SteamDeck Refresh Rate Unlocker - Unlock the display panel to use up to 70Hz refresh rate! (

I want to share an awesome tool called SteamDeck Refresh Rate Unlocker that I recently discovered. This script offers the ability to unlock the refresh rate of your Steam Deck's display, extending beyond the default range of 40Hz to 60Hz. With this tool, you can now achieve a maximum refresh rate of 70Hz, and even lower rates...

A small FAQ to hopefully help new users to kbin - kbinMeta - Kilioa Kbin (

I wanted to post this here since I want to help as much as I can in my own way to people coming here for the first time. I hope it is useful and helpful! I tried to assume low knowledge with the Fediverse in my responses which I collected here from a different post and assembled into a single article....

/kbin logotype

Fixing new desktop Steam UI

As I'm not a fan of the new Steam UI, I added the -vgui launch parameter to Steam on my laptop to revert the UI to how it was before. As trying to do this on the Steam Deck in desktop mode told me I didn't have sufficient permissions, I tried it again after using Konsole to take ownership of the Steam shortcut, however even then...

Unreal Engine 5 is stable on Steam Deck (

Epic's Unreal Engine 5 is gaining prominence in current-gen gaming, renowned for advanced rendering tech like Lumen and Nanite. The question beacons. Can Unreal Engine 5 find a home on Valve's Steam Deck, a Linux-powered handheld device? Early 2024 reveals a range of UE5 titles on Steam Deck, such

Does anyone else hate playing games with no sound?

I see so many people talking about using their deck to play games while others are watching TV with their partners or whatever. But I just can’t do it. I hate not hearing the sound effects, music, voice acting when playing a game, and I tend to find myself not using the deck as often as I would like as a result....

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