Sound Off: How many 10+ year redditors have left the site?

I was just browsing a thread on c/nfl looking for new mods. There were multiple 12+ year Redditors there offering to help.

Got me wondering. There are 14,000 of us in this community. How many of us are ten year plus users who have just had enough?

Edit: I didn’t expect this post to be as poignant as it became. There are so many of you… I can’t reply to everyone. I’m an 11 year user and have modded something like 150 subs over the years. I’m really sad too, but I’m finding that lemmy has most of the content I’m looking for, just needs more comments.

The API was a big blow, but removing awards on past posts and deleting coin balances is really dumb.

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Same username on reddit. Just over 10 years myself on that account plus another 2 or 3 with a prior account. Really enjoying Lemmy and like everyone has said already, it honestly does feel like reddit from 10 years ago. I had stopped using reddit much at all but I’m on Lemmy nearly every day like I used to be with reddit years ago.

cheeseblintzes, avatar

Thirteenish years on Reddit. Won’t go back.

Did place to put fuck spez and join Lemmy…. Made stickers after that can hopefully get people to look into Lemmy.

We’ll see what happens.

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  • Pregnenolone,

    No shame in the porn. It’s all they’re worth really so you may as well take advantage. They don’t even earn any money from you so you’re probably costing them money overall to be there.

    CynAq avatar

    Ditto for 12 yrs. No porn account either. Quit cold turkey.


    Don’t know my exact age and can’t check as I post this because I refuse to visit reddit on my phone via anything but Apollo. But I’m pretty sure I’m 10+.

    I do miss it. Once a month or so I’ll go peek at a couple smaller communities/game communities I was in that don’t have a Lemmy equivalent yet.

    But I don’t comment anymore. I canceled my reddit premium the moment Apollo mentioned shut down. And I learned how to use the stronger mode of uBlock Origin to ensure they get as little from me as possible.

    The site as I see it os shattered and barely functional. I can let what I’m used to shine through when I really want to by enabling certain domains to pass through uBlock Origin and NoScript. But tbh the shattered state is kind of fittingly metaphorical.


    13 years one account, 9 years the other.

    After the API enshittification clarion, I sat down for hours and munged every. single. damn. comment with a complaint about this.

    THEN I deleted the accounts.

    For now, Lemmy is merely potential, but shaping up. Mastodon is microblogging and is built around individuals promoting themselves, so it feels egotistical, but it’s more mature than Lemmy so I lurk there for now too.

    Ultimately I am a forum user, as a participant in a conversation. Looking forward to that again.


    12 years, deleted my account and overwrote all posts and comments I could before I did so.

    Atelopus-zeteki, avatar



    Just over a decade on reddit. Still miss how it was. Hopeful for lemmy and fediverse future

    Damaskox, avatar

    My Cake day is April 17, 2013.

    I was maybe the most active for about the last ½-1 year before this August or something. Maybe 75-90% of my activity was lurking, viewing people’s discussions.

    I didn’t notice negative events regarding Reddit before the API war in the summer. The subreddits I were at were nice places. I guess different communities/subreddits have conversations depending on the topic and how strick or active or casual or entertainment-only the community is about…so it’s kinda obvious to me that some places have more decent talk and some of them get karma more easier with smaller effort and stuff…

    I’m sad about the API stuff. I lost contact to Relay before they talked about the need of subscription, so they can handle the costs. I’m fine with that, on Relay’s side - not angry about that. But my activity in Reddit took a plunge after I deleted Relay from my Android. Nowadays I go to Reddit only to read if there’s info I need (problems with software etc) not found as easily some place else, but I don’t create new stuff anymore.

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    I deleted my 11yr high karma account on 1st July. I had another before that which was a couple of years or so old.

    I did it in protest but as an interesting side effect, my mental health has improved slightly. Guess actively engaging with toxicity does have an effect.


    11 years. Very active commenter.

    I’ve got high hopes for this place and the fedi-verse in general! I think the decentralized nature has so much potential.


    Sadly I still have to visit reddit for various things. Mostly just for niche questions I have for Google that are best answered on Reddit. Which is a lot.


    Bacon it was my jam. Spent 11 years there. Only slightly miss it to be honest.


    12 years, left when Apollo stopped working and went to… left to another instance today when they started blocking certain communities


    raises hand

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