Wait, you all weren’t wearing masks still?


Give a shit about your fellow humans and yourself.


I haven’t left the house. Does that count?

Frank, avatar


Wearing masks before it was cool


From a fellow trans person: I know you mean well, but shame/ridicule is the least effective agent of change. This kind of attitude I hear not just from you but other leftist queer friends just straight up leaves a bad taste in people’s mouths and does nothing to convince folks of your cause, no matter how good your intentions are. To quote a Tshirt I once saw: Kindness is more punk rock than a middle finger.

Collective care and justice should be rooted in compassion, not denigration and superiority complexes.


Sir/Ma'am, This Is A Wendy's.


I love you.

Kuori, avatar

yeah we are pretty pro-bullying people who are doing shitty things over on hexbear, this isn’t going to land


I’m more on the “bullying bad, shaming with explanation of how to fix your behavior good” train myself, at least when the goal isn’t just to make shitheads be quiet.

Kuori, avatar

i get you, my issue is that we’re beyond the event horizon, you know? these people have had the explanations. they don’t care, and their not caring kills innocent people. as far as i’m concerned, it’s open season on shitheads.

doom_and_gloom, (edited )


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  • Kuori, avatar

    we are of the same mind on this. frankly, i don’t care in the slightest about the feelings of people who won’t put any effort into protecting the lives of others.


    To quote a Tshirt I once saw: Kindness is more punk rock than a middle finger.

    Wow. Everything you said before this swayed me but this is such an awesome statement that I had to say thanks for expanding my vernacular.

    ThereRisesARedStar, (edited )

    superiority complexes.

    TIL needing to mask for health reasons is a superiority complex.

    I’m not going to address any of the rest of your comment except to say, stop tone policing a shitpost. The point was to vent about a genuine frustration, not to convince anyone. And just don’t tone police in general.


    Sorry, but somewhere along the way in leftist circles, “don’t tone police me” became synonymous with “I’m allowed to be as shitty as I want to other people because of my trauma” and that’s the behavior I can’t get down with. Trauma is an explanation, not an excuse.

    ThereRisesARedStar, (edited )

    Wait so what trauma are you using to justify your shitty behavior? And you never asked me not to tone police you?

    macabrett, avatar

    I want to share my experience as a disabled person, because I think it’s very easy to simply not notice our non-existance:

    I don’t exist anymore. I’m a hermit. It’s been years since I’ve done anything in public. I go to the rheumatologist, I go to a lab to get blood tests, and once a year I get an x-ray to make sure I don’t have TB. I don’t do anything else. There’s about a two week period where being outside isn’t some unbearably high or low temperature that exacerbates my condition.

    Please care about covid. Just, please. Do it for people like me if that helps you, but mostly do it for yourself. This virus can make you like me and it’s miserable (I was sick before Covid, but Covid is known to trigger autoimmune conditions which are the primary cause of my suffering).

    Frank, avatar

    100% with you. Haven’t taken my mask off in public in years, and making regular attempts to goad my friends in to putting theirs back on.


    Covid is known to trigger autoimmune conditions

    waves Hi, I’m new here. Recent owner of (currently) 12 different autoimmune markers. 😭


    Hugs ❤️

    You’re in good company


    Thanks. Very much. :)

    Clever username.


    Thank you! :D

    starlinguk avatar

    Welcome to the club! Herbal tea?


    👋 Sure haha

    macabrett, avatar

    I’m so sorry, it’s not a good time. I hope you find treatment that offers some level of relief.

    MDKAOD, (edited )

    Scariest part is the discovery and uncertainty of it all. "oh well if it’s scleroderma, you’re dead in 10 years. If it’s just scleroderma Ana, maybe it’s lupus. It could also be this weird ass thing that less than 1000 people in the world have. Well, I mean you have the marker, but it could also be lupus. Maybe MS. Are you still having dysphagia and have you choked on food lately? "

    Excuse me while I gently sway back and forth in the corner over here.

