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kbal, avatar

you’re invited to a special program that lets redditors purchase stock

I loaded a page on reddit due to a search result and found out that I'm among the chosen few. Message sent yesterday. They must've gotten fewer takers than expected on the first round of invites if they're now offering shares to people who haven't posted, commented, voted, or done anything else on the site for the past 8 months.

MrJameGumb, avatar

There’s that and the fact that almost every time Reddit is mentioned in the news now it’s about them actively trying to drive away users with idiotic new “features” lol


one time I was trying to see how good I am at gaming the system, and scored 25k in two days with a throwaway account and a bunch of strategically placed comments, and I know there are people even better at it than I am. looks like they’re getting desperate.

BeHereNow avatar

Reddit ded?

Just got back from a long hike. Opened my laptop and it was open to where I left off yesterday - a reddit page - but it didn't load. So I checked - not available. Did it die without our love?

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