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Oh I don’t know, I’m pretty sure it also deeply impacts our national security.

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Hosting sites costs money.

Sometimes, people run out of money.

Sometimes, money runs out of people (ie people die).

My personal site was always just for me and my friends, but when it became too costly of an endeavor to keep hosting, I let it go.

A small business that goes completely out of business doesn’t need their website to exist 10 years later, now do they?

SnotFlickerman, (edited )
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I understand all that, but I can almost positively assure you that my shitposting isn’t super important to have saved, other than for personal reasons. I have a backup of my site from the time, I’ve held onto it, for sure. But after I die, I’d really rather it stop existing, just like I do.

And we really don’t need to remember every business that started and failed within two years. I certainly don’t see a great reason to document my dad’s shitty used car salesman antics of my youth with his own business. It’s honestly also best forgotten by time. There’s more worthwhile and prolific con-men to write about and keep documentation thereof.

And frankly, if I don’t want my past to be on the internet forever, that should be my choice. Just like in the past, pre-internet-and-computers, if I didn’t want to share my writings with anyone before I died, I could burn them properly to make sure they were lost to time.

My original intent was literally meant as a Devil’s Advocate counter-point to the point of the article. Sure, we can’t tell from where we sit what’s important to the future… so maybe trying to save everything is a fools errand to begin with, since we don’t know what’s worthwhile to save? Saving literally everything for the sake of the future seems ill-considered. Once again, I assure you my shitposting with my friends really isn’t all that important culturally or socially.

EDIT: Also this is a cute philosophical 180 degree turn from 14 years ago when numerous scientists, philosophers, and organizations were positively up-in-arms and scared about the prospect of the internet meaning “the end of forgetting” and not being able to move on from your past and grow as a person because your past life on the internet would always come back to haunt you.


Previously, we panicked because everything was going to be online forever!!! Ohhh spooky, dangerous!!

Now, we’re panicked because nothing is going to be online forever!!! Ohhh toospooky, dangerous!!

Oh, humans, never stop humaning.

SnotFlickerman, (edited )
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You probably responded before I made my edit, but do you remember how 14 years ago there was actually a lot of worry about how things on the internet would be around forever and how that would change society?



Jorge Luis Borges, in his short story “Funes, the Memorious,” describes a young man who, as a result of a riding accident, has lost his ability to forget. Funes has a tremendous memory, but he is so lost in the details of everything he knows that he is unable to convert the information into knowledge and unable, as a result, to grow in wisdom. Viktor Mayer-Schönberger, in “Delete,” uses the Borges story as an emblem for the personal and social costs of being so shackled by our digital past that we are unable to evolve and learn from our mistakes. After reviewing the various possible legal solutions to this problem, Mayer-Schönberger says he is more convinced by a technological fix: namely, mimicking human forgetting with built-in expiration dates for data. He imagines a world in which digital-storage devices could be programmed to delete photos or blog posts or other data that have reached their expiration dates, and he suggests that users could be prompted to select an expiration date before saving any data.

Because it’s interesting that now the other side of the coin seems to be the primary concern. Previously we were considering expiration dates on data and deep user control. Now the attitude seems to be the opposite, that it shouldn’t be up to the user, but up to the archivist.

SnotFlickerman, (edited )
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This is one of those things where Valve actually actively sucks and is actively ignoring a growing problem because the old game just isn’t profitable anymore.

Expect this to get zero interest or time spent on it from Valve because they’re knee-deep in trying to release a Hero Shooter (rolls eyes).

I have a lot of respect for Valve, but situations like this really need to make people step back and question how much Valve care about the community that uses the Steam service, or do they really care more about how much money they make?

The fact that they keep creating micro-transactions for a game that’s been completely taken over by bots says “They don’t give a shit, they just want the money.”

Thanks for coming to my TED Talk. Let’s not let Valve get away with shit just because they’re “good guys” compared to other businesses.

Anti-consumer is anti-consumer is anti-consumer. Valve doesn’t get a pass for being Valve.

EDIT: To be clear, I understand that they aren’t required to keep supporting a nearly-two-decade-old game, but letting it become a place where outright abuse happens is a different story. If you can’t control the abuse and you don’t want to do anything about it: do the thing nobody will like but will solve the problem: kill the damn game already if you don’t want to support it. That’s what I expect to happen before they face this issue, they’ll shut down official servers and make the game unavailable before they try to solve the bot problem for a game so old. Valve has made it clear for years that they don’t listen to or give a flying fuck about the TF2 community.

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Some of us still prefer Bandcamp over Spotify since artists actually get paid worth a shit from it, but that’s just me.

SnotFlickerman, (edited )
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Unlike Spotify, if I download the music, I get to keep it. It doesn’t disappear from the streaming service because of licensing issues. Even if it disappears from Bandcamp itself, if I already have a local copy, I get to keep that local copy.