    And don’t get me wrong, I’m not a antivax person, like at all, I have 5 rona shots now. But if someone tries to suggest with 100% absolute certainty that either covid itself or the toll the vaccine took on me didn’t unlock an underlying autoimmune disorder, I’ll kick em. I’m not saying that the vaccine gave me an autoimmune issue. I’m saying it likely existed prior but was the catalyst.

    starlinguk avatar

    My shit started about two months after having Covid. Longgg before I got vaccinated. I think some people think it's the vaccine because problems don't tend to start right away when you have covid. It takes a while.


    I never tested positive for covid. I was sick once, but repeatedly tested negative across multiple brands of at home kits. My wife was sick a couple of weeks afterwards, and tested positive at the first sniffle.


    silent_water, avatar

    I’m not in quite as bad shape but I also reacted badly to the vaccine. I get awful migraines after every shot/covid exposure lasting months and it’s become permanent since the last one. I quite literally have not had a single day free from migraines in 6 months and I’m completely intractable to every medication we’ve tried. like they’re talking about burning out various nerves in my face and neck to try and prevent them but it feels hopeless. I no longer get to have a social life and I’m struggling to keep a wfh job - I’m effectively bedridden all the time because of the side effects of migraines (dizziness, vertigo, muscle weakness, primarily), and I’ve been getting seizures for the past year.

    I wish people would just do the bare minimum to protect people like us but I’ve mostly given up. just trying to get used to my new, extremely small world.


    you mentioned burning nerves in your face but have you looked into botox for migraines? they inject in the back of your neck. Or maybe doctors already suggested this for you? I understand they only use it for very severe migraines.

    macabrett, avatar

    The uncertainty is awful. It took me ten years to get diagnosed with anything. I had so many doctors that thought I was just seeking pain pills. I had to beg a primary care physician to refer me to a rheumatologist. The rheumatologist guessed what I had within 5 minutes. A few blood tests, X-rays, and an MRI later and I had a diagnosis. Ten years and then someone guesses it in 5 minutes. Autoimmune diseases are weird like that.

    I’m also incredibly pro-vax, but those things knock me on my ass for days. Seems pretty common for people with autoimmune diseases.


    I’m so sorry for you, man. I had to take care of my parents when covid started (they’re all fine now) and couldn’t stand the mouth breathers thinking only they and themselves mattered.


    Since the beginning of the pandemic, my biggest fear hasn’t been to catch the virus, but to spread it, especially to my immunocompromised relatives. You’d have to see when I tell that to people; they look at me weirder than if I answered “yes” to their mocking “afraid of COVID?” 🙃

    macabrett, avatar

    Thanks for looking out for us. I wish more people looked at it the way you do. It’s been really weird seeing headlines since 2022 that excitedly proclaim “hey its only old people and disabled people dying now!”

    Aliveelectricwire, avatar

    If more people thought like you I could have a life again. I’m severely immunocompromised and COVID almost killed me when I caught it a year ago


    Hi there - I am also immunocompromised and have 2 exciting autoimmune diseases. I work in an office every day (actually a lab, but regardless).

    Your behaviour is not normal, and you should seek therapy so you can enjoy your life!


    scientists warn

    Fucking nothing will be done, then. agony-4horsemen

    pomodoro_longbreak, avatar

    I mean we’ll be wearing masks, so that’s something. Same as the last wave



    pomodoro_longbreak, avatar

    If that means super serious then yeah


    Other than a new wave of death threats and science denial I’m sure.


    The Myth of “Consensual” Public Health
    meow-hug ---------------------- porky-scared Isn’t there someone you forgot to ask?
    Policy - Scientists’ Warnings - Quarterly Profits

    (how do I make blank spaces instead of dashes?)

    ShimmeringKoi, avatar

    cure-for-fascism I consent!

    stalin-approval I consent!

    porky-happy Isn’t there someone you forgot to ask?


    I defer to your superior postcraft and emojinojutsu, and will study your ways rat-salute-2

    LastoftheDinosaurs, avatar


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  • Blake,

    How often are you changing masks? N95s aren’t cheap, I imagine this would get a bit pricy.

    avidamoeba, avatar

    I’m mostly using Moldex 2600. I’d use them for a week or two, but I don’t go out every day and I don’t wear them for hours on end. If I were going to the office 9-5 I’d probably change them weekly. They’re very robust and have structural protection in front.

    library_napper, avatar

    When the strap breaks


    You’ll only be getting symbolic protection long before the strap breaks.

    library_napper, avatar

    It’s not symbolic. It’s less than 95 percent of particles at the threshold size, but dont pretend like it’s the same as nothing.


