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Shout outs to the stubborn Brent from The Mist. A small part, but that’s where I saw Braugher first

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Not a carnival per sey 🤡 but this has striking similarities to The Future Is Yours by Dan Frey: www.amazon.com/…/B088F3M2WH

Richard Sherman voicing his frustration with the officiating in the current NFL (x.com)

Pretty clear from the broadcast that the Browns were given special treatment the entire game. I can only imagine Sherman is speaking about more than just Cleveland, but that game was a perfect example of what is spoiling this great sport.

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Adams was a true heartbreak. I have no idea how that happened. That said, this bye week is a god send and should help him fully recover. Only thing he has to worry about now is Witherspoon. The kid looks more like an all around safety rather than a corner! TWO SACKS and a pick 6? Jfc

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If you played the game Anarchy Reigns you know how sick this track is. Feels like a straight montage of sickYG, muzeOne, and Vstylez. I can’t get enough of this sound. Straight 🔥🔥🔥🔥

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