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No joke, I think about “do all your shopping… at Wal-Mart!” more than I should.

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Cathy Berberian - Stripsody

An opera singer and avant-garde music composer who made a song out of comic book sound effects.

Less strange, she also did an operatic cover of The Beatles’ Ticket to Ride. I’m pretty sure my ironic love of this has crossed over into completely unironic genuine love.

Games that still need more patience: what games released a year ago (or older) are you waiting for a sale on? Or that need another patch?

Other than a slew of Nintendo titles that maybe hopefully will come down in price (the patient gamers’ bane), I have my eye on the next time Divinity: Original Sin 2 goes on sale. A friend who never plays anything other than WoW loved playing Larian’s newest with me and I’m trying to get her to pick this up. Pretty sure...

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Years and years ago I got partway through Dragon Quest XI on the PC, and then got sidetracked and started something else.

Fast forward to a few weeks ago when I had a hankering to get back into it, but the Definitive Edition has released since I last played it and I’d kinda like to play that version instead. But I’m not about to pay $40 for a game I basically already own, so I’m holding off and waiting for a sale.

Other than that, Super Mario Wonder. It’s a fool’s errand to wait for a Nintendo sale, but I guess I’m a fool.

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If you don’t watch the video: it’s footage of an I-beam being created at a factory. As an adult, this is not scary. As a young child, this is terrifying. There is no narration, none of your Sesame Street friends are here with you. This is a large glowing letter I that the camera never breaks away from. It’s mashed and chunks appear to break off of it. The music is a ominous sounding piano with occasional trumpet bursts and anvil clanks. At the very end the camera freezes on the I-beam and we get two final crashing piano and anvil notes. The whole thing lasts less than a minute, and then we’re on to the next segment. There’s no context for what you just saw, no lead-in, and no one makes mention of it after.

It scared the hell out of me. If I saw this early in the morning, I’d be in an anxious state for the rest of the day.

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Funnily enough I loved the Wet Paint song and looked forward to it BECAUSE they throw paint at the screen and I thought that was really neat. Just goes to show you how these little skits affect kids in wildly different ways

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That was such a fun promotion, I kept my Squishee cups for years until they got banged up while moving.

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Some digital artists use Switch JoyCons for shortcuts in Clip Studio and other painting programs.

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