Gotta bump up that subscriber count somehow. Remember to like the video and SMASH that subscribe button!


And ring the bell, so you don’t miss any amazing content!!!


Honestly, the fact that there is a bell and that it has relevance makes me want to burn YouTube to the ground. And I’m not even a content creator!


I like it. I have too many subscriptions so I enable the bell for channels I don’t want to miss and then I turn off all of the app’s notifications. Then when I choose to open it I get them in my notification feed. I never check the subscriptions tab.


I have too many subscriptions, and use the bell on all of them so as I get the notification I can add the video to watch later

It doesn’t work though. YouTube seems to have limits on how many notifications it’ll throw. Something like six of my channels are related and upload at the same time. I only get about two notifications

So about once a week I have to go through my subscription list and add any missed videos

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I only use the subscription tab, scroll down to the last video I watched and continue up from there, skip whatever I don’t feel like watching


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