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gmr_leon, avatar

Suggestions for a non-survival building game with a similar scale/level of detail to Lego Worlds?

I've found myself with this interest once more, and looking about, it seems like there's still not much like ol' Lego Worlds.

However, I'm hoping I may be overlooking something right in front of me, and no, from what I've seen, Lego Fortnite is not that option. Non-generated world I think, different building style, simply a different sort of game despite the same branding.


PlzGivHugs, (edited )

Minecraft with mods?

Base game probably doesn’t have the level of detail you want, but with mods for either specalized detail blocks, or something more generic like Chisel and Bits or Carpenter Blocks, it should be possible to make something close to what you want pretty easily.

Enkers, (edited )

+1 on Chisel and Bits (not to be confused with just Chisel, which is also a great mod, just not for this)

I’ve seem some absolutely stunning detail work done in C&B. It’s definitely a labour intensive endeavor, though. If you’ve got a good eye for design, the sky is the limit.

gmr_leon, avatar

Which video games have been trapped on a hardware platform (console/handheld/headset/etc.) that you wish would be ported well?

I was reading about Oculus accounts that haven't been assimilated into Meta accounts being erased, & it got me thinking about games trapped on hardware platforms again. What are some of the games you wish would have good ports across different hardware?



Aside from everything Nintendo makes- with how they run the switch, I really wish they’d crash out of the console market- I would hope for the Bomberman Battle Royale game that was on Stadia only. It was some sort of deal to keep it there, but it was definitely a fun Bomberman game.

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