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My work week is finally done.

And what a cluster fuck.

While the department that I work in is profitable, overall our organisation is set to lose money this year.

Bad decisions made by the “manager” have been a contributing factor.


The “manager” has gotten it in his head that if only our organisation can send an email to everyone on a partner organisation’s mailing list, sales will boom.

A couple of months back, he convinced the partner organisation to send a small segment of its list an email offering them one of our organisation’s products for free.

And to be fair, a reasonable number took up the free product.

This has convinced “manager” that if the partner organisation sends an email to its entire mailing list offering them a discount for buying our org’s products, thousands of them will take it up. Even though many (most?) of their customers have never heard of us before.

The “manager’s” boss is new in her role (she moved into it after a restructure earlier this year), and trusts what he says.

Here’s where it becomes a trainwreck.

The past two years, our org has run an end of financial year sale aimed at consumers. Both times, it has increased sales a bit, but nowhere near enough to meet targets.

Marketing have tried different promotions and shown they work better. They want to run a marketing campaign to business customers for the end of financial year, and use a different approach with consumers in the new financial year.

They did a whole preso to “manager” showing that a different approach will generate more sales overall — but a lot of that revenue will fall in the new financial year.

Manager overruled them. His official reason is that he doesn’t want to try anything different to last year, because that’s risky.

(The real reason is he wants as many sales as possible this financial year, so that the losses from his bad decisions are as small as possible.)

So marketing are stuck with a campaign they know won’t work.

“Manager’s” brilliant plan is to use that campaign strategy that hasn’t worked, but then to get the partner organisation to email everyone on their mailing list, which he thinks will mean thousands of people will buy products and that will make it work.

(And yes, partner org mailing everyone on their mailing list is something out org hasn’t done before. But this isn’t seen as “risky” by “manager” because it’s his idea.)

Of course, this pissed off the business salespeople.

So to keep them on-side, he’s also making marketing run the business promotion as well, even though they don’t have the staff or the budget to do both.

He’s only just approved all of this now, and both promotions need to start on 1 June, so the graphic designers basically have two weeks to get everything ready.

It gets worse.

The partner organisation has already explicitly told us that e-mailing everyone on their contact list during June is a hard no.

But “manager” has sold his boss on the idea, and she’s said that she expects partner org to email everyone on their contact list.

Following a string of meetings, my boss is now stuck with making that happen. Even though it’s a hard no from the partner org.

So I was stuck in a string of meetings today where my boss was desperately trying to find a reason to tell her contact at the partner org why they should change their policy other than “Manager” thinks it’s a good idea (there isn’t one). Or some fact or piece of information will persuade “manager” to see reason (I’m honestly not hopeful).

Sorry for the rant. But it’s been a week!

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That is a nightmare week 😔

Wishing Mr P all the best for the test results, I can’t imagine how stressful that would be 💜

You’re totally justified in being frustrated at MIL’s belated benevolence. It’s nice she’s offering to help, but not helpful when she’s offering!

I went through a phase like Miniest and grew out of it — mostly anyway.

Before you know it, she’ll be 40, and you’ll laugh as you recount a story about a crazy thing she did when she was a teenager.

Take care 💜

ajsadauskas, (edited )
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So I mentioned in passing to wifey that I’m thinking about getting a buzzcut when the weather gets warmer.

She’s urging me to do it, and is now offering to shave my head…

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Yes! Especially while they’re fresh and warm 😋

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Gibson deserves all the treats! 😸

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Weakest points:

There’s many.

I’m atrocious at sports and physical activities. I’m not handy at all. There’s a lot of stuff, particularly in more advanced math and science, that I don’t know much about. I don’t watch much TV or many movies compared to most people, and end up with little to say when the topic comes up. I know nothing about cars.

Strongest points:

I’m modest enough not to mention them 😂

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If it’s a one-on-one conversation, I tend to ask questions about whatever it is.

Unfortunately, this sometimes leads to them thinking I’m actually far more interested in learning about their GX-Holden-whatever than I really am, and they decide to tell me all about it next time we meet as well… 🙂

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Outrageous. Time to demand a refund on that defective ticket 😂

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Is this a good time to mention I had a C64 growing up, and later an Amiga 500?

LOAD “*”,8,1 RUN

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"Thank you everyone for all the kind words 😽

"Mum is still giving me eyedrops today, and it’s really uncomfortable 😿

"But my eye feels a lot better today 😸

“Now excuse me, I have some chicken to eat for dinner. It’s my favourite! Nom Nom Nom Nom Nom”

— Miss Mimi


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Mimi is such a brave little kitty.

Yesterday, wifey noticed that Mimi seemed to be winking a lot. After some further inspection, she noticed that one of Mimi’s eyelids was swollen.

So today, Mimi went on a big trip to the vets to see Dr Paul.

Dr Paul took a look at her eye, and thankfully there’s no scratches on her eyeball.

Because it’s one eye that was swollen, it’s unlikely to be an allergic reaction, and our babies are all indoor cats.

Most likely, it was that some individual — who may or may not be named Spunky or Snowy — got a little rough while playing with Mimi overnight.

After an anti-inflammatory injection and some eyedrops, Miss Mimi was sent home.

She’s now happily playing in a box.


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Am I biased in saying crazy cat ladies (and gents) are the best people?

Anyway, little Spunky got a surprise today when his mum got an Amazon delivery today. A big new box for a little kitty 🐈📦


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Spunky has been evicted from the box.

Mr Snowy decided the box looks like fun, and decided to have a turn.


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Now Miss Mimi is having her turn. We can’t let the others have all the fun!


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One more for all my fellow crazy cat ladies (and gents)…

Here’s Mr Snowy, who’s sitting beside me on the couch, and not too amused about being photographed:


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Nawww, who’s an adorable floof 😻

And at least he’s not like our Mr Snowy, who thinks sinks are a great place to sleep…


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I know that feeling!

Wifey is already sound asleep, as are our fur babies. I need to be up early for work tomorrow.

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Weekend highlight: Finding a Philippino take away/burger place that does an ube (purple yam) flavoured dessert.

Incredibly sweet, but delicious.


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It’s that time of the evening. There’s more work that needs to be done, but that’s next week’s problem.

Now it’s time for wine and pizza https://lemmy.ml/pictrs/image/e41a74cf-740d-4f65-a6e5-c54d24c05b7b.jpeg

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