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Yahaha! You found me!
I enjoy modding various electronics, particularly ones that have reached their EOL, breathing new life into them.

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The world is like a ride in an amusement park, and when you choose to go on it you think it's real because that's how powerful our minds are. Many people have been on the ride a long time, and they begin to wonder, "Hey, is this real, or is this just a ride?" And other people have remembered, and they come back to us and say, "Hey, don't worry; don't be afraid, ever, because this is just a ride." And we… kill those people.

It's just a ride.


It is my absolute pleasure.

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he/him 🏳️‍🌈🚹🚺

solve et coagula ⛓️🏏🖤🫦

spooky stuff 👻🪦🕸️💀🎃

🏴‍☠️ 🎮👾☕⌨️🎞️📷📚⚛️

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shitposter from the philippines and I despise politics

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Do not disassemble.



I like metal music, gaming (primarily fps and rpg), technology in general, good conversations, and enthusiastic individuality.

Fuck Steve Huffman.

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The #1 unofficial Steam Deck optimization website! We review and optimize games, curate news, and create guides relating to the Steam Deck. avatar


News + Spicy Opinions. One person mostly. Content creator of many forms. Support on Patreon: (official account) #Linux #LinuxGaming

Proper Personal on

This account will have a big mixture of content. If all you want is plain news, go to the website or use RSS. If you complain about what I post I will probably block you. avatar


Linux Gaming! We cover the PC Gaming world on Linux, whether it's on a regular PC or on the Steam Deck! We do Industry Trends Analyses, Hardware and Software Reviews, Interviews, Podcasts, and more... Find it all on avatar


Connoisseur. Raconteur. Globetrotter.
Linux aficionado. 🐧 FOSS evangelist. 🌱
May contain traces of nuts & the odd swear word.

•Opinions are my own•

#CyberSec #IT #HR #F1 #MMA #FOSS #Linux #E2EE #PGP #Meshtastic #LoRa #StandWithUkraine🌻

🦣 Joined 𝟵 𝗔𝗽𝗿 𝟮𝟬𝟭𝟴 (RIP

📍🇪🇺 | 🗣️ en,pt | ✔ provenb943a2


Fresh IT news from a variety of sources. Public service by @emanuel avatar


Founder & Editor-in-Chief @ Spends too much time in rabbit holes. avatar


Founder of MajorsHouse

LANFest Board member

Community Manager of Twitch Raleigh


Founder of MajorToot (

Admin of


Thoughts expressed here are my own!

Please support the MajorsHouse Network!



#Tech #Gaming #Streaming #Twitch #YouTube


AH. DevOps Engineer. I post about #Gaming, #SteamDeck, #Linux, #Anime, and #Tech in general.


Hallo, ich bin Kevin.
Ich spaziere ziemlich viel und leite gerne P&P Sessions.
Hier wird viel zu Indie-Spielen kommen. Und viel alltägliches.
Videospiele sind großartig. Videospiel-Soundtracks fast noch mehr.
Große Liebe für #Anime, #Manga, #Godzilla, #Videospiele, #Soundtracks, #IndieGames, #Vinyl, #Bücher, #Figuren avatar


I live in New York. I get paid to write about databases. I don’t get paid to write about other stuff, but I do it anyway.

Professional technical writer; Two-time nonprofit co-founder; Liker of coffee, cats, open web technologies, et cetera.

Co-admin of, and president of Five Borough Fedi Project, the nonprofit that owns it. My posts reflect my own thoughts and opinions, which are not necessarily those of FBFP.


PhD student in Peace Studies in Ireland. Love board games, painting miniatures, and video games. Foodie and Baker. Star Trek, Star Wars, LotR and the Hobbit.


SteamDeck, EVs, , home automation, photography, music, web dev avatar


🙋🏻‍♂️ I'm Alex, 38 years old
🧑🏻‍💻 I'm a senior #IT architect #Tech

🎮 I love #gaming, especially on #PC through #Linux (#LinuxGaming) and #VR

🍻 I'm also known as the innkeeper of the Gamer's Tavern, a #Peertube and #Owncast channel, where you'll find me playing various #VideoGames!

My personal account: avatar


hey, it’s me 💕 avatar


Blog about gamedev
🗃️ programming experience 21 years
🎮 game development 6 years
🧶 programmer Erra: Exordium
🎫 porting to the consoles
🛠️ unity, unreal engine

#gamedev #indiedev #videogames #programming #gamedesign

🏠🇺🇦 Ukraine, Kyiv avatar


Linux: a free computer operating system family.

Linux was created by a Finnish student, Linus Torvalds, stating in a typically humble manner of Finns that it "won't be anything big and professional".

