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LanternEverywhere, in Young Adults in U.S. Drinking Less Than in Prior Decades

By itself that's neither good news or bad news. And it could just as easily be the result of bad changes in society rather than good.


And it could be the result of bad changes in society rather than good.

Yep. My first thought was, "Well, opioid usage could be the cause of that." and second was "or they could be so broke that drinking is out of the question".


That was my first thought as well. You buy less wine when you can barely afford bread.

Reverendender, in US Appeals Court Rules the Approval of Human Antibiotic as a Citrus Pesticide by EPA to Be Unlawful

First I’ve ever heard of this, and it was immediately apparent that it is a terrible terrible idea. Thank you U.S. Court of Appeals

netburnr, in IRS to test free tax-filing platform in 13 U.S. states. Here's where. avatar

Here are the first states that will roll out the IRS’ direct-filing platform, according to the agency:

Arizona California Massachusetts New York Additionally, residents in nine other states that don’t have an income tax may be able to participate in the pilot, the IRS said. These states are:

Alaska Florida New Hampshire Nevada South Dakota Tennessee Texas Washington Wyoming

No mention in the article if there are limits to how much you can make and still file free. Today’s free file does have limits on how much you make or they will charge your to submit.

I started using freetaxusa last year at the suggestion of reddit, no limits on your salary.

guyrocket, in Abandoned golf courses are being reclaimed by nature
guyrocket avatar

My understanding is that it takes a LOT of chemicals to get golf courses prepared. Maybe that shit should be cleaned up before re-wilding?

guyrocket, in California set to simplify process of overturning wrongful convictions
guyrocket avatar

Interesting that this was not simple before.

I wonder if there are constitutional issues. Does innocent until proven guilty also apply somehow when falsely proven guilty? If not, should it?

feedum_sneedson, in Laphonza Butler becomes first Black lesbian to serve in Congress

Is she a good politician, that’s literally all anybody should be asking. The specific identity category of individual elites really doesn’t mean much, unless you are a member of the elite.

6h0st_in_the_machin3 avatar

"Sic Transit, Gloria Mundi"...

We are in an age so stupid, that the gender and sexual preferences of any given person are more important than their skills and behavior to serve the public, really, the society has become an "idiocracy".

Izzgo, in California orders bottled water company to stop 'unauthorized' piping from springs

Good news, that. And I hadn't knows Arrowhead was Nestle, booo Nestle.

But that article is paywalled. Here is a different source, The Guardian.

YungOnions, in Youth drinking is declining – myths about the trend, busted

Recent research shows that drinking has become less routine and expected for young people, while not drinking has become more socially acceptable’ Good. This idea that you need to drink to have a good time needs to die a death, tbh.

threelonmusketeers, in Lula da Silva keeps his promise: Amazon deforestation reduced by 64%

“Orphan crushing machine crushed 64% fewer orphans than previous year.”

Still, compared to the previous guy, this is a breath of fresh air.


Is it an 'orphan crushing machine' news if the said machine is on the good way to no more crushing any orphan ?

livus avatar

a breath of fresh air.

Literally. The lungs of the world.

I'd much rather a series of decreases than a series of increases.

threelonmusketeers, in “Relief” as RTS,S malaria vaccine rollout set to begin in Burkina Faso

Wow. I’ve been hearing about potential malaria vaccines for the better part of a decade. Super pumped that we’re finally seeing some wider rollouts!

I hope malaria can one day go the way of smallpox and rinderpest.

threelonmusketeers, in Very cool: trees stalling effects of global heating in eastern US, study finds

Yay for trees!

Unforeseen, in FDA to review ecstasy for treating PTSD in clinical settings


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  • snooggums, in Kansas Gov. signs bill to increase wages of employees with disabilities, facilitate opportunity
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  • ignirtoq, in U.S. Teen Smoking Rates Have Plummeted, With Less Than 1% Now Daily Smokers

    How does the decrease in smoking cigarettes compare to the increase in vaping? Has teen consumption of nicotine decreased overall, or is this just a shifting of delivery mechanism?

    DestroyerOfWorlds, in U.S. Teen Smoking Rates Have Plummeted, With Less Than 1% Now Daily Smokers

    this sucks. no more cool kids. they used to have smoking areas in high schools. we all wreaked like cigarettes by first bell. it was so cool.


    Tobacco addiction, smelly odors, heavy health problems and shortened life expectancy, it's pretty expansive for a teenager "coolness".


    its a big /s

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