For 15 years the only way I could listen to 3 Feet High and Rising by De La Soul was to listen to the rip of a CD I made years earlier, because licensing kept it off of streaming services.

Spotify can and will remove music from their library. Bandcamp can’t remove my files from my PC and various backups. It’s the equivalent of having a physical copy, but in digital format and is transferable and able to be backed up.

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There was just one on May 3rd. Upcoming ones are on September 6th, October 4th, and December 6th.

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This is a gateway to murdering LGBT+ people with government allowing it.

First, you give child rape the death penalty.

Then you classify LGBT living their lives as themselves and being honest with children about that as “child abuse.”

It’s just a handful more steps before you’re taking kids from LGBT couples and putting them to death.

That’s what this looks like to me anyway, especially paired with Project 2025.

Expand the death penalty, and then further expand it to include people you don’t like, by dumping them into the same category as child abusers.

Nevermind that its always fucking conservatives and religious people who fucking rape kids. It’s never lupus a drag queen.

SnotFlickerman, (edited )
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There’s one way to hold them accountable, and they’re pretty fucking aware of it:


You don’t decide to ramp up security because people are happy with you. You do it when you know you’re doing something incredibly unpopular and so you want protection from the target you put on your own back with your incredibly unpopular decision.

They know exactly what they’re doing.

Edit: To be clear this is in no way an endorsement or suggestion regarding “holding them accountable.” “Beware that, when fighting monsters, you yourself do not become a monster… for when you gaze long into the abyss. The abyss gazes also into you.”

ChatGPT Answers Programming Questions Incorrectly 52% of the Time: Study (gizmodo.com)

The research from Purdue University, first spotted by news outlet Futurism, was presented earlier this month at the Computer-Human Interaction Conference in Hawaii and looked at 517 programming questions on Stack Overflow that were then fed to ChatGPT....

SnotFlickerman, (edited )
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So this issue for me is this:

If these technologies still require large amounts of human intervention to make them usable then why are we expending so much energy on solutions that still require human intervention to make them usable?

Why not skip the burning the planet to a crisp for half-formed technology that can’t give consistent results and instead just pay people a living fucking wage to do the job in the first place?

Seriously, one of the biggest jokes in computer science is that debugging other people’s code gives you worse headaches than migraines.

So now we’re supposed to dump insane amounts of money and energy (as in burning fossil fuels and needing so much energy they’re pushing for a nuclear resurgence) into a tool that results in… having to debug other people’s code?

They’ve literally turned all of programming into the worst aspect of programming for barely any fucking improvement over just letting humans do it.

Why do we think it’s important to burn the planet to a crisp in pursuit of this when humans can already fucking make art and code? Especially when we still need humans to fix the fucking AIs work to make it functionally usable. That’s still a lot of fucking work expected of humans for a “tool” that’s demanding more energy sources than currently exists.

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in Infancy Needs Improvements

I’m just gonna go out on a limb and say that if we have to invest in new energy sources just to make these tools functionably usable… maybe we’re better off just paying people to do these jobs instead of burning the planet to a rocky dead husk to achieve AI?

SnotFlickerman, (edited )
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this would be a great thing for humanity.

That’s easy to say. Tell me how. Also tell me how to do it without it being biased about certain subjects over others. Captain Beatty would wildly disagree with this even being possible. His whole shtick in Fahrenheit 451 is that all the books disagreed with one another, so that’s why they started burning them.

SnotFlickerman, (edited )
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Speaking at a Bloomberg event on the sidelines of the World Economic Forum’s annual meeting in Davos, Altman said the silver lining is that more climate-friendly sources of energy, particularly nuclear fusion or cheaper solar power and storage, are the way forward for AI.

“There’s no way to get there without a breakthrough,” he said. “It motivates us to go invest more in fusion.”

It’s a good trajectory, but when you have people running these companies saying that we need “energy breakthroughs” to power something that gives more accurate answers in the face of a world that’s already experiencing serious issues arising from climate change…

It just seems foolhardy if we have to burn the planet down to get to 80% accuracy.

I’m glad Altman is at least promoting nuclear, but at the same time, he has his fingers deep in a nuclear energy company, so it’s not like this isn’t something he might be pushing because it benefits him directly. He’s not promoting nuclear because he cares about humanity, he’s promoting nuclear because has deep investment in nuclear energy. That seems like just one more capitalist trying to corner the market for themselves.

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The only downside of Free Open Source Software is that it has been unintentionally the biggest transfer of wealth created by labor from volunteer labor to the capitalist class in history.

Way better software, so much so that capitalists use the hell out of it to make tons of money.

The main limiting factor of the open source AI world is hardware. Hard for individual enthusiasts to compete with corporations who have billions of GPUs worth of processing power. I just have one GPU, and its an AMD, so it’s even more limited because nVidia is the brand majorly used for AI projects.

