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Krejall, in 1 April 2024

Speech bubble in panel one appears to be pointing at the wrong character.



unreachable, in Random 2 January 2018 avatar

adulting is hard

frustratedphagocytosis, in 29 January 2024
frustratedphagocytosis avatar

Honestly, once it was clear to me as a kid making sense of the whole uterus thing that I could only make human babies, not kittens, I lost all interest in that pursuit. Got sterilized, will keep adopting cats until I am old and grouchy

guyrocket, in Random 3 November 2007
guyrocket avatar

Wow. An actually funny C&H. Sometimes the stars do align.

Amir, avatar

It’s 16.5 years old, back from when they were funny



16.5 years back


isVeryLoud, in 5 January 2023

The joke here is “dodge bullet”, as in “dodged a bullet”. You can stop complaining now.

4am, in 31 October 2023



lugal, in 27 October 2023


Norgur, in 22 October 2023

Wakka wakka, mothafakka

MrJameGumb, in Random 2015-5-17 avatar

Anyone who calls it a “drill machine” should not be allowed to use power tools


Can I borrow your car machine?


My wood shop teacher would insist it was “drill driver” and would bust your grade down if you only called it a drill.


Wouldn’t it be a drill bit driver?


Isn’t the drill part of the bit?


The bit is the tip of the drill and the shank is the other end.


Just the tip


What if I refer to myself as a drill machine?


That’s allowed, but you better prove it

steal_your_face, avatar

Prepare your anus


Idiot, the anus is just the opening of the alimentary canal


If it’s not on strava, it never happened!


This is not a drill! I repeat, this is not a drill!

President_Pyrus, avatar

In denmark we call it a “boremaskine”, literally “drilling machine”…

M137, avatar

Same in Sweden; “borrmaskin”

Though it’s still fine to say just “borr” (drill) for it, like “kan du sträcka mig borren?” (Can you hand me the drill?)

President_Pyrus, avatar

In Danish, “bor” only refers the drill bit. If you asked someone “kan du række mig boret” you would be handed the drill bit, or possibly be pointed towards the table (bord/bordet, with silent d).


Same in German: “Bohrmaschine”.

Although the shorthand version is “Bohrer”, not “Bohr”.

ThatWeirdGuy1001, in 1 September 2023 avatar

This is surprisingly not that depressing imo

This actually made me laugh


This one is definitely for the parents. Lol.

topinambour_rex, avatar

Even less depressing, now it’s quiet, clean, no more dissapointed or embarrassed. And all this free time. And sleep in…

ThatWeirdGuy1001, avatar

I’m a parent lmao the only sad thing is parents not teaching their kids about how chemicals are dangerous

Num10ck, in 8 June 2024

i’m drastically out of the loop but curious… why would swingers clubs be couples only?


Because there are a lot wierd single men…

jacksilver, (edited )

Swinger’s generally means couples in open relationships, so the club is designed around couples in open relationships.

Here’s an article going into the concept a bit more What are Swingers

pj2077, in 8 June 2024

I like how everyone saw this and went , Yep that’s cyanide and happiness and no one even tried to comment


I just burst out laughing, that was utterly unexpected and brilliant.

Albbi, in 9 June 2024

I love these themed weeks when the same intro has many different joke outcomes.

Tylerdurdon, in 7 June 2024

I made that joke in a thread once…tldr: people didn’t think it was funny.

TexasDrunk, in 7 June 2024

It was hard, but I finally got it.



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