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Siestacorta, French avatar

Salut ça doome ?
Pendant ce temps, j'ai récolté 30 : la France vote sa "liberté garantie par la constitution" d'IVG, un satellite va surveiller les fuites de méthane, les forêts rafraichissent réellement le climat, la CEDH juge illégaux les déchiffrements policiers de messageries, Los Angeles est une ville-éponge, Barclays restreint ses financements de pétroliers, on fabrique un satellite en bois de magnolia... Etc !

Bons appétits.

Agricultural growth key to accelerated poverty reduction in Bangladesh (

The latest findings from the 2022 Household Income and Expenditure Survey (HIES), published by the Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics (BBS) in December 2023, reveal remarkable reductions in poverty. The official headcount rate for moderate poverty (the proportion of people living below the upper poverty line) decreased by 23.0 per...

realramnit, German avatar

: Eine Studie der Berlin zu den Auswirkungen einer -Infektion auf das Gehirn fand keine Belege für eine direkte Infektion von Nervenzellen. Die Wahrscheinlich ist hoch, dass die beobachteten neurologischen Beschwerden reversibel und damit heilbar sind.

levampyre, avatar

@realramnit Hm, die Schulßfolgerung "deswegen muß es heilbar sein" leuchtet mir nicht ein. Warum? 🤔

SDG6: 95,000 Mauritanians supplied with water thanks to decentralized cooperation | Afrik 21 (

The Community Water and Sanitation Access Project (PCAEA) launched in 2018 by the municipality of Nouakchott and European cities is starting to bear fruit in Mauritania. A 21 km drinking water network to supply 95,000 inhabitants of the Toujounine commune has just been inaugurated.

Morning1, avatar

Democratic Gov. Tony Evers signs new election maps, ending Wisconsin Republicans' grip on legislative power

Some for the day.

Donors making a difference: WHO, communities and partners collaborate to end infectious diseases (

Contributions to WHO are being used to free communities from a range of dangerous infectious diseases. Some, like malaria, kill mainly children. Others, like the disfiguring Guinea worm and noma infections, are linked to poor access to clean water and other aspects of poverty. This week, see stories about how contributions have...

Nearly 10 000 children vaccinated as malaria vaccine rollout in Africa expands (

Nearly 10 000 children in Burkina Faso and Cameroon have now received the RTS,S malaria vaccine since being introduced this year. A wider malaria vaccine rollout is underway this year in several African countries, with Cameroon being the first outside the malaria vaccine pilot programme to do so.

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