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there is no middle either you like me or hate me but remember I will always love you.

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Encrypted traffic interception on Hetzner and Linode targeting the largest Russian XMPP (Jabber) messaging service — (notes.valdikss.org.ru)

XMPP (Jabber) instant messaging protocol encrypted TLS connection wiretapping (Man-in-the-Middle attack) of jabber.ru (aka xmpp.ru) service’s servers on Hetzner and Linode hosting providers in Germany. The attacker has issued several new TLS certificates using Let’s Encrypt service which were used to hijack encrypted...

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Ha, I wonder who stole what that there might be a trademark/copyright infringement.

That being said I did a little digging here’s what I found: The crown represents the ideal of a united humanity living in harmony with God. It is also a symbol of the authority of the Unification Church’s leadership, which claims to represent God’s will on earth.

With all that said from what I can tell it borders on the line of cult while doing everything it can to look legitimate. I know it’s not fair to compare but think scientologists. They get tax write offs and special protections because they are considered a religion.

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I see. That being said at one time they ran Las Vegas because no one wanted to do business with gangsters. Also, if you are into history check this out en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1838_Mormon_War . I do like their ideals of self-reliance but I do not like their off the record child abuse archives which are supposedly massive. I did not know that about Doyle. I have to wonder what happened to make him view them in that light.

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The Tories are out of touch. Middle class only exists on paper anymore, and the Tories’ answer is to cut taxes for the rich?

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Person 1: Smash n Grab with a side of Scorched Earth?

Person 2: Sounds like a recipe for destruction.

Person 1: but the heat would be so intense

Person 2: (Whispers) I’m a fire starter.

Person 1: (Laughs) I know.

Hamas says it releases two US hostages 'for humanitarian reasons' after Qatari efforts (www.reuters.com)

GAZA, Oct 20 (Reuters) - Hamas’ armed wing, the Izz el-Deen al-Qassam Brigades, has released two U.S. hostages from Gaza - a mother and her daughter - “for humanitarian reasons” in response to Qatari mediation efforts in the war with Israel, its spokesman Abu Ubaida said on Friday....

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Just a reminder it is not antisemitic to denounce the atrocities committed by Israel. Now that is out of the way let’s get “real”.

Palestinians are living in a bird cage; they were screwed over in 1948 by the British when they were promised the land after that whole Laurance of Arabia thing iirc. The British had a back room deal with the Jews and screwed over the people that were promised the land in the first place. So once again British meddling through colonization destroyed an entire region and created a needless conflict. Now let’s look at today.

Its been what almost 100 years and the Palestinians are treated like the native Americans were when colonizers pushed them out of the ancestral lands. There are colonizers being allowed to take over people’s homes for “reasons” I have seen countless videos in which IDF intentionally cripples people not to mention assassination of journalists oh and don’t forget they fill water wells with cement making the Palestinians more desperate than ever. Now before I say this, I will say that the loss of noncombatants in any conflict is unacceptable and should be delt with accordingly.

With everything I said this thought always comes back to me in a torrent. One man’s terrorist is another’s freedom fighter, when you push people into a corner and dehumanize them while calling them human animals for generation these people are going to take help from anyone willing to help even if their intentions are not good. HAMAs comes out of the cruelty of the Israeli government. It’s just like Al Quida and 9/11 the United States was complicit to their fanatism. all I am saying is to look at the parallels and no one should be surprised this is happening.

Lastly any county that encourages children to write cute little notes to the children in other countries via bombs is morally, socially bankrupt by every sense of the meaning.

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I am surprised no sanctions have been put on them for their unwillingness to let people properly evacuate without eviscerating the “safe” zones with bombs. Also cutting water and power off while carpet bombing should be considered a war crime. I have so many questions about the inactions and willingness to let the citizens of Gaza to be trapped in an open-air coffin.

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Your concern is my concern. From a news standpoint nothing should be behind a paywall IMO and hindering people’s ability to receive important news should be criminal. It’s just as bad as peer review journals being caught up in paywalls when you can just write a letter to the person responsible for the finding to get the paper for free.

I will try to seek out answers on this however I would advise you to directly contact admins for a better clarification into the details. I don’t want to mince words or accidently misrepresent facts. Just know I’m not trying to pass the buck I just don’t have all the answers.

However, our admins including AvaddonLFC are much for versed and knowledgeable in these matters, so I respectfully request that you ask them directly for a better understanding.


