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PRRI study reveals Christian decline, unaffiliated growth (rolltodisbelieve.com)

It’s mostly good news all around. Evangelicals are the only ones who are managing to hold their ground, so that’s bad. But “Unaffiliated” which includes atheists, agnostics, and “Nones” are up from 21% in 2013 to 26% in 2023. We continue to be the fastest-growing demographic in the US. Furthermore, an increasing...

Trump Bibles make a mockery of Christianity — which is why MAGA will eat them up (www.salon.com)

…it’s time to consider the strong possibility that Trump’s disdain towards the practice and theological beliefs of Christianity is not a surprise to his followers. It’s likely a selling point that Trump’s version of “Christianity” is void of faith and morality. His pitch to his followers has a certain appeal: They...

Arizona Republicans Advance Bill To Have Public Schools "Post And Discuss" Ten Commandments In Classrooms - Joe.My.God. (www.joemygod.com)

Courthouse News reports: Arizona’s House Education Committee advanced a bill Tuesday that would allow public school teachers and administrators to post and discuss the Ten Commandments in the classroom. State Senator Anthony Kern [photo], the bill’s sponsor, says the Ten Commandments shaped the country’s heritage. “Our...

White evangelicals embrace raunchy photos — yet they hate sex as much as ever (www.salon.com)

“I would actually suggest that conservative folks are less concerned about sex and more concerned about the performance of gender,” Gibson told me. “Sex just happens to be the vehicle” they are currently using, he explained, to push a rigid gender ideology where “men are expected to be the leaders” and “women are...

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