    I mean to say that a second-, third-, or fourth-day N95, snapped strap or no, will no longer be filtering 95% of the particles, giving a false sense of confidence.

    Did not mean to say that N95s are just symbolic, but I understand how it could be read that way.

    starlinguk avatar

    It doesn't stop working because you wear it. Why should it? Have some masks on rotation and leave the ones you aren't wearing in the sun or in a UV-C decontamination box.

    starlinguk avatar

    You don't need to change masks after one wear, unless you work in a medical setting.


    In the US they’re a lot cheaper now than they used to be. You can pick up 3M Aurora N95 masks for about $1/ea in store in many areas. Still not nearly as cheap as surgical masks, but also clearly better than surgical masks.

    Once you have to start importing them, the price seems to rapidly increase.


    nah ill do all the covid shots i need, but i’m done masking

    i think everyone is pretty universally over masks

    starlinguk avatar

    We're all over masks. But we're still wearing them because we're not idiots.


    this is some liberal mastodon energy right here


    I got a mess of boosters. I’m done with masks.

    starlinguk avatar

    Shame the latest booster was the wrong one.


    Masks suck but they help to not spread it to vulnerable individuals.

    Boosters help a bit with that but it will still spread like crazy without masking.


    What qualifies as a vulnerable individual? Do they wear a T-shirt saying so, or do we all have to wear masks on the off-hand chance we’re near one?

    starlinguk avatar

    Yes. It's not fucking hard.


    No, it’s just largely unnecessary. If you want to really protect people DON’T GO OUTSIDE YOUR HOUSE. Ever. Stay shut in, it’s the only way to be sure.


    “Sorry grandpa and disabled people! I don’t care if you die!”


    You left out puppies and orphans too


    7million people are dead without even counting excess deaths and this is how you behave.

    And you liberals act like we socialists are the monsters.

    starlinguk avatar


    booty, avatar

    Hell yes, I love being a piece of shit who doesn’t care about anyone else


    The worst part about masks is how I also got the common cold way less often and didn’t have to smell car exhaust when I walked places. How could I stand wearing this thing?!

    ButtBidet, avatar

    I have not gotten a respiratory infection since 2019, and people now are all like “OMG this summer flu”. Summer flu is not a thing.


    Eh… Nah. I don’t think you’re going to see a lot of mask wearing in the US again. If they want to roll out another vaccine I’ll take it, but the masks are a pain in the ass and no one likes them.


    No surprise. Land of the free… but also the land of the inconsiderate, and also perhaps selfish.


    I’m starting to realize that the terminally online have just migrated to Lemmy. Who’s being selfish or inconsiderate? You’re forcing me to wear a thing on my face because you or someone else MIGHT get sick from a disease they will most likely survive, if not just shake off with zero consequences in a week like the common cold.

    I did my part by getting vaccinated so I don’t add to the number of people who’ll go to the hospital. If things get really hairy I’ll wear a mask, but it’s really just for show. I don’t believe that it’ll do much to protect me from getting sick or potentially spreading the virus.

    starlinguk avatar

    At least 15 percent of people end up with long covid. And that's the ones who go to the doctor with it. Last Christmas everyone I talked to "didn't have long covid, but..." They could no longer do anything without getting out of breath. Or they kept forgetting things. Or they could only clean the house for 10 minutes when they used to be able to clean all day.

    And then there's the diabetes, autoimmune disease, heart disease, dementia... All things you can end up with thanks to covid. And none of this is rare.


    …15% of everyone who gets covid gets long covid? I’d like a link to this.

    halfempty avatar

    From the charts in the article, it looks like levels of infection are up to where they were in May/June 2023. Were you wearing a mask then? It really begs the question: What is the threshold level of infection in which the wearing of masks is critically important?


    Please no…


    Wear a mask! This round of covid still sucks. Ask me how I know


    How do you know?


    Oh no, did covid get them?