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Hey dingleberry you can slap me around and call me Sally for all you want but if you are going to suggest solving world problems requires a “final solution” then them there are fighting words. We have a responsibility to ourselves and everyone here to put hate on display so it can’t fester and grow.

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Hi, can you please elaborate. I would like to understand what it is you are saying. Depending on the context I may be able to provide additional information for you.

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I agree with your frustration on the subject of piracy there are countless legitimate reasons why people might go that route. I personally know a lot of people who archive their physical media and store it on personal services to increase the lifespan of their collections.

I am not a lawyer however I will say this, according to my research our users on in this community are protected under fair use doctrine. If someone copies an article in its full form and provides a direct link to said article no law is broken.

I went as far to check the United States, EU and German copyright laws. I added the statues in this post to highlight the law vs the rules. In the end this clearly has more to do with “rules” then any enforceable law.

My advice to you is to reach out to the admins and inquire about this shift. I have noticed other communities openly 1:1 copying articles without issue. I don’t know what makes worldnews special.

That being said just remember it’s a rule not a law, so I don’t think you have to worry about DMCA letters in your mailbox anytime soon. Just use bard to rewrite and paste the article then it is not verbatim and follows. world rules.

I hope this helps and I know this is not the answer you want but at this time if I am being honest, it’s the best, I’ve got for the time being. If you need anything at all or have further questions dm.

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You are more than welcome. I know exactly how you feel, I honestly would like to see a site wide detailed breakdown of all of the copyright issues that the server may see as problematic. If not done correctly, Tom, Dick and Jane will size up larger communities like ours and spam with false copyright reports. That’s the last thing anyone wants here! That being said I did mention pinging the admins including AvaddonLFC they will be able to better answer some of your questions.

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That brings back memories! Around the 2000s I would go to a friend’s house back when you could create a lan party with the original Xbox play Halo and get blitz out of my mind. I would be so high that I would find a hiding spot in the map so i could collect myself. Those carefree times really do mean something in this 2/7 news dump of a world with all of its perpetual issues that never seem to stop. Maybe we were ignorant back then, but I guess that’s why they call it bliss! Thank you for sharing your story with me!

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Sorry if there was any confusion. I was just agreeing with your well written sentiment and experiences. The fact that you are able to acknowledge such things as white privilege is quite commendable. The fact that you took time to come back and reflect on your initial thoughts is something I wish everyone could do. You are a good egg!

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Sometimes I don’t make sense.

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Nah, I was actually in agreement with everything froggy said.

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Rehashing old news that is not relevant is a very effective disinformation tactic. It is done for many reasons but mostly to create fake outrage and rip open old wounds in a weaponized way or to derail meaningful conversation about present issues. We work hard to keep or posts relevant and purge reposts when necessary. If you see them let us know.

CantSt0pPoppin, (edited )
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Attention Lemmy users,

Please be advised that AvaddonLFC is not qualified to answer questions on copyright. This was a direct error on my part. If you have any questions, please send concerns to info@lemmy.world

We apologize for any confusion or frustration this may cause. We are committed to providing our users with the best possible support, and we appreciate your understanding.

Thank you,

The Lemmy World News team

“We are committed to continuous improvement.”

My personal values are irrelevant. I don’t make the rules I just abide by them to the letter. I am fully aware that not everyone who posts here is trying to get a Pulitzer Prize or has the time to write a ten-page editorial of the information they obtained from said news sites.

You may and already have come to your own conclusions in the reasoning for the language within this updated rule change. Not everyone is born a gifted writer and for those who lack the confidence using a system like bard may in fact teach, educate and expands one’s abilities.

To be blunt the rule changes are not of our doing we were informed that the way in which people post here is not in proper regulations of how lemmy.worl/admins would like posts to be posted.

I do not know if these rule changes are just for this community or others but I advise you to make reports of any community that does not fall in line with said rules to ensure that they are able to continue being in compliance.

The truth (not a lawyer) in most cases forums, online communities and other mediums on the internet are protected under the fair use doctrine in most countries. Even though this is clearly the case and there is nothing illegal being done such as blatant copy right violations it is lemmy.world’s full discretion in how they operate this server.

This means we will abide by any update to the rules that are enforced upon us even if they do not violate any laws. I hope these clears things up because you are not wrong in what you said. If you have more questions about the rules regarding posting direct articles with proper citations being against the rules, then by all means contact the admins and inform them of your concerns.

At the end of the day your concerns are ours since we want to create a healthy engaging community in which everyone is able to access important news events without violating lemmy.worlds rules.

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