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I haven’t been to since high school when I was in high school government and went with my classmates also in government to learn about how our democracy runs. It’s a nice college town with lots of restaurants and parks.

BTW, Olympia is also one of the few affordable cities left in western . As crazy as it sounds, you can still get a nice house for under $600k - which is really saying something in the these days.

View across a marina park of the Capitol Building in Olympia - the state capitol of Washington. The sky is a clear blue.

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#Olympia also has a terrific farmers market by the marina. It’s a great place to pick up some new tie dye, grab a great seafood salad, and take the dogs for a walk along the pier.

Everyone we met was in a good mood and very chatty. They would stop us and talk to our dogs. 😁 Weed is legal and enjoyed here.

#PNW #photography #Washington

A series of a dozen blue and green patio umbrellas spread out on a gray dock, shielding diners sitting at iron bistro tables from the hot sun on a marina pier. The sky is a bright blue.
Photo of the inside of a farmers market vendor’s booth. Everything in sight are racks of tie-dyed shirts, jumpers, and underwear under a dirty white tent.

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