    Wear a Mask. Get vaccinated. Stop spreading misinformation

    Since the anti-mask/vax comments seem to be flooding in, figured I’d make my opinion known too… as obnoxiously as I can, because apparently that’s how it’s done

    ButtBidet, avatar


    booty, avatar

    Powerful posting right here posting


    You’re quite literally proving my point

    ButtBidet, avatar

    He’s on your side. Really.


    I saw on the CBC last night a story of a restaurant worker who was fired because she wore a mask. That’s how bonkers we in Canada have become lately.


    Remember to vote.


    For whom? I don’t know about Canada, but there is no major party in the US that’s pro-mask.


    Only the fringe, far right parties are against masking. Liberal and NDP are both pro masking. CPC jump each side of the fence, whenever it benefits them.


    I do not think any of the three main Canadian parties are anti-mask.

    Syldon, avatar

    I hate scepticism over vaccines, but when it has just been announced that vaccines can be sold to the public for around £100 each, and then this comes along. They say ignore how many are being admitted to hospital as other consequences are more dangerous.

    I have followed the hospital rates as a metric for over a year now. I don’t see any other metric as valid. The death rate is reduced as the most vulnerable have been seen off. The reporting rate is non-existent because people are not interested anymore. People are under pressure to attend work with covid now, so why would they bother with the testing kits. Patients in hospital is the most sensible data point to me.

    Why are we not being told of which areas are showing the most cases? Covid cases are drastically reduced now. Which hospitals are taking in large amounts of cases?

    It would be stupid to take unnecessary risks, but this has a bad smell of fear mongering to sell vaccines around it for me.


    If the government was trying to funnel money to vaccine companies they’d just make the vaccines free and pay for them with government funds, forever. That makes a lot more money than having the companies try to get people to fork out 100 pounds for them.

    starlinguk avatar

    The vaccines are still free in many countries. PS the latest booster vaccinated against the wrong variant.

    currentbias, avatar

    @starlinguk @CollisionResistance @Syldon it will always be the wrong variant, that's the fun of quickly-mutating viruses

    Shinji_Ikari, avatar

    I’m left to wonder what is more likely, a company taking advantage of a public health emergency to turn a profit, or a company manufacturing an entire public health scare to sell their product.

    To be safe, I’d go with the former. Stay healthy.

    ButtBidet, avatar

    Christina Pagel was urging locking, masking, and caution since early 2020, which is well before vaccines were even available. And she’s taking the time to present the evidence, which you can clearly interrogate. Your unsubstantiated conspiracy theory is as dangerous as it is embarrassing.

    Syldon, avatar

    I don’t argue against taking precautions. I agree that people should not take things for granted and protect themselves. I even added the proviso:

    It would be stupid to take unnecessary risks

    Vaccines work, I am far from anti vaccine. If the government procured the vaccines and were using them across the population, then I would be all for it. When you add a £100 price tag into the equation then you take more time to consider your options.

    There is one thing that is indisputable regarding the drop in cases which can easily be matched against hospital admissions. When everyone was tracking covid infections with tests hospital admissions went up at the same time as positive covid infection went up. We do not have a credible method of tracking infections because of the reasons I have already stated, with the exception of people who are suffering so badly that they need to be admitted in for professional care. We are being asked to ignore what I see as a credible data source at the same time as vaccines have become available at a cost.

    If you wish to track the data then by all means fill your boots:

    If you want the advice she is given to be taken with more ardour from myself, then give me something to see with infection rates, deaths or recorded issues.

    ButtBidet, avatar

    but this has a bad smell of fear mongering to sell vaccines around it for me.

    This is rude and dangerous af. This is what I’m concerned with. Dr. Pagel has no connection with the pharmaceutical industry, so this is also just entirely misinformed. It must be nice to just shoot from the hip and not have to back up your assertions.


    Keep in mind that a) that was the conversion from the US pricing. Chances are it will be a different price if and when they hit the market in the UK. Additionally keep in mind that the reporting was that hypothetically they may become commercially available in the UK next year. I highly doubt anyone is trying to create fear in the UK today to drive purchases of a product that might become available in the UK in 2024.

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