Japanese Music Magazine

Moonriders -- ダイナマイトとクールガイ [LIVE at NAKANO SUNPLAZA. 2020. POP, ROCK, REGGAE] (music.youtube.com)

Moonriders is a Japanese new wave rock and pop band started in Tokyo in 1975 by Keiichi Suzuki (鈴木 慶一), who has also become globally known as a one of the composers for the Mother/Earthbound video game series, the composer for the Satoshi Kon anime film Tokyo Godfathers, and a former collaborator with YMO's Yukihiro...

AVO Magazine interview with Kazu of DEATHROLL: “I make music with my own sensibility” (avo-magazine.com)

Formed in 2011, DEATHROLL is a one-man project led by multi-instrumentalist Kazu. With a dark and discombobulating sound, DEATHROLL captures the true essence of Norwegian black metal whilst simultaneously putting a decidedly Japanese twist on the genre. Having just released their latest album, Japanese Extreme Metal Art...

Yakushimaru Etsuko -- Venus & Jesus [RADIO ONSEN EUTOPIA. 2013. Pop] (music.youtube.com)

Etsuko Yakushimaru (やくしまる えつこ, Yakushimaru Etsuko) is a Japanese singer, producer, composer, lyricist, arranger and artist. She is broadly active, from pop music to experimental music and art. Her output has also included drawing, installation art, media art, poetry and other literature, and recitation. She also...

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