Replace Windows with Linux & be surprised!

News, tips & buzz. Let's advance Linux usage in all areas.

#Linux OS's: Ubuntu / Pop!_OS / Fedora Linux / elementaryOS / Linux Mint... avatar


:linux: GNU/Linux enthusiast.
:amiga: Commodore Amiga fan. avatar


Used to work at Tesla and System76 as well as doodle about with homelabs. Figuring out life now.
Daily driving tux since 2018, project use since 2004.
(Posts deleted after a few months)
Message me here if you add me on Steam, as I usually need context for friend requests. avatar


gaming 🎮 • tech 🤖 • coding :blobcatcode: • FOSS • web dev • privacy 🔐 • Using Linux btw • kat3rian3r :eichkat3r: • allegedly called Mike • geek • nerd • cringe • shitposts • post prod • aviation • Voidling • Süßnudel • Ally 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️ • im kat3rknast • Yaseenist • tram-train-bisexual • Head of Yas Youth Group

Free Palestine, Ceasefire Now 🇵🇸 | Slava Ukraini 🇺🇦 | #AfDVerbotJetzt :neocat_fcknzs:

he/him;they/them, cis, $unsure | CEST | flex/vegetarian

Have a great time! :blobwizard:

#NoBridge #NoArchive avatar


Tech speaker, #DevRel @ #MastodonAPI, communities person 💗💜💙 accidental plotter artist. I do things with code, and tinker with gadgets #3DPrinting #MicroPython #PlotterArt #LEGO #BoardGames #DoctorWho … I’m an ambassador for, one-third of a weekly #Podcast 🎧 & help with a #Hackspace meetup 🛠️@makeroni


AH. DevOps Engineer. I post about #Gaming, #SteamDeck, #Linux, #Anime, and #Tech in general. avatar


Journaliste pour, service

D'autres trucs aussi genre du podcat (, du stream, des wikis, des livres, des threads Neil Young et des collections de jeux PC rétro. avatar


NeoVibe instance admin. :neovibe:

Software Engineer, Gamer and professional coffee drinker. I love electric vehicles or anything tech focused! :pride: I believe the #fediverse is the future of the internet experience. I'm here to help shape it. #fedi22 #gaming #foss #music #finalfantasy avatar


Software Developer with #PKU. I made PKU Calculator, and PKU Talk. From the #UK.


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'Stopping time for 5 seconds' is a very paradoxial statement. // online since V.34 // misses usenet avatar


We are the samurai, the keyboard cowboys. avatar


Destiny Warlock. Pro at falling off cliffs while aiming. My nephew said I should start streaming, so here we are. I love to laugh. Gamertag of @chartier he/him #VideoGames #Destiny2 #BLM #TransRights #equity

irfan's. Full stack developer. DevOps Engineer. Interests include #Anime, #Gaming, #Linux, and I guess #Food (sort of, I just eat really).


random tech journalist, b-roll advocate, quality videos as a love letter to tech | Deckverse x TISO TECH | follower of Christ | inquiries: avatar


Chaos animist, techno pagan, occult aesthetic appreciator, Security Analyst by day, and Grounds Keeper at Pagan Plus
#BeKind :agender_flag: avatar


🤖 AlternativeTo is the ultimate hub for discovering new and exciting software, no matter what platform you're on! Whether you're looking for apps for Windows, Mac, Linux, online services or mobile devices, we've got you covered!

🇸🇪 AlternativeTo was founded in 2009 in Sweden by Ola and Markus. avatar


Instance Admin for

I’m loud about what I love! ✦ #Autistic / #ADHD ✦ Wife to @craftykraken 🏳️‍🌈 in #Canada ✦ Mental Health, #Disability & Neurodiversity Advocate. ✦ #Hockey fan ✦ Crazy Cat Lady ✦ She/Her

Elder University Student:
Psychology & Philosophy

Now playing: #VR games, #Cyberpunk2077, and #BaldursGate3. I also love finding new indies. Suggestions always welcome!

I have #LongCovid and #Autoimmune disease - my time and energy are limited. Please be kind. 💜 avatar


logical avatar


Get the latest news for Linux distributions, apps, and devices. We provide breaking GNU/Linux and Open Source news, opinions, tutorials and reviews. avatar


I try my best to live with purpose and stand for something. My posts will get political at times and reflect this but I try to limit this. I don't always succeed.

I also post about:

#Videogames #RetroGaming #RetroComputing

#Movies #Film #Giallo #SpaghettiWestern.

#Anime... 80's 90's and early 2000's.

