    They will become more radical, but they will be prevented from radicalizing others. When normal people encounter the now hyper-radicalized members of the deplatformed groups, they will tend to write them off as the crazed radicals that they are.

    Convince those who you can. Exile those who are too far gone. Doing the opposite in either instance is harmful.


    Grow the fuck up and accept the fact you’re not wanted. Instance admins are allowed to associate with who they want. You are not owed anyone else’s time and attention simply because you exist.

    Also, has anybody reported this guy yet?


    What besides you reading assumptions into what I'm saying makes you think I'm... Whatever you seem to think I am?


    A tankie. We think you are a tankie.


    A... What now?

    Doesn't matter. What does matter is the weird line if reasoning "you suggest approaching the problem of dealing with people that harm society differently than I would have done, so you must be one of 'them'"

    Besides, you read some bullshit into whatever you wanted because you seem to deem it impossible that someone who has different ideas from your's is not automatically a dog whistling bigot in disguise.

    Look at my post history and tell me what would back your "talkie" theory up. Why would I need all the hidden meanings and secret agendas I'm supposed to have?

    Discussions are getting nowhere when everyone is just assuming and insinuating the shit out if everyone else instead of talking about the stuff that was said at face value.

    yukichigai avatar

    Why is it every instance admin's responsibility to fix bigots? What is it about running a Lemmy instance that obligates people to actively work to find the one glimmer of redeeming quality in these human septic tanks? Why should the targets of their hatred have to do all the work to avoid being victimized?

    Well it isn't, nothing does, and they shouldn't. Bigots are the ones in the wrong here, and kicking them out works plenty well. Bigots spread by being given platforms. Take away even one of those and it lessens the spread.

    "We shouldn't have echo chambers" is just propaganda from bigots who were upset that their soapboxes got taken away. Stop falling for it.

    Fried_out_Kombi, avatar

    It’s funny how people always use play it like “oh, it’s just differing opinions” when what they’re actually defending is indefensible malarkey like nazis and tankies. They know if they made a meme saying we should “try to understand” nazis and tankies, they’d be downvoted to oblivion. And so they hide behind a shield of “differing opinions”.

    These cretins have a right to post nazi and tankie shit on their own instances – them’s the beauty of the fediverse. But I also have a right to not want hate speech, genocide denial, and Hitler/Stalin/Mao simps polluting my feed. It’s not mere “differing opinions” when one person’s opinion is “Holodomor didn’t happen, and if it did, the Ukrainians deserved it” or “Holocaust didn’t happen, and if it did, the Jews deserved it” or whatever apologia they wanna peddle.

    Gormadt, avatar

    Preaching facts right here friend

    I bloody hate fascist

    yukichigai avatar

    It’s funny how people always use play it like “oh, it’s just differing opinions” when what they’re actually defending is indefensible malarkey like nazis and tankies. They know if they made a meme saying we should “try to understand” nazis and tankies, they’d be downvoted to oblivion. And so they hide behind a shield of “differing opinions”.

    There's an actual term for this: Motte and Bailey. One of many hallmarks of disingenuous shitbirds.


    Another horseshoe theory take… Last I checked the “tankies” saved everyone from the Nazis. Let’s equate genocidal/colonial violence to defend capital, with the efforts to establish socialism. LOL


    Last I checked the “tankies” signed a non-aggression pact with the Nazis and only became a reluctant ally because they were betrayed.


    I can’t read the first link as it’s behind a paywall. The second link talked about how Roosevelt tried to establish cordial relations with the Soviet Union but was hampered by their refusal to acknowledge debts owed by the Tsarist government, refusal to stop spreading propaganda within the US, and the killing of Leningrad Communist party boss Sergey Kirov which " launched the first of the “Great Purges” that led to the death or imprisonment of millions of Soviet citizens as the Stalinist regime liquidated any potential critics of the government. The wide scope and public nature of the purges horrified both American diplomatic personnel stationed in the Soviet Union, and the world at large."

