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Thai PM has warned Burmese over illegal entry as per this post here. Historically, Thailand is where Burmese exiles have always escaped to during political strife. During British occupation of Burma, hundreds of thousands of Burmese refugees lived in Thailand and formed a guerilla army that successfully participated in the liberation of Burma. Soon after independence different political and ethnic factions within the Burmese army that was created from merging the Burmese guerilla army with the British-trained colonial army mutinied into a civil war, refugees have streamed into Thailand on an annual basis. UN and international humanitarian agencies have long operated on the Thai-Burmese border for decades providing economic boost in those marginal regions to Thailand. Finally Thailand has <1% unemployment and has long welcomed and recruited Burmese expat workers currently estimated to be around 4 million, half of them believed to be illegal. This additional influx is a somewhat of a welcome boost.


Ironic that a man named PP have an issue with porn.


Oh no… that’s not the last. He’ll then cut taxes for the corporations and the rich. Cut healthcare and government services because he’ll say “we have to balance budget”. Then increase subsidies to corporations to “create jobs”. Conservative scam continues.

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