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The Discordant Pattern | By: Frickles (www.fanfiction.net)

Frickles updated today, and I wanted to post him here since his stories are fun reads and especially ‘A Malignant Ruse’ happens to be very popular. Personally I like this one (The Discordant Pattern) and two others even more, despite having obsessively read that story (AMR) all in one go some time ago.

Steelbadger appreciation and reminiscing post | The Shadow of Angmar (www.fanfiction.net)

His writing is layered, exciting and detailed. I remember reading his story Shadow of Angmar back in 2015 on a Blackberry with a keyboard of all devices (though I know an author who’s written chapters on there 👀). The time periods, various characters and settings had a real and obviously intentional, ‘Fellowship of the...

What’s that fic: Snape time travel

Snape dies & wakes up in his own body (maybe 5th year?) and decides to do everything better - he sets up a potions lab in his backyard, makes friends with his mom, rescues a muggle kid from some faeries and keeps some extra faeries in a cage. I think some birds follow him. AO3, incomplete. I think updated within the last 6...

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