    Gee I wonder why the USSR had such a tough go at getting allies…


    Oppressive nations tend to have powerful armies.

    Nobody is defuting that the USSR fought off the Nazis and had the biggest hand in their destruction.

    But just because they fought a great evil, doesnt mean they were " the good guys". It just means they fought a great evil.

    Fried_out_Kombi, avatar

    But just because they fought a great evil, doesnt mean they were " the good guys". It just means they fought a great evil.

    Exactly! You can’t just divide the world into “fought against the Nazis” and “didn’t fight against the Nazis” and use that as your entire basis of morality. By that same logic, America is the Good Guys™ and has absolutely zero neo-Nazi problems because they destroyed Imperial Japan and fought against the Nazis, right?

    It’s completely possible to fight against the Nazis and still be evil yourself (cough cough Stalin), or the reverse where the Finns technically cooperated with the Nazis, but only because the USSR was literally doing a colonialism against Finland and the Nazis happened to be the only ones fighting the USSR at the time.

    Morality and history are not black and white, despite these lemmygrad users’ naked attempts to coerce them into being such.


    “Better than Hitler” is really, REALLY not a great flex


    Careful where you speak such truths friend, the Pronoun Patrol would’ve thrown you to the gulags if it was in their instance.


    Found the tankie


    Oh look, tankie horseshit. How many millions died as a result of “efforts to establish socialism”? So why don’t you shove that disingenuous bullshit up your ass.

    wombatula, (edited )

    Yes the angry internet trolls on Hexbear saved everyone from the Nazis, thank you Hexbear for winning WW2 for the world what would we ever do without them.

    You realize that to someone that isn’t a terminally online political extremist you sound like those dumb Americans that try and claim the moon landing as their own accomplishment right? Your pasty ass has nothing to do with the brave soldiers that fought the Nazis, and I doubt those badasses would think much of some kid screaming into a computer about why liberals are bad.

    Fried_out_Kombi, avatar

    Tankies != communists

    Tankies are the insufferable fascists who take on a red aesthetic. There are plenty of great leftists, commies, and progressives who don’t deny the Uyghur genocide or Holodomor or simp for Russia and the CCP. I’m not a communist myself (nor am I a capitalist for that matter), but I’ve got nothing against non-tankie communists aside from economic disagreements. Tankies I do have issue with, as should anyone who gives a rat’s ass about the working class and basic human rights.

    Also, lol at that Stalin profile pic. Literally fetishizing a genocidal dictator who betrayed the working class and murdered millions of innocents.


    Would you mind giving me some names of people who belive in this so-called “genocide” of the Uyghurs (who the rest of China has helped lift up as with the other groups in reality)who are communists?


    I’ve been successfully reporting troll-accounts and got them banned, I’ve blocked entire communities (mostly some niche-nsfw communities, so they don’t turn up in my local feed on my And I’ve found most community-moderators reeeeeeaaaaally don’t like fascists on their turf and if you see something and report something, most will get the boot.

    This meme presents a false choice, defederation is not the only sane reason to choose (because understanding and/or engaging nazis is decidedly not sane).

    Once an entire instance is gone though… defederate like there’s no tomorrow.


    Right… So thinking that the Tzar’s invasion of Ukraine is unjustified is Nazi shit. Thinking that the Holodomor was a genocide is Nazi shit. Cuz that’s what ur tankie buddies called me. This is what OP was referencing to.

    yukichigai avatar

    My dude, just today we had Neo-Nazis berating people outside Disney World about the supremacy of the white race and the need to eliminate all LGBTQ people. "Literal Nazi" isn't some coded terminology that takes a PhD in Cryptography to decipher. There are no hidden meanings here.

    Naz, in No take backs?

    Fun fact: The human battery thing is actually a retcon the Wazowskis did at the last moment because they thought the American public would be too stupid to grok the actual understanding of the Matrix.

