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#LemmyWorld / @lemmyworld seems to be having a moment.

I think I'll take a walk outside.

@ruud, let me know if you need help with anything!


Also, as a small side note, it's best that this happened at 100,000 users, rather than 10,000,000.

And that the miscreant who did it... is only redirecting the site to untoward websites and sharing insensitive messages, rather than malicious malware or Bitcoin scams. :blobcatfearful:


Does anybody know why anytime I go to make a post in a community on Lemmy World the “Post” button just spins indefinitely and nothing ends up happening. I haven’t been able to post in a few days.

@UnicornKitty@lemmy.world avatar

Yeah I discovered that! I have to toggle it if I want to engage in my own posts. I can't browse a place I can't hide stuff I've already seen. Too cluttered.


It's now doing that for save profile information. Glad I'm not the only one.

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How do I hide posts/submissions on Kbin?

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@odin Oh yes I see, whoops. I was on mobile, so I hit the logo and posted to what I could. One day at a time :)

MudSkipperKisser, (edited )

Hi lemmy.world! New to the fediverse, trying to create lemmy account but I just keep getting a spinning arrow and no sign up confirmation. Any thoughts?

Edit: I’m posting from kbin, I was able to create an account here. I’ve tried lemmy on two different browsers on mobile iOS, wondering if it’s just a glitch due to an influx of users

Edit 2: I tried creating a login on desktop and that worked! Leaving this post up so others can see in case they have the same issue :). Happy Reddit migration!


@MudSkipperKisser @MiddleWeigh Welcome. You only need one account. With one account you can talk and see post and everywhere. Best thing about having a local account is having your own frontage of all the communities you follow. Just like Reddit in it’s own way

@woelkchen@lemmy.world avatar

Yesterday the administrators tried to update the server, something got wrong and they rolled the update back but now this is a bit botched. When I reply, the spinner also does not go away but the content was posted. I guess they just need a bit of time to figure that out.


@lemmyworld Probably already known but I can't seem to create a Lemmy account. The register button just keeps spinning. Also noticed this on feddit.nl


It’s possible they closed registration. That’s what happens when I tested it on my instance.

Not saying for your instance. But other random ones. It’s why I just set mine to applications only and kinda says “I’m not really open for users but shoot your best shot”

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I deleted my lemmy.world account because my username had a typo and I wanted to recreate it, but now I cannot access the instance. It was my favorite server that I was able to get into. Wtf is a magazine

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Try clearing your cookies and reaccessing Lemmy.World, it should let you in. I think I saw someone post about this bug the other day.

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may be you can try to recreate the account after resetting your browser or using different browser altogether. also, don't forget to use different email to re-register your account.

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@lemmyworld testing an unauthenticated post from here...

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@lemmyworld oh fun! I can post to Lemmy.world from a random Mastodon account without having an account on lemmy.world. Despite the fact that it appears they mandate I have an account to comment (and presumably post). Let's see if this post reply works...


Let's also see what happens if I randomly [at] @infosecpub and @shellsharks


Hello, mastodon user, nice to have you here. 😁


@davidbures does Mlem work on lemmy.world? @lemmyworld

@andypiper@lemmy.world avatar

Works for me (now - I had been trying to login via email rather than username, which caused a weird success but then error message)


@andypiper I was using the wrong username. Go figure.


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