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Risky click of the day because I thought this said “Inflation Training” and I was suddenly thrust back 20 years reading my friends comedic gay Star Trek erotica.

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I posit we do more of different types of reading than we used to.

We read more things online than in traditional books, this often includes reading traditional books in an electronic format.

I’ve also read that subtitles are incredibly popular now, even for watching shows and movies in your own language. Foreign shows are more popular than ever, as well.

Reading novels isn’t done as much but I think just the nature of why we read has changed.

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Well everybody fucking hates the TikTok voice, but like 90% of those videos have subtitles and you can just mute the fucking thing and read what its saying.

Lots of “watching videos” is actually “reading videos” these days. Especially with technical How-To videos, which often require you to read what’s on the screen as well. If my How-To video is about coding, reading the code on the screen is pretty damn important.

I’m constantly watching internet videos completely muted while reading the text subtitles.

SnotFlickerman, (edited )
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They call it a “Terms of Service” but it includes the rules and regulations.


It’s in the sidebar on the front page.


ETA: for context, a comment of mine was removed and “rule 2” was cited but the rules in the TOS don’t seem to be relevant.

It was listed as a moderator action, and the community it was involved in was shitposting@lemmy.ml. This is actually a lemmy.ml instance, and rules from lemmy.ml and the shiposting community apply. Rules from lemmy.world don’t apply in this case, rules from lemmy.ml do.

Rule 2 on Lemmy.ml is “Be respectful.”

Also, the mod is from lemmy.ml, which generally has a lot of people who vibe with hexbear, and that moderators profile literally says “we do a little trolling.” I wouldn’t take it personally or do anything about it. Just move on and accept it.

SnotFlickerman, (edited )
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Exactly. It’s a moderator action on a lemmy.ml community. lemmy.world rules are literally not applicable.

I edited my original comment to reflect the OP’s edit.

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Interesting! I wonder if the automod at lemmy.world is just reporting all moderation actions, regardless of instance origin?

I don’t think the automod on lemmy.world works the same way as it does on reddit. I think it does more reporting of moderation actions than doing automatic moderation, but I could be wrong.

Anyway, thanks for your feedback as well. I was aware of how lemmy.world was informing people of moderator actions, and I think it’s really interesting that it is including actions from different instances when they’re interacted with on lemmy.world.

SnotFlickerman, (edited )
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Lifting human bodies is hard, especially when they’re obese (which many, many older US citizens are morbidly obese).

The people who do these jobs are underpaid and often expected to do the work of lifting large, obese bodies (300+lbs.) without the proper heavy lifting equipment.

The number of people who do these jobs who end up with long-term serious bodily harm like their backs being absolutely fucked up and needing surgery is too damn high.

SnotFlickerman, (edited )
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I think the actual reality may be that it’s actually, genuinely not profitable enough to serve the poorest of society. (At least in the eyes of the demented greedy fucks running the show)

We’ve seen an explosion of business-to-business sales and more businesses are spending more money on “productivity” software suites and more. Software is indeed eating business and making it more costly while often not actually providing as much real value as they’re selling you. Small businesses are overwhelmed by these costs and often put out of business by them.

Even gas stations all have video ads. The money they’re making off the gas isn’t enough, they need to supplement it with advertising. Advertising is becoming more ubiquitous than I could have even ever imagined, and I thought it was over-the-top and abusively ubiquitous 30 years ago.

Fast food like Dominos has to keep assembly-line, sweatshop like conditions to keep up with internet ordering (with no built-in rate-limiter, an infinite amount of people can order pizza at the same time, they just want you to keep up), and even with those kind of conditions, it’s often just barely scraping by on breaking even on costs. Most restaurants are struggling with this right now, its an industry I expect to see fail almost completely except for rich, fancy restaurants.

It certainly feels like we’re about to see a whole glut of consumers that companies just aren’t even interested in anymore because they’re not interested in people with no money to spend.

I’m not really excited about where this is all headed. Expect more Company Towns on the horizon…

From Heroes back to Zeroes… Fuck this shithole country that doesn’t give a damn about millions of its own citizens.

SnotFlickerman, (edited )
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There’s lots of little signs.

Loss of 24 hour stores. It used to be profitable enough to leave places open all night for people to come in all night. Both Target and Walmart (poor people stores) have pretty much dumped it and don’t even do stocking overnight anymore. This leads to the same stores being a mess and feeling difficult to navigate (especially when its actively being stocked and you’re just trying to get past them), pushing more people to order online and pickup because its easier than trying to find it yourself and in the store the price is often wrong or just not listed.

Suddenly its not profitable to give a shit about things like customer service. It just feels like it portends that a certain number of customers now can be considered “acceptable losses.”

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