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Gen X and President Biden: Reality bites (www.npr.org)

By generation, Biden has the highest disapproval rating from Generation X (62%), compared with the Silent/Greatest Generation (48%), baby boomers (48%) and Generation Z/millennials (50%). Biden also has the highest “strongly disapprove” rating from Gen X (52%), compared with the Silent/Greatest Generation (41%), boomers...

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There are numerous accounts that the German population was forced to witness and clean up the mess they caused by their inaction and ignorance. It reminds me of those who avoid politics or say both sides are the same, that’s who allows concentration camps to happen.

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The Palestinians chose violence over diplomacy, it didn’t work out for them. Violence is never the answer, but it must be an option. Diplomacy is always the right answer. If a war is on the horizon that diplomacy may mean allies. Never fight a war alone, a large alliance could open the path to peace if done early enough.

Indian army to probe alleged Kashmir civilian deaths in custody (www.spacewar.com)

India’s army has launched an investigation into the alleged deaths of three civilians taken into military custody after a deadly rebel attack on soldiers in Kashmir, police said Tuesday. The three men were among a group of eight detained by the army last week in Poonch, near the frontier that divides the restive Himalayan...

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Many of us overestimate the intelligence of the human race. I’ve concluded that human common sense is usually at the level of a ten year old and those rare few (15-20%) who break through past that barrier are the exception.

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It’s Costco and this is the Costco community. I think all of us know the nightmare of getting gas at Costco.

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Not for those in Colorado; most people are subscribers.

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A daily occurrence in Red States, unfortunately.

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