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And please post relevant, bullshit content :)

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  1. Strom kostet ca. die Haelfte in den USA in Vergleich zu Europa, die Amis sind etwas besser geworden aber sind immer noch verschwenderisch 2) Es ist generell viel mehr Platz in den USA vorhanden, Land und Haeuser sind bekanntlich deutlich billiger als in Europa.

Immigration to Finland continues to be high – interest in studying in Finland is growing (

Finland has experienced a significant increase in immigration, primarily driven by individuals moving to the country for work or education with their families. Unlike other parts of Europe, Finland has not seen a surge in applications for international protection. These findings are highlighted in the Finnish Immigration...

Reddit activated a word filter that whenever you say "fuck spez", your comment won't show up for anyone else. I just tested it on ModCoord. they're also deleting spez memes from the subs they nuked lol

r/ModCoord: The admins in charge of demodded subreddits are mass-removing images of Huffman previously shared on them...

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The real challenge lies in the mass commercialization of the perovskite technologies ... it has been talked about for years but with only limited commercial success.

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@Lantech Not sure to be honest. But if the results were great, they would be talking about that. I worked in large-scale solar for about 12 years. The industry is still dominated (>90%) by poly- or monocrystalline cells. The point being is that there are a lot of promising technologies out there but it comes down to whether a technology is commercially viable, i.e. investors and banks are willing to finance it.

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reddit stirbt offenbar einen langsamen Tod. Bei r/mildyinteresting haben die Admins gestern offenbar alle Moderatoren rausgeschmissen, um nur eine Stunde spaeter sie wieder einzustellen. go figure. Ich bin seit 10 Jahren bei reddit, habe aber langsam die Nase voll. Die Fuehrung dort ist ein Witz.

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