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Scatterbrained and friendly optimist. Always happy to give my (unasked for) opinion :)

Pardon my rambling and broken English, I know I often sound like an alien trying to impersonate a human being.

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Don’t bother me, momma’s playing her slots.https://sh.itjust.works/pictrs/image/fa498566-df28-46f4-b302-65ed78f7353a.jpeg

Prompt: Chubby Sailor moon with long hair, sitting in front of a slot machine, playing on the slot machine and smoking a cigarette, in a casino, ambient lighting --ar 3:2 --style raw --cref s.mj.run/qiUyayqWexY s.mj.run/qx2UZdW3TZo --cw 0 --stylize 75

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So for this I made use of the character reference and combined the images of Marcus Smelvy, from one of my older posts, with a normal Sailor Moon. The results were really good and combined aspects of both. All that was left was to create a scene that works well for this new Sailor Moon.

:::spoiler A few others that were made along the way:

Sailor Moon with only Marcus as character reference

Sailor Moon with both Sailor Moon and Marcus as character reference. Let’s call her Marcella Moon :)

Marcella trying to pick her nose

An overweight Marcella enjoying a beer… or two

Marcella looking remorsefully at a Sailor Moon cartoon. That could’ve been her if she hadn’t screwed up the audition.


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Yawn. If you pronounce it while sleepy, you actually yawn. And the yawn will sound like the word yawn.

Maybe I’m just sleepy, but I like the word :)

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Not just in Italy. Pipo the clown is a very old Dutch children’s TV character.


I’m a bit too young to have watched it, but I still know the first lines of the theme song by heart. It’s that pervasive.

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I couldn’t resist and had to try your prompt in Midjourney :)

My experience with Dall-e and chatgpt is that chat gpt takes your request and generates a prompt for dall-e to use. You can actually ask chat-gpt why it was blocked and if it can find away to rephrase the prompt to get around the block.
It might not always work, but it might be worth a try.

Evil has awakened [Midjourney] (sh.itjust.works)

Prompt: EGA pixel drawing, of a medieval wanderer standing on a wooded hill, in the background below can be seen rolling forest hills with a wizard’s tower in the distance, a fierce vertical pillar of evil green energy erupts from the tower and pierces the cloudy night’s sky, causing stark contrast with the peaceful...

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Yea, it’s not actually EGA but it does seem to come closer to the early 90’s in terms of style and design.
I have no idea how effective it really is, I just added it on a whim.

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Houston, we’ve got contact!

Prompt: sci-fi movie still, of a scared lego astronaut aiming a pistol, at a huge normal cat, on a dining table, cinematic lighting --ar 4:3

thelsim, (edited )
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Thank you for the compliment!
I really don’t know, it’s a bit of an organic process. I usually start with a style or gimmick I’d like to use and go from there.

For this one I wanted to do a lego one because it seemed like fun and astronauts are very doable in lego.
At first I wanted to do a space madness kind of thing, where a human astronaut was slowly transforming into a lego character, but that was a bit too much to ask. So I figured let’s put a lego astronaut in a normal setting but make it an adventure. The cat was a logical next step :)

And I make a LOT of tries and variations with the prompt. But seeing all the weird and wonderful failed images is half the fun :)

:::spoiler Here’s a small selection of them








Edit: Forgot to say thank you. I was raised better than this :)

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Oh my god, now I remember Flickr! I’ve totally forgotten about them for years. I think I had an account there about… 20 years ago?
Urgh, time just keeps marching on doesn’t it?

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That’s ok, you’ve earned your spot in the limelight :)
I’ll get my chance again in the future, so don’t worry about me.

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I’d leave it up to the host to come up with a creative solution.
It’s all in good fun, I doubt anyone would feel offended if they lost in a tie.

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Since thelsim got to choose the theme fairly recently, I’ll make an executive decision and grant next week’s theme to M0oP0o! Good luck, I hope you can choose better than I did 😜

That’s fine. I’d most likely would have done the same. @M0oP0o, enjoy hosting the next challenge. I’ll happily participate again :)

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You can already see some of this in the new style reference and character reference parameters being used in Midjourney. Basically they allow you to maintain consistency between different images for characters and overall style.
It’s not perfect, but I can imagine it being very useful when they manage to improve on it.

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They’ll have a nice chat about their day, it washes his back. He washes… the back of it’s eyeball.
And anything that might follow is completely consensual.
It says so in the title, bath buddies :)

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I’ve added a link to an upscaled version should anyone want to print or do anything else with it.
I’d be happy to have it printed as a couple of stickers, but I think the postage would be killing :)

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Here’s the total list with all the scores and whatnot, thank you all for participating! I enjoyed seeing all of your submissions :)

Contestant Entry Upvotes Categories Points Total
@PeriodicallyPedantic Punk rock lizard 10 Most Upvotes, Workflow, OP favorite 3 + 1 + 1 5
@Downcount Mordor fashion show 10 Most Upvotes, Workflow 3 + 1 4
@LilDumpy Lisa… Whatever… 9 2nd Most Upvotes, Workflow 2 + 1 3
@cloudless Water dress 8 3rd Most Upvotes, Workflow 1 + 1 2
@M0oP0o Sailor Moon with big coat 8 3rd Most Upvotes, Workflow 1 + 1 2
@theUnlikely Sylvanas’ Streetwear 7 Workflow 1 1
@dumbass Alien suit 6 Workflow 1 1
@PeepinGoodArgs Rainbow armor 5 Workflow 1 1
@merde Multi-color, bushy beardy person 6 0
@Deceptichum Balloon suit 3 0
@Itrytoblenderrender Emma through time 3 Workflow, Last two entries, Most original 1 + 1 + 1 3
@Halcyon Dapper mech 3 Workflow, Last two entries 1 + 1 2
@Ziggurat Magical boy Trump 3 Workflow 1 1
@allo Ghostly spirit dress 3 Workflow 1 1

Congratulations to @PeriodicallyPedantic, you win again!

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Congratulations, you win this week’s challenge!

I loved the concept and the execution is great!
I’m looking forward to what your challenge will be :)

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Congrats, you got to a well deserved second place!

@thelsim@sh.itjust.works avatar
@thelsim@sh.itjust.works avatar

You got a (shared) third place!
I love the concept of multiple styles and periods.

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