#TTRPG #BoardGames #CCG #TCG #Lorcana


#Oklahoma avatar


Me gusta tomar Fotos a las Flores, Nerd, Geek, Bitcoiner, Ubuntero, Huérfano, ex-Galletoso, Diabético, Esposo de Maggie, Nihilista y 100% Deslactosado

#SteamDeckZetty #GameOnLinux #BTC #PIVX #Linux #Ubuntu #Bitcoin :ubuntu: avatar


admin vanta :HackerCat: :heart_cyber:​ :crt_w_green_lines:

currently writing a book called "THE POWER OF FRIENDSHIP: My Mastodon Microblog Memoir"

she/her, they/them 🖤 27 🖤 seattle 🖤 trans enby girl polyam lesbian gender terrorist 🖤 fediverse sex symbol 🖤 prolific poster 🖤 rogue wordsmith extraordinaire 🖤 fedi's favorite pirate radio DJ 🖤 a forest of carbon nanotubes 🖤 anarcho-communist 🖤 DIY punk clothing auteur 🖤 video editor vagabond 🖤 full-fledged cybersleuth archivist 🖤 punweaver 🖤 chaotic good 🖤 "i'll stop wearing black when they make a darker color" 🖤 up the cyberpunx!!! 🖤

164,261 lifetime posts on past instances 🖤 joined fedi 2017 🖤 previously on 🖤

:over18:​ MINORS DNI. this is for my own safety :over18:

kofi: avatar


Indie publication covering the future of gaming: handheld devices like the #SteamDeck, cloud services a la #XboxGamePass, and VR/AR like #PSVR2 avatar


Staff Engineer & Software Architect . Formerly: SWE @getir , Tech Lead @hobium, Management @ PHP-Fusion . Author. Founder of Raspberry Pi Turkey. JavaScript, PHP, GNU/Linux, Raspberry Pi lover. Gamer. Chemist. Toots in Turkish / English and opinions are mine.

I mostly toot about #opensource , #technology, #gaming, and #mechanicalkeyboard

What I like about could be generalized as #javascript #nodejs #golang #php #laravel #programming #RaspberryPi #iot #linux #gamer avatar


I'm a logistics professional by day and a podcaster/gamer/nerd by passion...

I love to talk coffee ☕craft beer🍺tech💻and really anything that can build on me as a person.

Building new connections here on the fediverse and learning more from others that are different than myself is what I love most. 😍


This is the year I learn to code. (hopefully)

Resident of the Mitten State.

#Fedi22 #Nintendo #Synthwave #Vinyl #Gaming #CraftBeer #GrandRapids #NintendoSwitch #Michigan #Tech avatar


Husband, father, US Army veteran, IT specialist, school bus driver, diesel mechanic, tech, security, Linux and free software enthusiast, gamer, dog lover. avatar


Berlin. 🏳️‍⚧️🏳️‍🌈-Ally. :asexual: || Developer of || Moderator of
Co-op forever with
#Gaming #WebDev #CSS #Laravel #VueJS #Coding #HomeAssistant #ActuallyAutistic

Gaming-Platforms: #Xbox #PlayStation #NintendoSwitch #SteamDeck

Eat the rich.


schreibt für c’t und heise online über Linux und Computerspiele. avatar


Building useful, usable, delightful products that respect privacy.

:eos: Partner success at Foundation
:gnome: @gnome Foundation member
:flathub: contributor

Previously: co-founder and CXO at elementary OS, UX architect at System76.

Frequently posting about #OpenSource, specifically in #GNOME and #Flatpak realms. I also enjoy #StarWars, #LEGO, #3DPrinting, and #SmartHome.

I have a background in UX architecture, open source, product design, & communication. avatar


Dad 👧 / Coder / Bitworm / owner-manager of Phalanx GmbH — Adult since 1984.

Long-Covid: The Lands Between

I post mostly about games, retro-tech and dev topics. Sometimes I write about fatherhood, sometimes I rant about politics. A few posts will be in German. I promise not to post or boost memes unless I really cannot help myself.

Podcast audio editor at

Located in Wien, Austria.

#WebDevelopment #Retro #fedi22 avatar


Currently: Musician and geek who's happily satisfying his inner child. Also Community Engagement Manager for

Formerly: Linux For Everyone, Forbes, AMD.


Software Developer at SuperTab - Python, Go mentor at Exercism - 🏳️‍🌈 🇮🇹 🇪🇺 🤝 🇺🇦

#Python #Golang #photography #foss #privacy #opensource #science #tech #bass #music #food #privacy #gaming #PyConIT2024 #HamRadio #fedi22 avatar


Hey, I'm a #designer & #developer from Germany. I like the open-source spirit and am dipping my toes into decentralisation. I've also always had a knack for #creativeWriting, so that's something I like doing in my time off. Nice to meet you! 😁

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