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I'm really enjoying this anime, the whole time I was shouting "JUST FREAKING JUMP ALREADY!". I normally can't do zombie shows and movies but this one just hits a bit diffetent. I think it's because it doesn't portray it as if it's the literal worst thing ever and end of the world (even though it kinda would be haha). Glad to have more of the gang introduced.

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I definitely would not be watching it if it was dreary like most zombie media. The theme here is more like, the world is ending, so you should have fun while you can.

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And that's the 3rd person from the intro joining. And it looks like the 4th one is getting introduced next episode. So Kencho said he had no eaten in 3 days, I assume it means it really has been only 3 days since the zombie apocalypse started. I always assume time passes faster in these things, but I guess you need to get the main gang together quick as not all of them would be equipped for surviving solo.

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