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Here you go: i.postimg.cc/…/tears-of-the-kingdom-official-wall…

Someone on reddit edited the logo out (u/Kobob_KC)

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Apologies. I just downloaded the biggest version I could find and mashed the edited version and the crisp original together - the edited part is still a little blurry, but the rest of the pic has better quality now: i.postimg.cc/YrzZnvwS/test.jpg

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How would you put into words what gender means to you apart from societal gender roles and expectations?

I know that it has significant meaning to me but I struggle putting it into words to explain it to other people (especially other dya cis people). So like a few years ago I was thinking about if I may be trans femme. I have since realised that no, actually I was just struggling with it for a while because I don’t relate to the...

justlookingfordragon, (edited )
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I just absolutely hate being a man in a “what role men have in society”-way.

I know exactly what you mean. A lot of random nonsense is seen as “unmanly” for no particular reason. I’ve seen grown ass men throw temper tantrums about doughnuts with pink glaze, because it is apparently uNmAnLy to even touch one, as if you would get a visit from the man police and they revoke your man card for even contemplating touching something in a “girly” color. It’s just complete and utter nonsense.

It is a lot healthier to not give a flying fuck about gender roles - but also harder, depending on the society you live in. I have the luxury of being a big, bearded dude so not many people dare to openly mock me when I do “unmanly” stuff - I let my niece paint my nails whenever she wants. I cry when movies get emotional. The last dog I owned was a mini pinscher, and I still miss her. I don’t like beer, cars, football/soccer/whatever. I bake and cook and I can get real passionate about it. I still own my first ever plushie.

…but I also have a bunch of friends who have been relentlessly bullied for similar stuff, gaslighted into believing that they deserved it for not being manly enough. And it breaks my heart every time I hear yet another story of someone killing their own passion, numbing themselves down to the point that they become unable to enjoy what they formerly loved, just to “fit in” a society that doesn’t accept deviation from the perceived norm.

Fuck gender roles in general. All they do is make people miserable for not fitting in.

EDIT: The above statement is not meant to bash trans folk by the way. What I dislike are the expectations tied to certain societal “roles” and the almost automatic ostracisation by “the society” if someone isn’t fulfilling enough of those expectations. Let people be who they want to be.

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Not a bug. The OP explains in the other post that they edited their heart count to open the Door of Time earlier than intended, which skips the cutscene that triggers the fourth shrine and the teleportation feature to be unlocked. You’re not supposed to be able to teleport earlier than that, so the game works as intended (even tho it sucks for the OP to be stuck that way)

Not sure why it play so much worse than the Great Plateau.

100% agreed to that point tho. It takes AGES just to get to the shrines in the first place and locking the teleport feature up until the very end of the tutorial wasn’t exactly the wisest design choice. In BotW the player can teleport as soon as there is a travel point unlocked, and story-wise it is weird that Link somehow forgot how fast travel works between the two games.

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Now imagine if that was a Lego factory … you’d NEED safety shoes with steel soles for that.

I tried to get as many followers as possible ... (i.postimg.cc)

… but apparently the Switch can’t handle more than 46. After the 47th joined, the game broke - the gif isn’t lagging, this is what the screen itself looked like, weird rumble and all. The lamb was stuck cleaning up the same pile of barf for the rest of the night, and reloading didn’t fix the lag so I wasn’t able to...

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Me too. I was actually aiming for 100 just to see what happens, lol. But maybe the PC version runs more smoothly (the Nintendo Switch isn’t exactly the most powerful console on the market)

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It’s okay to use any other beverage as a substitute … and any other pet for company. It’s the spirit of the holiday that counts ♪

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Plushies count too.

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Cute dog/cat videos on the internet and a lemonade?

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