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Brass Monkey - Taipei's Largest Language Exchange! (www.brassmonkeytaipei.com)

Language Exchange 語言交換活動 Every Sunday from 7pm 星期天 7:00pm @ Brass Monkey Fuxing 銅猴子復興店 銅猴子現在開始與LEIT合作在每個星期天晚上推出語言交換活動! The Brass Monkey and LEIT are teaming up to bring you Language Exchange every Sunday Night! Minimum charge NT$200 ($150 can be...

Any good tailors in Taipei for minir reparations?

Looking for a tailor who can repair textiles. I have had the loop which holds the belt on a pair of my jeans come loose due to the thread breaking, as well as one of the buttons on a bag of mine break. Is there anywhere in Taipei I could get these repaired? I guess it shouldn’t be too difficult for someone who knows what...

Best way to learn about indigenous cultures from Taipei?

I will be visiting Taipei and would like to spend a day learning more about indigenous cultures. Is there a day trip that is recommended or a museum? I read that sometimes there are protests about tourists visiting indigenous areas so I don’t want to do anything that would make someone uncomfortable

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