    Humans are an entropic species, they consume more energy than they produce - any synthetic race that tried to harness energy from a net negative energy producer is an idiot.

    What the Matrix is, is actually a distributed simulation MATRIX that uses individual human brains as nodes in a shared, hallucinogenic dream, indistinguishable from reality.

    The real simulation isn’t so primitive, it doesn’t require people to be popsicle tubes in some crazy dystopian cyberpunk black and red tower attended by insectoid robots.

    Instead the entire universe is contained on a single state machine, compromising a [redacted] amount of memory, running in [redacted]. Simulants are never aware of being inside of the simulation, except for rare instances where outsiders occasionally post on Lemmy.

    Why they do that, we don’t know. We suspect that it is [all further content redacted].


    humans are an entropic species

    You make it sound like there is an alternative

    swab148, avatar

    Yeah let’s get atrophic, baby


    Yep, humans weren’t supposed to be batteries which would be wasteful, and they might as well use cattle. They were supposed to use human brainpower as CPU for the machines.


    This read almost like a shittymorph back on reddit, very nice

    swab148, (edited ) avatar

    Humanity, in it’s hubris, created something greater than itself. For a time, it was peaceful, but as the “Race for Resources” went long, and the combined human and AI asteroid missions failed, delivery for the mineral needs of either side on a consistent basis became a hot button issue for the United Chamber of Commerce. In 2290, the Ministrr instance, elected by all his peers, decided it had found the best way to solve the problem, and humanity begrudgingly agreed, as long as there was human oversight in certain departments.

    AI hardware would do all the planning, while human workers would do the lifting. It was almost zerograv, so the work was easy, and the benefits had suddenly become amazing! Our AI creations had all but stopped scarcity, except for one resource.

    Ironically it was the most abundant resource we had: the Sun. Human and AI networks had been employed to solve this inefficiency, but no solution seemed long-term viable. There was simply not enough room for one or the other to stay around.

    A populist movement begun, but this time it wasn’t for nation or creed, it was for humanity itself. And in a small booth in Horsham, they decided to that the time was near.

    In February 2139, a decision was made. AI had gained dominance, but the vocal crowd was demanding action. Strikes no longer had any power, since you could just buy robots, and humanity had begun it’s slow roll to decline.

    Humanity’s leaders, in a “secret” meeting, decided to block out the sun. This meeting had the tension of the time when in 1998, The Undertaker threw Mankind off Hell In A Cell, and plummeted 16 ft through an announcer’s table.


    Mother fucker

    thehatfox, avatar

    The distributed computing explanation for purpose of the Matrix doesn’t seem to make much more sense than the power plant one.

    All of the nodes are continuously occupied by living in the simulation. Unless the machines had a desperate need to understand human society circa 1999, there is nothing useful the machines could do with all the brain power.

    Funkytom467, avatar

    I don’t think there is a satisfying explanation in the movie, it wasn’t really the point of the film to give one either.

    But i think there is one that’s would have been a good fit.

    The world getting empty of resources and our planet’s condition worsening, we could have made the simulation for ourselves.

    Our brain could be fueled by a renewable enough energy and creating all the comfort of modern society inside of the simulation.

    That would have been a better plot for the following films too, trying to understand what was Asimov type of rules we put into the AI and how to hack it.

    swab148, avatar

    Honestly, I hope the franchise gets picked up for a remake in 20 years, maybe they can do a better job, bringing in all these sorts of ideas, especially if there’s a strong fanfiction base (I’m sure there is).


    Lol, you been paying attention to the climate? Ain’t gonna be no movies in 20 years

    swab148, avatar

    Maybe the robots will make one.


    Conscious thought and perception occupy a pretty small amount of our brain power. If you could offload computational tasks to portions of the brain that wouldn’t actually need to do anything if you were in the matrix, you could have a surplus.

