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Summary of Julia Plotting Packages by Chris Rackauckas (

This is a repost of my response on the Julia Discourse on this topic. I was asked to make a blog post so here you go! The “Main” Plotting Packages Here’s a quick summary of the most widely used plotting packages. I may have missed one, but I haven’t missed one that is very widely used. Plots.jl is the most used. It’s...

Julia as a unifying end-to-end workflow language on the Frontier exascale system (

We evaluate Julia as a single language and ecosystem paradigm powered by LLVM to develop workflow components for high-performance computing. We run a Gray-Scott, 2-variable diffusion-reaction application using a memory-bound, 7-point stencil kernel on Frontier, the US Department of Energy's first exascale supercomputer. We...

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