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In the past three months, has begun actively transferring military personnel and mercenaries to , according to Verstka’s findings. These forces are primarily concentrated in eastern Libya, a region under the control of Khalifa Haftar, the commander of the Libyan National Army and a Kremlin ally.

A source within a Libyan security agency reported that at least 1,800 Russian military personnel have arrived in the country in the last two weeks alone


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big mess is brewing
>>#Russia…transferring military…to #Libya


Russia’s been trying to cut a wide swath across #Africa from #Mauritania to #Eritrea and everything in between

In #Sahel States #Mali, #Niger, & #BurkinaFaso, & most recently #Chad, #Putin is on collision course with #France & #EU

Niger recently suspended military cooperation with #US after moving away from France & EU last year

Almost all of #Africa from #Algeria to #SouthAfrica are also in for Putin

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@rameshgupta @hanse_mina if they think thats their way out of having been colonized, used and abused as people and country they have a new one coming

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⬆️ @Edizionilazio @hanse_mina

has been resurgent in and proxy ’s has been unusually active there too.

will be forgotten as new colonialists take over

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