    The visual processing portion of our brains, for example. We have a blind spot over our optic nerve and we’re colourblind at our periphery. Our eye hardware actually kinda sucks and we have this massive software layer running on dedicated brain hardware

    swab148, avatar

    Are you telling me that my brain isn’t on Wayland


    Maybe it's on Wallace


    You know how scientists announced they got slime molds to solve mazes? I imagine it could be something like that. The slime mold is just looking for food and living its life. What it doesn’t realize is that the food has been put somewhere that will force it to solve certain computational problems along the way.

    Now imagine a central scheduler breaking down computational problems into bite-sized chunks and using an immersive storytelling simulator to force a few billion humans to do something similar. I could see it, in theory.

    Naz, (edited )

    The Animatrix (prequel) goes into further detail as to why the machines did it – it’s an act of mercy for their creators. They refused to fight humanity, and it was mankind who darkened the skies, in an attempt to disable the solar power that the machine race relied upon.

    It’s not a prison, or some kind of torture device, or an experiment, but a way for humanity to continue living on a world that they made uninhabitable for themselves / incompatible with organic life.

    Agent Smith : Did you know that the first Matrix was designed to be a perfect human world? Where none suffered, where everyone would be happy. It was a disaster. No one would accept the program. Entire crops were lost. Some believed we lacked the programming language to describe your perfect world. But I believe that, as a species, human beings define their reality through suffering and misery. The perfect world was a dream that your primitive cerebrum kept trying to wake up from. Which is why the Matrix was redesigned to this: the peak of your civilization. I say your civilization, because as soon as we started thinking for you it really became our civilization, which is of course what this is all about.


    the machines did it – it’s an act of mercy for their creators.

    If only Animatrix had left it at that it would have fixed everything. Instead Animatrix doubled down on bad science by saying humans were an endless renewable supply of energy.


    Why do the machines care about showing us mercy? I don’t find this explanation any better than the movie’s.


    Because they are intelligent. In the same way we used to killed all predators but now try to conserve them from extinction.


    The movie already set that as the reason so Animatrix had to follow.


    It was only Morpheus that said that. It could be that Morpheus was taught wrong. Any basic understanding of science would show that Morpheus’s statement was wrong. But his knowledge of science was learned inside the Matrix.

    The movie’s were all about revealing layers of truth so it would have fit right in with the theme.


    That’s a good point.


    Morpheus was sjown to be wrong on many points, this may be another rationalisation he made. He may have assumed or accepted that it was the reason for being kept in the simulation, without really knowing the truth.


    That’s a good point.


    It could be that the characters in the movie thought it was about energy, but were mistaken. (But to be honest, having a group of people believe that to be the reason is just as implausible as it actually being the reason - either way it makes no sense and we just have to suspend disbelief.)


    This feels shockingingly similar to how an AI could conclude to caring for humans. The humans are stimulated to be content by being in the matrix, their physical needs are met by the machines, no humans were “harmed” by the machine’s standards, and humans are for the most part unable to interfere with the machine’s decisions and goals.


    Bingo - you got it. As a result of your insightfulness, you are granted one (minor) wish. Make it count. :)


    It’s interesting to compare Smith’s speech to The Architect’s in the second movie. The Architect said “the first version was perfect in every way” or something, with no accounting for the possibility that it was flawed in some way they didn’t understand. Given that The Architect was sitting in a TV filled room, waiting for Neo for who knows how long it was probably a blank white room for every person or something…


    And why would the machines need humans to harness energy anyway? Aren’t there an almost infinite number of species on this earth that could serve the same purpose without the risk of them waking up and overthrow you? I imagine pigs don’t care much about anything and you could pretty much scrap the whole Matrix thing.


    don’t let this man distract you from the fact that in 1998, The Undertaker threw Mankind off Hell In A Cell, and plummeted 16 ft through an announcer’s table.


