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We got some fantastic confirmation at #SGF that Path of Exile 2 is being optimized for the #SteamDeck during development:

vantablack, avatar

doin vantaradio on the balcony from my steamdeck

tune in here

#vantaradio #steamdeck

vfrmedia, avatar

@vantablack wow, didn't even realise you can run mixxx on one of those things!

vantablack, avatar

gonna do a special show


Sh4d0w_H34rt, avatar

@vantablack hmm shuffling the deck?

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Damnit, I wanted to install @eniko's #KitsuneTails demo on my #SteamDeck but it took so long to install all updates that my kids came back from dance lesson.

I guess it'll be for another time.

Also, I found my SteamDeck battery completely drained, again, after leaving it OFF for a long time. Honestly don't like this.

oblomov, avatar

Wow I suck at these kind of games.

@eniko : 1-2, got into the first door in fox form, died, restarted inside the cave but in humanoid form. Is that intentional?

eniko, avatar

@oblomov yep thats intentional

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The list of most played #SteamDeck titles of May 2024 has been released, and of course Hades 2 has topped the list:

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Windows users will be vulnerable to any of their sensitive data being stolen by malware since Recall stores everything in an unsecured database. What do you do if you're a gamer fed up with Windows, but you're not ready to format your whole PC over to Linux?

One option is to get a Steam Deck. It's a portable gaming system, but connect it to a dock or dongle and it's also a full featured desktop PC.

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Anyone who is reading this plays #Linux games on their TV in the living room? What's your setup? Do you just have #SteamDeck hooked-up with a dock or do you use Steam Link software on your TV to stream #VideoGames from your gaming PC or do you have a "Steam Machine" type of a dedicated device just for TV #gaming? I wish to hear about it.

sebulon, avatar

@darth I started with streaming from the bedroom to the living using a wired RPi 4 but the latency was just horrible. A couch gaming PC however is fucking awesome!

darth, avatar

@sebulon yeah latency bothers me too with SteamLink on TV.

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@gamingonlinux does it still require an EA account?

woltiv, avatar

@gamingonlinux that's great news! I got it running with the dumb ea launcher on LInux but it was a real pain.

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The Steam Open World Fest is a great sale filled with some amazing games for your #SteamDeck that you shouldn't miss out on!

Here are our recommendations on what you should check out:

rez, avatar

@steamdeckhq Sorry ... can’t see the games for all the damn ads.

steamdeckhq, avatar

@rez we can look into reducing them. Mediavine does auto populate right now, apologies.

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iamdtms, avatar

@gamingonlinux ~20k for native Linux. Petty good.

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It's official! We have reached 15,000 games that have been rated #SteamDeck Verified or Playable by Valve:

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In a new update, Heading Out has locked quality settings when you are playing on the , so you are stuck to the Medium preset:

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@steamdeckhq I hate to say it but the mobile version of your site is just unusable due to the cookie banner. After interacting with it, the page is just locked and you can’t browse it. I’ve tried different mobiles and different browsers, still the same issue

steamdeckhq, avatar

@harrybo93 thank you for letting us know! I’m sorry it’s being so much of an issue. May I ask what type of phone you are using (iOS vs Android) and I’ll pass along the issue to our web dev to correct it.

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What does everyone use to dock their - the official dock or a cheaper third party USB C hub? I’m looking to get one and if I can get a cheaper alternative all the better. Then I’ll connect my controller to get some more use out of that...

In other Deck news, Balatro really is as good as you may have heard

greenvahn, avatar

@murbs Using the official dock here and very happy with it.

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A new Proton Experimental update was released that fixes up multiplayer on Foundry, makes the Ubisoft Launcher work again, brings a new playable game to the #SteamDeck, and more:

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rick, avatar

Well. That's done — 100% and all achievements for . Entirely on the .

It probably crashed 2 dozen times ... over the 182 hours of gameplay. Not bad at all.

(Probably more stable than any PC I ever built, tbh.)

And this is the last Horizon post for a while, y'all. I swear.

A screenshot from the Game Completion statistics page of Horizon: Forbidden West. It shows 100%, plus a bunch of minutiae like quests completed and items collected.
A screenshot from the Game Progression statistics screen from Horizon: Forbidden West's "Burning Shores" expansion. It shows 100% in big text at the top, plus two columns of minutiae.

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Braid, Anniversary Edition updated to improve Steam Deck OLED support (looks like Native Linux and macOS were shelved)

gamingonlinux, avatar

Updated article to note Linux may still get an official version. Updates at the bottom.

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aukondk, avatar

@gamingonlinux Yahtzee's Starstruck Vagabond also comes out this week. Similar concept of Stardew in Space but less wholesome.

saiki, German avatar

Boah mein #steamdeck ist beim update Vorgang in nen Bootloop gefallen. Narf.

saiki, avatar

@schnedan keine Ahnung, was da los war. Habs jetzt einfach 5mal neu gestartet. Dann ging's auf einmal wieder.

ubo, avatar

@saiki Da kannst Du mal sehen. Der Tipp, nein DER eine Tipp, den Supporter geben können, ist doch ein Erfolgsgarant. 😁

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SteveGodwin, avatar

@gamingonlinux Discovered APICO via your post. Beeautiful game.

fallenhitokiri, avatar

I really hope the gets an option to download and update games while in sleep mode if the battery is full and it’s plugged in.

It takes a bit of fun out of the “let me just play Hades 2 for 20 minutes” if the first 5 is watching it update.

webology, avatar

@fallenhitokiri Mine is always connected and takes about an hour to get to turn on and update which is annoying.

arda, avatar

Just tried Zelda 64 Recompile project on my #SteamDeck :steamdeck:


The binary extracts the assets from the rom to play, all legal.

At Desktop mode, I simply downloaded the Linux binary from GitHub, got the USA no-intro rom of my game, added a the #github binary as a non-steam game. At the gaming mode, I forced compatibility on Linux runtime.

Deck controllers are pre-configured, all buttons work, runs at native widescreen 720p@60hz

#zelda #majorasmask #steam

gadgetoid, avatar

@arda native is 800p, 800 😭😭 I want my extra 80p 🤣

It’s way too midnight to try this but daaaaaammmn it looks awesome.

arda, avatar

@gadgetoid Oh crap, you're correct! Can't avoid a brainfart in the midnight, after a 10h work at the office 😅

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