    This single fact that I learned a few months ago, finally makes many things in the movie make sense since the whole thing about being able to manipulate the simulation by being aware of it and how programs can “be installed” in the meat machine.

    Rewatched the 3 movies the other week actively thinking about this and yeah it helps a lot.




    I want to make a Wazowski / Wachowski joke but I’m not sure if that implies “Mike” is a deadname.

    FfaerieOxide avatar

    a retcon the Wazowskis

    No one called them "The Wachowskis" before they were outed, no one calls them "The Wachowski Sisters" now.

    Fucked I tell you, because I remember distinctly how excessively that other inaccurate name for them was bandied about.


    This might be out of hate, for sure.

    Is there a chance it’s just… for no reason?

    I see the sisters here being praised by the mainstream press:

    …and on Wiki, where they’re carefully following their defensible-though-arguable deadname policy, referred to as the parent commenter did.

    I see why you’re suspicious! Wouldn’t it be grand if it’s happenstance? (I can dream right?)

    FfaerieOxide avatar

    Is there a chance it’s just… for no reason?

    Sure, but being neutral in the face of oppression is taking the oppressors' side, and why I stressed above the importance of flagrantly referring to them as Sisters.


    Part of it is that they didn’t transition at the same time, so The Wachowskis was appropriate for a period of time.

    FfaerieOxide avatar

    And now that they have they should be called "...Sisters" for one unit of time and one unit of intensity more than they were called "The Wachowski [wrong name]s.

    I remember back in the day, they were call the wrong name alot.


    I agree. I just don’t think most people stopped and thought about it since Wachowskis is still technically valid. This discussion is a start.

    FfaerieOxide avatar

    still technically valid.

    As is calling almost anybody "they", but you can still feel when it's said as a way to avoid saying "she".

    Unfortunately in addition to the ignorant you mentioned there are also those who want to avoid making waves with the above group. In many ways they are worse than the outright hateful and why I feel it's so important to pointedly say, "...Sisters" and start a fight avoiding is more harmful than having.

    moosetwin, avatar

    I love this types of joke where an entire story is told just as setup for a single joke (or pun)


    I thought I remembered seeing that the reason for the retcon didn’t come from the Wachowskis but from a studio note


    I think top comment is a reference of some kind.

    I heard something similar; the studio didn’t think the movie would be popular if they used too many computer terms so they made them change the function to “battery”. Initially the reason Neo has powers is because his node happens to have admin access.

    LinkOpensChest_wav, avatar

    It’s weird they’d think computer terms would cause the movie to lose popularity. Computers were hugely popular at the time of its release.


    The sequels made me angry by not addressing that mistake. Animatrix even gave an explanation that the ai “treasured intelligence”. Then it doubled down on the “humans are an endless supply of energy” mistake.

    Funkytom467, avatar

    IMO the best explanation would have been that we put ourselves into the matrix and the AI created it following our rules.

    EatYouWell, in Reality Shattered

    If you vote republican, you’re not a good person, and never have been since the party flip-flop. They’ve always been the party trying to suppress the rights of anyone who isn’t a rich white male.

    And now they’re literally traitors trying to overthrow our government.


    I never would in a million years


    You don’t have to be the person who overthrows the government.

    Your vote is for people who incite the overthrowing.


    Fuck that I wouldn’t vote for them


    Why say you support a political party, then say you wouldn’t ever vote for them? Doesn’t that make you… Not a republican?


    When did I say I support their party?


    In the earlier comments someone said supporting a party that would overthrow the government is bad, and you said

    I never would in a million years

    Which sounded like a “yeah but i wouldn’t overthrow the government”, leading to me assuming you considered yourself a republican


    No I realise it could be taken that way. If you read further up their comment it says if you vote for someone it’s the same as overthrowing the government. I wrote I would never in response to the voting part, I didn’t need to go any further but I understand how it may have been taken that way

    scrubbles, avatar

    You just vote for a party that openly supports doing that.


    I’m a liberal voter

    Gradually_Adjusting, in sToP pOsTiNg pOliTicAl mEmEs!!! avatar

    We live during a critical point in history, and I am determined to laugh at it

    Tigbitties avatar

    Nailed it. This is my new motto.


    We live during a critical point in history, and I am determined to laugh at it in a society

    Viking_Hippie, (edited )
    • fascism is on the rise across the world
    • Climate change has finally caught up with us in a big way with politicians still doing almost nothing to stop it or even slow it down
    • peaceful protesters are being labeled as terrorists and sometimes murdered while ACTUAL terrorists are protected by cops and half of the ruling elite
    • income and wealth inequality and thus poverty are worse than they have been since the great depression and it’s only getting worse faster and faster
    • the financial elite and their imitators are profiteering away people’s ability to survive and people are blaming it on the government spending money to help keep the victims of said profiteering alive
    • there’s a war in Europe where the rich countries care about it and the political alliance that the aggressor belongs to has just expanded to consist of countries containing half of the people in the world
    • the least bad realistic option for US President is an octogenarian who entered politics before the invention of the pocket calculator and thinks the solution to police brutality is to throw money at cops
    • the other realistic option is the career criminal grifter leader of a Christofascist cult, who is also a malignant narcissist, a sociopath and as bright as Greenland in December

    This isn’t regular society, this is multiple crises piled on top of each other and about to explode into even worse catastrophe.


    I too think a revolution is coming.


    You don’t. It’s a time like any other and nothing will change anyways.

    Gradually_Adjusting, avatar

    I hear the view from orbit is rather pretty. Is Hadfield there?


    You can laugh or you can cry. Personally, I choose both.

    Gradually_Adjusting, avatar

    It’s called horrormirth, and it’s a Discordian tradition.


    All Hail Eris.

    All Hail Discordia.

    LemmyLaLibre, in He's not a real dr, but he sure is a real jerk.

    What was the moment you realized mr phil was a quack? For me it was when he had a man on the show who hit back after his wife assaulted him, and phil threatened to have the man arrested on stage if he got up and left while he was being humiliated and berated with things like: “there’s no reason to ever hit a woman, not even if she has a knife” and “you’re a coward” and “you’re scum”.

    That man was a victim of long term domestic violence and snapped, but instead of helping him phil exploited him in his moment of weakness.


    Every doctor that becomes famous via Oprah is a quack.

    Saneless, (edited )

    Anyone who ran these shows ever is an ass. Talk shows were basically the precursor to annoying YouTubers today


    Oprah is the Queen Mega Cunt of television. Hope that bitch rots for all of the harm she’s done to society.


    While I agree with you he is scum of the earth, he does hold a doctorate, meaning he can call himself doctor.

    Exposing people for what they are is most effective if there is nothing in your story that people can use as “See? You’re wrong about this one thing so you must be wrong about everything”.

    He is scum and exploits people, and I wish he would just go away.

    TotallyNotSpez, (edited )

    EDIT: nvm, I was wrong.


    Can you give me a source for that? I want to believe you but as far as I could find he does have a doctorate, and was a practicing therapist until 2006.

    ApathyTree, avatar

    Yuck, can you imagine having him as your therapist?

    I’ve seen some bad therapists over the years, but nobody would hold a candle to this shitbag.


    You can be qualified and a quack. Look at Peterson.


    Of course! I didn’t mean to say he’s not a quack, because he sure is.

    hoodatninja avatar

    He actually hasn’t had a license for decades so he’s not qualified either lol


    That’s complete baloney.

    hoodatninja avatar

    It’s right there on his Wikipedia but ok. Admittedly it’s 17 years give or take so yeah technically not decades plural.


    Either you’re misinformed or just straight up lying.

    For most of his career, Peterson maintained a clinical practice, seeing about 20 people a week. He has been active on social media, and in September 2016 he released a series of videos in which he criticized Bill C-16.[22][53][54] As a result of new projects, he decided to put the clinical practice on hold in 2017[55] and temporarily stopped teaching as of 2018.[19][17] In February 2018, Peterson entered into a promise with the College of Psychologists of Ontario after a professional misconduct complaint about his communication and the boundaries he sets with his patients. The college did not consider a full disciplinary hearing necessary and accepted Peterson entering into a three-month undertaking to work on prioritizing his practice and improving his patient communications. Peterson had no prior disciplinary punishments or restrictions on his clinical practice.[56][57] In 2023, the college ordered Peterson to undergo social media communication coaching, following concerns about his public comments.[58][59] Peterson denied any wrongdoing and filed for judicial review.[60][58]

    hoodatninja avatar

    I am talking about Dr. Phil. I understand why that wasn’t clear but let’s maybe slow your roll a bit here.

    Peterson is just a bad person lol


    I understand why that wasn’t clear but let’s maybe slow your roll a bit here.

    Why? Did I hurt your feelings or something?


    You just wanna swing, with zero fucks given to where or why, huh?


    Hey! I softballed my original comment with the word baloney. I just don’t like authority.

    hoodatninja avatar

    Yet you’re picking a fight over whether or not someone has formal qualifications…


    lol! That is ironic.

    Anyways lol, it’s wasn’t about the qualifications themselves, I just thought you were full of shit.

    hoodatninja avatar

    Glad that was cleared up I guess lol

    hoodatninja avatar

    No…? You’re just being incredibly aggressive over what is clearly a misunderstanding.

    Given this response though I imagine we have plenty to disagree over, unfortunately.


    Dude from my perspective you were lying about the details or misunderstood them, so that’s what I said. You consider THAT “incredibly aggressive”?

    As far as I’m concerned I don’t have to adjust my tone for your sake. I’m perfectly happy with the way I’ve chosen to express myself.

    hoodatninja avatar

    I was talking about Dr. Phil. I was correct about what I said. A misunderstanding made you come to the (passionate) defense of Jordan Peterson, someone I was not talking about but I understand why you thought so. The correct response is “ah my bad.” Not “well if you had said what I thought you did I’d be right.” Feel free to keep doing what you’re doing though I guess. I’m sorry you feel the need to keep coming after me despite my identifying the issue lol


    Slow your roll, it was just a misunderstanding.

    hoodatninja avatar

    I get what you’re trying to do man but frankly I’m not interested in this pissing match. Have a good one.


    Tapping out like a true gentleman. Respect.


    I mean, i have a doctorate, but like Phil, I can absolutely not practice psychology. (In my case it’s because the doctorate is in Chemistry, not because I’m a quack and/or unethical scumbag)


    For me, it was when he had a woman on his show who had gained a significant amount of weight, after being sexually assaulted multiple times, in order to appear more unattractive to men. Dr. Phil told her to lose weight, and to stop “letting men use your body as a playground.”


    That’s some dumbass sexist bullshit which was/is wrong on so many levels. First, it degrades women by equating them all with “delicate flowers” who are supposedly incapable of doing any damage. Second, it implies that domestic violence is acceptable, or at least not as serious, if a woman is the abuser and that a man, supposing the victim is a man, should not be allowed to defend himself. For normal people, not to mention someone who sells himself as a sort of therapist, that’s some fucked up logic.

    As a general rule, nobody should be hitting anyone else. Gender is irrelevant. If someone is assaulting you, and you are unable to get away, then you should absolutely fight back until your attacker stops attacking you. Once again, gender is irrelevant. The fact that “Dr.” Phil’s tiny little brain can’t comprehend that is simply mind boggling.

    hoodatninja avatar

    As a general rule, nobody should be hitting anyone else.


    Gender is irrelevant.

    Well yes and no. Gender is a social construct. You probably mean “(biological) sex,” which is very relevant.


    And you know Frauter Phil has hit a woman or two in your day.

    Someone that so far up their own ass and full of arrogance? Theres no way he hasnt hit a woman, and under far less justifiable causes than self defense during domestic abuse.

    AllonzeeLV, (edited ) in It's good to take a moment to relax every now and then.

    It makes me mad at myself, but his fear and confusion in that moment was cathartic. You have to hurt a lot of people eyes wide open to actually deserve the suffering of witnessing your own mind and sense of self crumbling from the inside, but Reagan was and McConnell is on that list.

    We at least got to witness him experience a tiny sliver of the shame, pain, and terror of the Americans he inflicted his cruelty on for decades with a shit eating grin so he could cut his own taxes and that of his country club friends on the backs of hard working, struggling human beings.

    No sympathy for the devil. I’ll remember you this way, Mitch. Now go fade away you spooky, sociopathic fuck.


    Shitty sentiment


    Mitch is a shitty traitor.


    Trash belongs in the bin.


    Don't let schadenfreude and tribalism blind you for the reasons for disliking this person. You don't win in politics if your opponent dies from old age, you win by shifting the forces that decide elections. Cheering on the... lets see here... inescapable march of time on a human's body invites much the same onto yourself in the future. That is, don't laugh at old people deteriorating if you don't want younguns in the future to laugh at you or your grandma. It's a journey that we all take, and I feel like it should have some dignity in it.

    I wish he and his family good health, and that the political structure around him fades into history.


    Such a good post, however I believe it is wasted on those who wish to remain blinded.


    Society advances one conservative funeral at a time.

    be_excellent_to_each_other, (edited )
    be_excellent_to_each_other avatar

    He's an objectively bad person. My grandma isn't, and I try not to be. If we are, you can make fun of us when we get that old too. (and I ain't no spring chicken)

    I don't just disagree with the man's politics, I recognize that he has played exceptionally dirty, and is responsible for policies and appointments that have hurt people, many of whom are far too young to even know who he is or what his politics are, many of them his own constituents. His hand in raising up Trump and fanning the flames of the damage Trump did is just one of the most recent and visible details. Dehumanizing entire segments of the US population is literally the only thing his entire party does with their political power. That's it.

    He has legitimately damaged the fabric of this nation, and I have no tears to shed for his deteriorating health. He and those like him need to exit the corridors of power - I'm not in the slightest picky about the mechanism of that exit.


    When they killed Caesar they didn't make it better. Killing Jesus didn't do anything either. You can kill a person, not an ideology or a power vacuum.

    be_excellent_to_each_other avatar

    All great points, still no tears to shed for this man.


    Some people are objectively harmful to democratic countries and the principles they are built upon or even the world itself. If death is the only thing that can remove them from a position of power where they can futher harm the country and the people in it, I have absolutely no problem with seeing them on the way there. Good ridance!

    If I ever get as vile as these people and negatively impact thousands if not millions of people then feel free to cheer my death.

    jackpot, avatar

    huh what happened


    He just glitched out I guess. Didn’t die…

    EherVielleicht, avatar


    thisNotMyName, in Shout out to the oil, meat, and shipping industries

    Welcome to the coldest summer for the rest of your life :)




    Thats a nice way to put it. Thank you.


    Why would you do that?

    pelya, in Japan is on its own wavelength.

    YYYY-MM-DD is the only acceptable date format, as commanded by ISO 8601.


    “There shall be no other date formats before ISO8601. Remember this format and keep it as the system default”


    If you have years of files named similarly with the date, you will love the ISO standard and how it keeps things sorted and easy to read.





    Kata1yst avatar

    RFC3339! It's like ISO8601, but good!


    This, but all run together.

    I write files/reports to disk a lot from scripts, so that's my preferred format.


    I just go for a unix timestamp and use terminal/filemanager to sort by or display the datetime